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Harvesting and making Elderberry syrup.

This time of year is one of my most favourite. I can smell the air and its already cooling, the air is thinning and the autumn is calling its whispers to the soul.

My walks wander through the hedgerows and to my favourite foraging places that yield some of nature’s best medicines. It’s always a competitive time between the birds and me as they gorge themselves on the bounty and can strip them bare in just a few days as they fatten up for the coming winter months.

I have always believed that we have an unspoken communication and they wait for me to harvest the amount I need for healing and nurture and I respectfully leave the abundance of the main crop for all of nature to thrive and to flourish.

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I am very excited to announce the launch of the Inner Sanctum of the Priestess on Patreon. Where you can subscitbe monthly to daily channeled wisdom and guidance.

The Inner Sanctum of the Priestess with Phiona Hutton is a place of shared wisdom and guidance on a deeper level than found in social spaces. A group gathered that will receive daily oracle guidance on a personal level and will open the opportunity to delving deeper into the message and its meaning and how it may impact your life. .

Sharing the daily channelling that I receive in my deep connection with the Great Mother as living in Service as her Priestess is my deepest passion and a big part of my life, and brings such a humble joy to my journey. To see how it opens, guides and supports souls on their journey brings a deep peace and sense of being.

However there is only a certain depth that I can take my daily sharing to and a limit to how much I can offer to those on a daily basis and the depth of detail that I can share.

I also want to be able to offer support and guidance on a daily level personally and be able to answer questions in more detail away from social media. By becoming a Patron it will enable you to walk the path with me and open and deepen your awareness of the self and soul. A place betwixt social media and a private sitting with me.

Once you become a Patron you will be able to:

Have access to deeper daily channels and shares.
Have access to group videos and messages that are specifically for Patrons.
Be a part of the live monthly Oracle wisdom group for Q&A and open sittings.
Sit with me in the Veil House via video link for deep healing space on a monthly basis.
Learn how to travel and live the cycles bringing balance to your world and life journey.
Join a community of people who are seeking the same energy and wisdom.
If you would like to know more about me and the path I walk please take a look at my website

As Patron you will be a part of a community that connects deeply to the ancestral part of the soul, awakening the deep sense of being within. Holding space with guidance that will enlighten and enhance your pathway as you journey to all you can become.
Private Sittings
Sitting appointments have now been opened for September with the following dates and times available:

Tuesday’s at 2pm BST
1st / 8th / 15th / 22nd /29th

Wednesday’s at 7pm BST
9th / 16th / 30th

Thursday’s at 2pm BST
10th / 17th / 24th
All sittings are currently only available via video link
Weekly Blessings 
Blessings for the week ahead.
Sometimes we take time to grow, our journey can seem to be laboured and taking many twists. We may even give up and discontinue our path. Yet reminders are surrounding us always. Be strong like the tree within the forest, it doesn't compete or compare, it just is and accepts its being, it takes time to become, but in each moment it is uniquely beautiful , just as your soul  within is. Be all you are and never hold back.

Blessings to you as you embrace the energies of the week before you.
Latest Wise Words and Whispers video
available on YouTube
Latest Wise Words and Whispers of the Priestess on the Sisters of the Mists YouTube channel
Divine Healing sittings with Phiona Hutton

Phiona is a Divine Healer, drawing on the energy of source. Her innate ability to be able to connect to the soul: sensing, seeing and hearing it, enables her to bring a deep sense of healing to the physical form. It’s not a gift that is widely known of in our modern world, but those who have held session with Phiona understand its deep meaning and how it helps them with their life and energy. 

Divine Healing can be successfully achieved by remote connection via video or phone link or in consultation by person. Phiona has a limited number of appointments available each week and is often booked 6-8 weeks in advance.
Payment is required at the time of booking to secure your appointment.  One session is £40 and payable by PayPal via the website Book now
Book today for a new tomorrow.
Essence of Avalon Apothecary

Organically home grown and infused oil blends combined with essential oils and herbs to immerse the senses and soul into deep healing and transmutation. Only ever created in small batches that is harvested from the Apothecary garden and wild spaces and limited in number to maintain the alchemy of the earth’s energies in each bottle of vibrational fragrance. Alongside the Oil blends and creations of soothing balms and salts, Amulent and talismans are all available.
.As we shift into a new season I am offering 25% off on all products and services booked and purchased throughout August and September 2020.
(Priestess training not included)
Shop now to view and order
Echoes from Within CD

Out now and available to order directly from Sisters of the Mists.

During the past months I have been gifted the time to work on a project with my son. It’s something I have needed to do for some time and with the closure of the world as it was, we were gifted the time to be able to work together and create a beautiful CD of the deepest meditations of the Great Mother and from within her core. She has channelled this to me over some years and I have heard aspects of it when I work. It was a wonderful experience to sit with my son and work with his incredible musical talents as he listened to all I spoke of and created and wrote the sounds into being. The end product is the most profound healing meditation piece that we have now produced onto a CD and is available to purchase directly from myself at £9.95 plus worldwide postage.

Order now
Priestess training with Sisters of the Mists

Application is still open for the 2021 Priestess distance learning training with the Sisters of the Mists.

 Places are limited and we currently only have a couple of spaces left for next years training and application will close at the beginning of September or before if all places are allocated.

Is a path of the Priestess calling to your soul?  Do you yearn to be her Priestess? Do you wish to empower your being and path? To become all you can be?
Following the path of the Priestess of the Sisters of the Mists, will guide you as you search for all you can become. In our modern times, where we seek the old ways.
Return home to all you once were
Sisters of the mists teaches ancient magic and craft. The old ways of our ancestors. But first it teaches about the self and personal empowerment, opening the soul up to its true Divine self. Through channeled teachings of the Lady and Great Mother that were gifted to Phiona nearly 30 years ago.

The Sisters of the Mists is more than just a path. It is a way of life, a journey of self-discovery and rediscovering information that is dormant, an awakening of our true self. You've heard her whispers, she is calling you to return home. The Sisters of the Mists is waiting for you on the shore, to embrace your return home. Are you truly ready to live in service as her Priestess? If the answer is yes, then honour that calling and follow the pathway home to the self. Come walk with the Sisters of the Mists, where the shadow is sacred and wholeness is complete.

Apply now

So for now I bring the Ponderings of the Priestess  to a close until next time.

Stay well and be safe and blessings for the week ahead

Phiona )O(

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