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As many of you know, after much work and anticipation, we are so delighted to announce that our new website has now launched. Easier to navigate and loaded with new pages of information and resources, we're certain that you'll love the new look and feel as well. Please drop us a line and let us know what you think!

In addition, we have just released the American version of our learning materials, Essentials in Hospice and Palliative Care: A Resource for Nursing AssistantsWe're looking forward to bringing them to the APSCU Annual Convention in Denver, Co in June!

We now have an online shopping cart enabling colleges, organizations and individuals to view, and purchase, our textbook and workbook AND we've added free downloads of our podcast library, videos, PPT teaching presentations and Instructors Guide

That's not all! The Community Resources page connects you with local resources, the Instructors and Care Providers pages contain a special message from Kath, and the blog is a steady stream of information and thoughts related to hospice and palliative care.

You may notice the new look of our e-newsletter as well. If you haven't yet done so, please click the Update Subscription Preferences link below to ensure that we have your correct information, or to unsubscribe (although we'd hate to see you go!).

DEATH AND DIGITAL PROPERTY: What happens to your online life when you die?

What do you do with the digital estate of a loved one after they pass away?

It can be painful to the loved ones left behind to continue to see your social media profiles after your death. There may be personal information in your emails that you may not want others to have access to. So what happens to your online life when you die?

There is no short answer, but there are some ways to protect your digital estate. Read more...


Video: How to manage a loved one's digital estate

Because social media, email and bank accounts can remain active even after their owner dies, valuable information can become vulnerable when the people in charge of managing the owner's estate can't access it. NewsHour's Hari Sreenivasan reports on the complications surrounding digital estate planning after death and the drive to increase awareness through legislative action.

Here is a useful list of other resources providing information and/or services related to your online legacy.

SecureSafe allows you to store your files and passwords in one secure location, access them from any device and adds various amounts of file storage along with password management and transfer to beneficiaries.

Legacy Locker allows you to store your passwords and assign heirs to receive your accounts and passwords should anything happen to you.

Dead Social is free social media end of life tool.Their service enables people to create a series of "goodbye" messages on Facebook and Twitter. These are saved and only published to their social networks once they pass away.  

WebCease identifies active online accounts for the deceased and instructs on the different options for retrieval, closure or memorialization in accordance with the policies of each site.

Planned Departure provides you with the ability not only to protect your digital assets, but also to clearly indicate who can access your online accounts and who should benefit from them.


Where will you find us in the coming months?

Upcoming Conferences, Speaking Engagements and Events

14th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care
May 8-10
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

4th International Public Health and Palliative Care Conference
May 11 - 16
Location: Bristol, England

12th Annual CACCE Conference
May 28 - 29
Location: Windsor, Ontario

Looking forward to a Tour of King's College Thanatology Department, and meeting with colleagues in the area
May 30
Location: London, Ontario

APSCU Annual Convention and Exposition: Outcomes 2025
June 2 - 4
Denver, Colorado


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