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PFF member Beth Waldman is the curator of Manual Digital, an exhibition at Space 151. The group show features the works of eight national artists who have developed new visual languages by embracing digital tools in their primarily analog work. Part of a genre coined “The New Aesthetic” by James Bridle, this exhibition presents artwork that is defined by or influenced by computer technology’s increasing role in daily life.

Co-hosted by the San Francisco Art Institute Alumni Association and WaldmanArts, curator, artist and SFAI Alum Beth Waldman will moderate a special panel discussion on February 25. Manual Digital looks at the evolving technical, conceptual and theoretical merging of art and technology in art practice, including innovations in media such as painting as well as electronic media.  Joining us will be SFAI Associate Professor and Artist Meredith Tromble, Director of Fiction Science Gallery and Artist DC Spensley, and Head of Acquisitions at SFMOMA Maria Naula.

Opening Reception: February 23 @ 6 pm
Panel Discussion: February 25 @ 3 pm
Closing Reception: March 25 @ 6 pm
On View: February 23 to March 25
Artists: Jenny Day, Victoria Mara Heilweil & Phil Spitler, Ted Lawson, Oleg Lobykin, Jamie Martinez, Neil Murphy, Beth Waldman and Konstantin Zlatev
Exhibition: Manual Digital
Curator: Beth Waldman
Gallery: Space 151
Address: 151 Potrero Avenue, Floor 2
City: San Francisco, CA
PFF performance artist Anthony Julius Williams (above left) performed live with bandmate Winston Berger during the opening reception for the 3.9 Art Collective's CALL FOR BEAUTY group show at Root Division in San Francisco on January 14. The exhibition features 34 artists of color exploring contemporary notions of beauty, with a Protest Playlist music event on February 3 and a Second Saturdays Reception with the Broun Fellinis jazz trio on February 11.

Anthony's performance, which began after a two-hour public body painting session with makeup stylist Carolyn Moore, was part of a live video shoot -- directed by filmmaker and PFF member Abraham Chan -- for the debut music video for Anthony's psychedelic power pop band, OLOKUN. The band performed their single Crossing To Safety inside an oceanic art installation in front of a packed gallery audience. The music video can be seen only at Root Division through February 18.

Protest Playlist Event: February 3 @ 5 pm
Second Saturdays Reception with the Broun Fellinis: February 11 @ 7 pm
On View: Through February 18
Artists: Anthony Julius Williams, Rhiannon MacFadyen, Rodney Ewing and many more!
Curators: Rodney Ewing, Jacqueline Francis and Ron Moultrie Sanders
Organization: 3.9 Art Collective
Gallery: Root Division
Address: 1131 Mission Street
City: San Francisco, CA
Click above to watch Jaime Longhi's documentary Shallow Waters
Media Alliance, PFF's resident media organization, is thrilled to share the following news from our sponsored projects for February:

The documentary film Shallow Waters, filmmaker Jaime Longhi's poetic look at the public drowning of Raymond Zack on Alameda's Crown Beach in front of a paralyzed crowd, was recently released on video on demand. Click here to watch!

Women's writing space Liminal offers their second annual soiree Embodying Spaces featuring Indira Allegra, Kate Schatz, Alison Luterman, and Audacious IAM on February 25.  Liminal is one of the few feminist and womanist-centered writing spaces in the country. Click here for more info!

And in our own political work, the Oakland Police Department became one of the first police departments in the country to formally reject the use of "PredPol" software. Predictive policing uses algorithims to try to anticipate crimes before they happen, a la the film Minority Report, and its use has been correlated with increased racial profiling and targeting.
The beinArt Gallery in Brunswick, Australia, presents Shadow, an exhibition of new paintings and sculptures featuring Sandra Yagi’s conjoined skeletons, Tomasz Alen Kopera’s ominous portraits, Matthew Levin’s contorted figures and Karl Persson’s dark erotica.

Opening Reception: February 11 @ 6 pm
On View: Through March 5
Artists: Sandra Yagi, Tomasz Alen Kopera, Matthew Levin and Karl Persson
Exhibition: Shadow
Gallery: beinArt Gallery
Address: 1 Sparta Place
City: Brunswick, VIC, Australia
PFF's Rodney Ewing will present work in the exhibition Justice for All? presented by De Anza College's Euphrat Museum of Art.

The group show features works that look at our collective history and the unconscious bias that impacts our systems and lives. The artists face injustice and its consequences and call for empathy to guide our actions and institutions.

Reception: February 15 @ 5:30 pm
On View: Through March 23
Artists: Rodney Ewing, the ASARO Collective, Beta, Joseph Delappe, Adrian Discipulo, Tatyana Fazlalideh, Yolanda Guerra, Taro Hattori, Jamil Hellu, David Izu, Emiko Omori, Oree Originol, Samuel Rodriguez, Kirstina Sangsahachart, and Judy Shintani. 
Exhibition: Justice for All?
Gallery: Euphrat Museum of Art
College: De Anza College
Address: 21250 Stevens Creek Boulevard
City: Cupertino, CA
PFF's resident architectural organization, The Open Workshop, will present Environment as Politics as part of the exhibition Drawing Codes: Experimental Protocols of Architectural Representation, organized by the California College of the Arts' Digital Craft Lab.

Emerging technologies of design and production have opened up new ways to engage with traditional practices of architectural drawing. The exhibition will feature experimental drawings by architects who explore the impact of new technologies on the relationship between code and drawing: how rules and constraints inform the ways we document, analyze, represent, and design the built environment.

