The New Numbers Value Builder System™ and its 12 modules that form a sequential process for building the value of your client's business

Many of you may be wondering if now is a good time to sell your business. 2020 has been a challenging year, to say the least, and we've seen many owners talking about exit strategies. The key question is "What is my business worth, and how can I increase the value to give me a decent retirement?"

As part of our continued 15 point agenda to support our clients in the "New Normal" , we are providing a system that gives you a structured approach to maximizing your company value.

As the third of the series , we shall be discussing , introducing and engaging all our clients in the use of our state of the art Value Builder System to supplement and augment your current business in the most tax efficient way by creating transaction wealth and cash flow.

In this program we aim to let you have knowledge about the Value Builder System, by discussing the following (but not limited to):

The Most Critical Factor in Achieving Your Goals
As we reach the final quarter of the year, you may be starting to consider your business goals for next year. Given how 2020 has gone, your probable primary ambition for 2021 is to survive! Perhaps you're going to create a steady cash inflow or finally hire that general manager. Or maybe you've decided to start preparing for exit, expansion, growth, or scaling. Whatever your goals are, the most important thing you can do now is to write down your plan to achieve them.

Things Wealthy Business Owners Do Differently
There are different personality traits of successful entrepreneurs. Some appear outgoing, others are introverts. Some lean right, others left. Some are flashy. others don't want to spend too much. This implies that there are different traits among successful founders.  Rather than trying to understand who they are, let’s try to understand what they do.

The Simplest Form Of Recurring Revenue Virtually Every Business Can Adopt
Automatic sales make your company more predictable, extends the lifetime value of a customer and ultimately makes your business more valuable. If you’re unsure how to create these recurring revenue streams, a simple service contract can be the place to start. 

This and many more things is something that the Value Builder System can improve with your business

Cost & Compensation
For being a retainer client of Numbers UK, you are eligible for one free module of the 16 key parts in the Value Builder System that will enable you set the path of your:

1. Personal business value,
2. A Logical business value (If you choose to continue)
3. A Logical exit value (If you choose to sell)
4. A Logical management value (if you choose to do an MBO or MBI) 
5. A Logical Bench Mark Value (if you choose to bid for bigger contracts)
6. A Logical Business Value (if you choose to expand & scale)

With this in view
We are officially rolling out the Numbers UK Value Builder Service to all our clients. We shall be sending out process and procedure templates on how to commence in the next few days. We can also discuss this further by setting a meeting with us.

There are the key drivers of your Business Value Assessment for your business namely:-
  1. Financial Performance Assessment
  2. Growth Potential Assessment
  3. Switzerland Structure Assessment
  4. Valuation Teeter Totter Assessment
  5. Recurring Revenue Assessment
  6. Monopoly & Control Assessment
  7. Customer Satisfaction Assessment
  8. Hub & Spoke Assessment

1. Completion of Business Approach Pre-requisite (PREscore Questionnaire) -

2. The Value Builder Score Questionnaire

Note 1:- When completing the links in point 1 & 2 , use this unique code before your business name as follows . "NumbersUK"Your Company Name".

Note 2: Though the questionnaire may seem like you are looking to sell (which is not the intention) but its actually looking to assess how the market , suppliers, customers and competitors will see your business and adapt accordingly.

These 2 questionnaires will help ascertain improvements, cashflow, bench-marking, growing and scaling your business valuation in the "New Normal".

And finally…

Of course, if there is anything in this email that you want to discuss, please feel free to drop us an email or to call the office on 01752 226084.

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