Using key tax points to increase your cash flow - R&D Tax Credits

As part of our 15 Point Agenda to support our Clients in the "New Normal" , we are aiming to unlock several tax techniques that will enable you as our client do the following.

1. Benefit from the Government current packages to support businesses
2. Create relevant and unequalled cash flow and benefits
3. Create awareness for tax and cost savings whilst implementing key schemes.
4. Learn how to implement sustainable growth, scale up and improve efficiency in the "New Normal"

As you know, we are all in peculiar times, The "Global Health Crisis (GHC)". Therefore, we need to work with our clients to make the best use of key tax pointers to generate cash flow for their business.

As the very first of the series , we shall be discussing , introducing and engaging all our key and top clients in the use of R & D Tax Credits to supplement and augment your current business setting in the most tax efficient way by creating transaction wealth and cash flow.

Research and development opportunities exist within all sectors and businesses, and continues to gather at a staggering pace for all businesses that qualify. During our extensive market research we discovered that one of the best tax reliefs available R&D tax credits, was historically under-claimed with nearly a quarter of firms never having heard of it or firms feeling they will never qualify for it . In addition, our recent analysis of government statistics showed that only 0.2% of the 290,000 successful claims were made in recent times.

R&D tax credits are government backed but, whether by complexity, length of time or the requirements to claim, are largely ignored by clients. In addition to our services, we have developed our own R & D Competency to help provide our clients the relevant business benefits with a quick estimation of their potential gains and an indication of what they’re missing out on.

Cost & Compensation
Any claim for relief carries risk. While HMRC are keen to promote the relief, not all projects will qualify. that is why we will do the claim on a percentage fee basis. That way, if your claim fails for some reason, you won't be out of pocket. Typically, our fees will be between 20% and 30% of the cash benefit to you.

With this in view
We are officially rolling out the Numbers UK R & D Service to all our clients at all levels of transaction. we shall be sending out process and procedures template on how to commence in the next few days.

What you should do
Once you get the procedural email and guidance , you should gather the required documents as quickly as possible and send them to us immediately

We shall confirm the statement of works for your brief, and once agreed, we shall engage the HMRC Team for your Tax Credit that is due to you 

And finally…

Of course, if there is anything in this email that you want to discuss, please feel free to drop us an email or to call the office on 01752 226084.

The Team at Numbers

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