Closing Reception: February 6 @ 5:30 pm
On View: Through February 4
Architect: The Open Workshop
Exhibition: Drawing Codes: Experimental Protocols of Architectural Representation
Curators: Andrew Kudless and Adam Marcus with Clayton Muhleman
Organization: California College of the Arts' Digital Craft Lab
Gallery: Hubell Street Galleries
Address: 161 Hubell Street
City: San Francisco, CA
Neeraj Bhatia of The Open Workshop will lecture and participate in The Logistical City workshop presented by the Institute for Humanities at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

We live in an era where global mobility and systems of flow have become central to how we work and live. We now think nothing of dropping a priority package in a drop box in Chicago at 9:30 pm, knowing it will arrive in Los Angeles by 7:30 am the next morning. 

This one day workshop will review and discuss current research on the space of logistics (FedEx; Amazon; Uber; Netflix, among other freight and last mile delivery systems). It explores how logistics formats urban territory, and projects how logistical intelligence can be deployed as a model toward the future design of cities in an era where flow has emerged as fundamental space in its own right.

Date and Time: February 7 from 9 am to 5 pm
Architect: Neeraj Bhatia, The Open Workshop
Workshop: The Logistical City
Organizer: Clare Lyster, School of Architecture
College: University of Illinois at Chicago
Organization: Institute for Humanities
Location: Stevenson Hall
Address: 701 South Morgan, Lower Level
City: Chicago, IL
PFF's Karen Olsen-Dunn is featured in Color Play: An Exhibition Exploring Color and Experience with Five Bay Area Artists, presented by the Village Theater Art Gallery in Danville, CA.

The group show invites the audience to explore their personal, emotional interactions with color. This exhibition provides a variety of color experiences, including paintings and prints of diverse media and materials.

Opening Reception: March 2 @ 5 pm
On View: March 2 to April 15
Artists: Karen Olsen-Dunn, Ellen Levine-Dodd, Elise Morris, Sharon Paster and Julia Rymer
Exhibition: Color Play: An Exhibition Exploring Color and Experience with Five Bay Area Artists
Gallery: Village Theater Art Gallery
Address: 233 Front Street
City: Danville, CA

February 3 @ 5 pm - Protest Playlist music event for Call For Beauty @ Root Division @ 1131 Mission Street in San Francisco, CA.

February 6 @ 5:30 pm - Closing Reception with The Open Workshop for Drawing Codes: Experimental Protocols of Architectural Experimentation @ CCA's Hubell Street Galleries @ 161 Hubell Street in San Francisco, CA.

February 7 @ 9 am - The Logistical City daylong workshop with Neeraj Bhatia of The Open Workshop @ Institute for Humanities of the University of Illinois at Chicago @ Stevenson Hall, 701 South Morgan, Lower Level, in Chicago, IL.

February 11 @ 6 pm - Opening Reception with Sandra Yagi for Shadow @ beinArt Gallery @ 1 Sparta Palce in Brunswick, VIC, Australia.

February 11 @ 7 pm - Second Saturday Reception with the Broun Fellinis jazz trio for Call For Beauty @ Root Division @ 1131 Mission Street in San Francisco, CA.

February 15 @ 5:30 pm - Reception with Rodney Ewing for Justice for All? @ De Anza College Euphrat Museum of Art @ 21250 Stevens Creek Boulevard in Cupertino, CA. Show runs through March 23.

February 23 @ 6 pm - Opening Reception with Beth Waldman for Manual Digital @ Space 151 @ 151 Potrero Avenue in San Francisco, CA. Show runs through March 25.

February 25 @ 3 pm - Panel Discussion with Beth Waldman for Manual Digital @ Space 151 @ 151 Potrero Avenue in San Francisco, CA.

March 2 @ 5 pm - Opening Reception with Karen Olsen-Dunn for Color Play: An Exhibition Exploring Color and Experience with Five Bay Area Artists @ Village Theater Art Gallery @ 233 Front Street in Danville, CA.

March 25 @ 6 pm - Closing Reception with Beth Waldman for Manual Digital @ Space 151 @ 151 Potrero Avenue in San Francisco, CA.

Through February 18 - Call for Beauty with the 3.9 Collective @ Root Division @ 1131 Mission Street in San Francisco, CA.

Through March 4 -  With Liberty and Justice for Some with Sandra Yagi, Cindy Shih, Jon Fischer and Rodney Ewing @ Walter Maciel Gallery @ 2642 S. La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA.

Through March 4 - Not Alone: Exploring Bonds Between and With Members of the Armed Forces with Rodney Ewing @ San Francisco Arts Commission Main Gallery @ 401 Van Ness Avenue, Ste.126, in San Francisco, CA.
The Pacific Felt Factory is a thriving arts space located in the heart of San Francisco's Mission neighborhood at 2830 20th Street. 

Since April 2015, Pacific Felt Factory has offered visual arts exhibitions, performance events, artist talks, and professional development workshops. We provide a multipurpose flexspace for community use and 14 workspaces for a diverse collaborative of artists, performers, curators, media activists and others who make San Francisco's arts scene vibrant.

This newsletter covers the activities of PFF participants: please check out the calendar above and save the dates for our upcoming events. We hope you will visit us for art, music, performance, discussion and much more!
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