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Concerned Women For America Legislative Action Committee
Dear *|FNAME|*,

A turning point.
Today goes down in history as the day nine unelected judges kicked the Constitution to the curb — overturning traditional marriage — and put your religious freedom dangerously at risk.
The decision is in. The justices have ruled. Marriage will be redefined to conform to the pro-LGBT view of marriage.
In one appalling decision, the Supreme Court has effectively opened the door to the criminalization of Christianity when it comes to the marriage issue ... and not just Christianity, but every major religion that supports God’s model for marriage and family.
This is a sad day for America — and a cornerstone moment for CWALAC.
  1. We must fight back to restore the constitutional balance envisioned by our Founders.
  2. We must also work through the legislatures to restore policies that respect and support traditional marriage.
  3. We must protect the religious liberties of men and women of faith across the country. 
Support our efforts now with your most generous online donation. Help CWALAC reestablish a pro-marriage, pro-family culture in our nation. Your gift will be doubled in impact through our timely Fight for Freedom Matching Challenge.
We stand on solid ground when we say that one man/one woman marriage — as created by God — is the best model for strong, healthy, stable families and serves as the secure foundation for our society’s future.
Thank you for standing with us.


Penny Nance

Penny Nance
Chief Executive Officer and President
Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee

P.S. We will not despair. We will continue to work to support marriage in the courts, in the legislature, in your state, and in the media — as God gives us the platform and you support us with your prayers and gifts.
Your contribution now, doubled in impact if given by midnight June 30, will keep us on the front lines of this marriage battle. The Supreme Court has intensified the culture wars with this ill-advised ruling. Please be generous. Help us fight back.
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