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So it seems autumn is on its way here in the UK, its calling through the energies and whispering to the Priestess as she journeys her path.

I am hearing the call to begin making ready for my winter stocks and wares, busy harvesting in the Apothecary herb garden, infusing oils that will become the base for Balms and Oil Blends. The birds are feasting and frenzied in the preparing of their fat stores for the winter. The farmer’s fields are being harvested and beginning to stand bare.

There is a definitive change to the air and as the earth beneath us shifts in subtle form and we to follow its lead and our energy turns inwards even at the height of the summer months. As I write it is mid July. We have had the usual mix of UK weather, blustery and wet intermingled with intense sunshine, which has inspired all life to blossom and grow.

The Priestess as ever follows suit and blooms into her being, her pathway lined with promise and bounty. It is at this time that she is outward in her energy, she is gifting to the pathway her awareness and guidance, yet she will turn within as the colder months approach.

I do love this time of year, as I know that the slower pace of life is just around the corner, the indoor spaces filled with incense and candle flame, the warmth fuelled by the hearth fire, warming foods and comfort from the night drawn windows as curtains lay them closed.

Yet it is not upon us just yet, it’s a pause in the subtle cycle shift and we have to be patient and live in the energy of now as it becomes us. As we live in changing times in our world spaces with society and community living within deepening boundary to keep lives safe and healthy, we must ensure that we are filled with nurture and nutrients from the spaces where we dwell.

Connecting the the nature we can access, to still the soul and settle the mind and smooth the being. So much has happened this year on a global content with major awareness in culture and norms, that we are opening to a new way of being. A new consciousness is rising. We are not and cannot remain the same for us to grow as individuals and a global community.

The Priestess is always opening to her lessons of the Great Mother and how she can support the shift in society and the earth spaces, and there is transference of conscious energy right now upon our planet that is calling all spirit path walkers into action, no matter of belief or path.

The Priestess is holding space and feeling the energy as she holds its weight, she knows it will be a long stand as the earth is transitioning into a new way of being. Even those who are reluctant are feeling the need of new awareness and responsiveness to the call that is being heralded to our pathways.

Self care is paramount right now, with aroma, herbal medicines, organic foods and clean living, to enable our beings to hold capacity for the changing energy that is within and around the human form. A new world is awaiting, not one of new idea and way, but that of ancient form and essence. One that brings the world together and no longer forces it apart. A world of equal being and understanding and one that who cares and holds each other.

We are in the stages of deep labour pains as it readies to birth forwards and it is a labour that will last for some time as we become breached and refuse to release from the comforts of the womb spaces, yet it is a necessary passage of movement for the world to become all she can be with us living within her cycle and embracing it into our lives. Be the discreet being that is a part of our modern worlds remodelling and opens the pathway for the future aspects to embrace open armed.
 Essence of Avalon Apothecary
Organically home grown and infused oil blends combined with essential oils and herbs to immerse the senses and soul into deep healing and transmutation. Only ever created in small batches that is harvested from the Apothecary garden and limited in number to maintain the alchemy of the earth’s energies in each bottle of vibrational fragrance. Alongside the Oil blends the creations soothing balms and salts are all available from the Apothecary ETSY store.

Divine Healing sittings with Phiona Hutton

Phiona is a Divine Healer, drawing on the energy of source. Her innate ability to be able to connect to the soul: sensing, seeing and hearing it, enables her to bring a deep sense of healing to the physical form.

Phiona works with Divine Scents and blends a unique essence to be utilised during and after your session, for your healing journey and to aid and support the emotional, physical and spiritual release to enable healing and transformation. (The use of oils is only available for sessions that are in person, although essences can be ordered that are specifically and uniquely blended for the soul after initial consultation via video/phone connection)

During your session, which lasts approximately an hour. Phiona talks directly to the soul. She vocalises and interprets its needs to enable a release of all that blocks and holds the self back. Opening up the pathway for forward movement and a balanced journey.

Phiona is a Soul Keeper, an ancient path of the Guardians of Souls. Protecting and healing the soul in its entirety and reading at a deep level. It’s not a gift that is widely known of in our modern world, but those who have held session with Phiona understand its deep meaning and how it helps them with their life and energy. It combines intuitive counselling, the gift of the Seer and Oracle wisdom and the ability of psychic awareness. Combined with her Divine Healing gift, makes for a truly unique and extraordinary healing session.

Sometimes one session is all that is required with this deep level of healing. Other times more is required to aid healing of a deep seated issue, working at your own pace and requirement.

Divine Healing can be successfully achieved by remote connection via video or phone link or in consultation by person. Phiona has a limited number of appointments available each week and is often booked 6-8 weeks in advance.
Payment is required at the time of booking to secure your appointment.  One session is £40 and payable by PayPal via the website
Book today for a new tomorrow.
Echoes from Within - Out now and available to order directly from Sisters of the Mists.

During the past months I have been gifted the time to work on a project with my son. It’s something I have needed to do for some time and with the closure of the world as it was, we were gifted the time to be able to work together and create a beautiful CD of the deepest meditations of the Great Mother and from within her core. She has channelled this to me over some years and I have heard aspects of it when I work. It was a wonderful experience to sit with my son and work with his incredible musical talents as he listened to all I spoke of and created and wrote the sounds into being. The end product is the most profound healing meditation piece that we have now produced onto a CD and is available to purchase directly from myself at £9.95 plus worldwide postage.

Application is now open for the Priestess Distance learning training that begins in February 2021. Application will close in September or before is all places are allocated. We only have a very limited number of spaces left. If you would like more information please email sistersofthemists@btinternet.or visit the website


So for now I bring the Ponderings of the Priestess  to a close until next time.

Stay well and be safe and blessings for the week ahead

Phiona )O(

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