Got belly fat? Back hurt? 

It's not just food that causes belly fat, the most dangerous type of fat (5 types) in the human body.  Stress chemicals flood your bloodstream and over tax your liver.  Fat cells are created to store the excess hormones and they sit as fat.  

We all have reasons to do nothing, to lose motivation, until you go to the doctor one day and your find out you have diabetes, or a disc problem, maybe chest pains.  When people are usually diagnosed with a disease its too late to undo the permanence of the disease.   
Come to class.  I will train you.  Combine Monday and Wednesday and save $10 off of one class.  

Don't wait until the fat gets to be too much.  Don't wait until you have permanently hurt a disc in your spine.  

Don't wait.  
Sign up today! I will provide the knowledge, expertise, and training.  
You, just show up.  

Monday, Strength Training and Overall Fitness/Muscle Training
630-8 pm
$150, 8 Weeks Jul 17-Sep 4
(Don't worry about missing one class - it happens).
Accepting PayPal, Venmo, Google Payments, Checks (Yoga with Amber) Cash

Contact me with your questions, concerns -, or text 202-590-5470


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