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Welcome to June! This means summer is right around the corner and we can’t wait! For those of us in Ontario, it also means we may be closer to the end of a province-wide lockdown. The timing couldn’t be more perfect.  Hopefully we’ll be enjoying some backyard BBQs and patio dinners with friends very soon!

We’re also excited to announce that June is the one year anniversary of Story Hunter Podcasts. And what a year it has been!  It was just twelve months ago when we launched Where are you, Mrs. Dick? - a nine-part series on one of Canada’s most famous female murderers.  It’s still hard to believe that she simply disappeared and no one ever gave up her new identity.  We’re still looking!  

We are thrilled to have been nominated for a Canadian Podcast Award, for our very first series!

Since launching Story Hunter Podcasts, we have produced six true-crime series with a total of twenty-seven episodes. Thousands of people from around the world have tuned in and we couldn’t be more grateful! While most of our listeners are in Canada and the US, we also have listeners from as far away as Australia, Europe and Africa. 


I hope you’ve had a chance to listen to our latest series – Escape From Kingston Penitentiary: The Life and Death of Ty Conn.  It is a tragic story of a kid who was abandoned by his family (twice) and was forced to grow up in the system – foster care, group homes, juvenile detention centres and finally, prison, by the time he was seventeen. It’s a story I heard time and time again while doing research for my book about the Kingston Penitentiary riot. Many of the inmates serving time were not hardened criminals. They were troubled young adults who never got the support they needed growing up.

As a mother, I was really affected by Ty Conn’s heartbreaking life story and as a small way of honouring him, Story Hunter Podcasts has donated to a Toronto-based charity called StepStones for YouthStepStonesFY supports vulnerable youth who have been in the child welfare system. The organization provides practical assistance such as housing, cooking classes and mental health services - anything needed to help youth in the foster care system transition successfully out of care, and into an independent adulthood. We’re happy to support such a worthwhile organization! 
Coming up this month, we will be starting a compelling new series called Unforgotten. It will be a reoccurring series that delves into unsolved murders. There cannot be anything worse than the murder of a loved one, but when that crimes goes unsolved, a family is left without closure and without justice. But these victims have not been forgotten and by telling these stories we hope to bring a renewed interest to some unsolved murders.

Also coming up in July, we will also be launching a new series from award-winning investigative journalist and podcast producer, Tina Pittaway, who revisits three of Canada’s most shocking medical stories where experts committed heinous crimes against those they swore an oath to protect.

Thank you again for being part of Story Hunter Podcasts!  It’s been an amazing first year and we can’t wait to bring you more fascinating stories! 

I’m curious to know what your favourite series has been to date and what you would like to hear more of? If you have time, please drop me a note at

Happy summer and happy listening! 
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