Monday Funday!

Let's start the week with something modern, easy, and fun.  

Last week I was lucky enough to start working on a project that needs a chatbot. I've never built one before, but I was able to put together a working prototype in just a few hours using
This is a conversational chatbot in that users interact and make choices to "talk with" this bot to make. Here are some more examples of conversational chatbots from the platform. This is a really cool nocode program that is very cool and surprisingly similar to other branching tools like Branchtrack and Storyline.

This week's video shows you more about what I built and the software I used to do it. 
Boop beep bop boop. (Chatbots are surprisingly easy)
Watch the Video

Weekly Pep Talk

Mondays can be a drag. Even Garfield's favorite lasagna doesn't make it much better. We all prefer time away, but here we are again. Back at work. 

Unless, of course, you're unemployed and looking for work. It's easy to forget to be grateful for a steady job or a steady stream of contracts. 

I think back to when I didn't have the skills to work as a freelancer. I remember the struggle of wanting to be able to make a life for myself. When I was 30, I was in grad school and had an income of $800/month. I was driving a Ford Escort with a bad starter that I couldn't afford to replace. Since it was a stick shift I had to jump start it to get it running each time. 

Like anything, with enough practice, you get pretty good at it. I was a one-man jump starting operation. I became skilled in parking at the top of hills so the car would get the momentum I needed to pop the clutch and get the engine running. I picked up the other tricks I needed to get where I was trying to go. Each time the tough transition from pedestrian to driver got a little bit easier. 

I developed other skills, too. That's the key. Your skills are what start your career again when it's stalled. I chose a blend of graphic design and educational technology so that I can have the fabulous life that I have now. If you're at the start or struggling to get it in gear, keep grinding away. Keep pushing and accelerating your development. Use your time and energy wisely to move down the road and develop those skills. 

When you have a job, it's easy to focus on the things that are wrong with it. Instead, I'm a fan of grinning and bearing it. Accept the fact that there's no perfect position and be glad you're able to bring home an income. A little gratitude can go a long way. Before you know it, it'll be Friday again. 

Have a great week!

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