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What's in store for 2016?

I mean, aside from the obvious – US Presidential Campaign, a new season of House of Cards, or that you won't see all of the Oscar winners - do you really know what’s going to happen in 2016?

Me, neither.

But we can prepare. 

We know the US demography will continue to shift away from the traditional public radio audience. We know that our existing talent pool, on the aggregate, will continue to age and both retirement and a competitive job market will have an impact.
We don't know what the future will bring, but we can prepare and better preparation provides a wider range of options. That’s why PRPD is conducting the Millenial Research Project. 

We hear you when you talk about an uncertain future and your strong desire to have a smart, strategic, sustainable response. This project is a way for PRPD and Jacobs Media, working with a group of forward-leaning station investors, to craft a focused, accelerated research response. This project will build from these baseline questions:

•    What are the dominant media with U.S. Millennials?
•    Of their current media choices, what’s most valuable, most meaningful and why?
•    What do they expect from their news media?
•    How are their media choices meeting their needs today? Are they satisfied, what’s working and why?
•    How is public radio perceived by these consumers?  Are they aware of it and how do they use it? 

This project will be a quick-moving, station-funded approach to answering these questions. The bias will be heavily tilted toward helping stations devise local, actionable responses for programming, engagement and revenue generation.
Now is the time to get in touch and commit to joining the station investor group. When you join the Millenial Research Project’s investor group you are asserting that you are committed to making your own future by heading down a path of your choice. The NFFS-tiered investment levels are at a range where any station could reach out to a Board member, or two, and ask for an additional gift to fund this strategic opportunity.
As you’ve heard it said many times and in may different context - the question is not can you afford it, the question is how can you afford not to participate?
In 2016, PRPD will continue to drive hard against the strategic imperatives of Consumption, Relevance and Sustainability. The Board is committed to this path and making a deep, lasting difference in the practices and prospects for local stations.
PRPD’s Millenial Research Project is another way PRPD is charting a course for many more decades of public radio service.
Give me a call 828-424-7510 and we can talk about how you can be at the front of the line. Email always works too!

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