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Secret Mission Con!

January 30-31 - Atlanta Cobb Galleria

This is a great chance to meet more D&D players in the Atlanta area, learn how to play 5th edition, and get involved in the D&D Adventurers League.  

We are running adventures for new characters in every single slot.

In addition, we are running adventures for 5th-10th level characters in every slot that include a secret mission. In the D&D adventurers league, in order to advance to the third rank in your secret society, you need to complete a secret mission (source). However, there aren't a lot of adventures that have secret missions. So, we're bringing you a variety of adventures picked specifically for their secret missions.

The venue is the lovely Hyatt House at the Cobb Galleria (link). They have a restaurant and a bar, and are happy to make sure we have all the food and drink we need.  You heard me - beer and D&D. It's happening.

Badge Fees

All weekend $25
One day (Saturday or Sunday) $15

GM 1 slot $10 discount on badge
GM 2 slots $15 discount on badge
GM 3 slots $25 discount on badge

Some slots are sold out!

Go ahead and sign up as "waitlisted" for that slot. We will try to rearrange schedules and find more DMs in the next couple of weeks. 

Other Details

Although we don't have the ballrooms rented Friday, we've got a few pick up games going in the hotel lobby.

Regarding certs - we're working with a local store or two and some of the local Encounters coordinators in Atlanta to try to order certs from Wizards and/or find unused certs. It is unknown at this time if we will have certs.

As always, if you have any questions email us at

The Curse of Strahd

He'd love to have the Adventurers League over for dinner!

Wizards announced today, the theme for Season 4 of the D&D Adventurers League is Ravenloft.

For those that aren't familiar with Ravenloft, it's a D&D campaign setting first published for 2nd Edition D&D in 1983. In that adventure, the heroes battle the vampire lord Strahd von Zarovich to try to free the population of Barovia. The setting was well loved, and spawned dozens of books, several videogames, and untold hours of D&D. The setting was the subject of a large box set of rules and adventures in 3rd edition in 2006, but only lightly treated in 4th edition.

Tracy and Laura Hickman, (who wrote the original Ravenloft adventure) are involved in the project. The PCs will be sent to Strahd's realm by Madam Eva (using a tarokka deck). The book "Curse of Strahd" is available for preorder on Amazon for delivery on March 15th.

Some more info:

  • It's unknown at this time how we're getting from the Forgotten Realms and into Ravenloft.
  • There's going to be a twitter campaign hashtag thing called #DNDFortune during the lead up to the adventure. You can get a 'reading' each day from Madam Eva using her tarokka deck.
  • The tarokka deck will be produced by Gale Force 9 and should be available when the adventure releases. It can be used to randomize locations in the adventure.
  • ​The adventurers are trapped somehow.
  • The D&DAL administrative staff have said that there are about a dozen adventures planned, and that they should be played in order, all with the same character, who doesn't play anything but those adventure. (This is a "should" and not a "must". The storyline/continuity is better that way, but you're not required to.)
  • EnWorld reports that Mike Schley has strongly hinted that he worked on maps for the adventure, as he did for the previous 5E adventures.

The schedule for the Winter Fantasy convention includes "4-1 Expedition Kickoff" which is widely thought to be the first of the Ravenloft adventures. It is unknown at this time how the D&DAL adventures will interact with the published book.

More details on the Wizards website "Curse of Strahd".


Upcoming changes in the Adventurers League

Starting in Season 4/Ravenloft

While the situation is still evolving, there are some big changes that will be coming up for the D&D Adventurers League in Season 4 late this spring after the current season "Rage of Demons" ends.

What does this mean for you? Pretty much no changes on the convention/game day side of things!  We will still have game days and conventions with fun adventures for you to play.

Here are some of the details:

  • Adventures will cost about $3-5 per adventure and will be sold online. This is by far the more common model in the industry as both Pathfinder and Shadowrun have a similar price.
  • The online store where you buy DDAL mods is called DM's Guild.
  • Once you own a mod, you own it, and can run it as often as you want, where ever you want. You can run it at home, online, at a store - whatever makes you happy.
  • DM's Guild is run by the same folks at Drive Through RPG and RPGNow. Once you log into one of those sites, all of your digital assets will show up.
  • The author of the adventure will earn 50% of the revenue - the other 50% is split between the people who run DMs Guild and Wizards of the coast.
  • The DM's Guild website also allows anyone who wants to write for 5th edition to create content and upload it for sale. This doesn't have anything to do with Adventurer's League, and isn't legal for league play. The only things that are legal for DDAL play are clearly marked in the store.
  • The Wednesday night Encounters program will end at the end of Rage of Demons/Season 3. Now stores can run whatever content they want on whatever night they want.
If you want to find out more, here are some of the places to get the whole story:

From "Changes to the D&D Adventurers League"
From D&D Adventurers League Content Open to All
From Dungeon Master Guild Now Open
From 5th Edition Systems Reference Document
From What is the Dungeon Masters Guild?

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