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It’s hard to believe another year has gone by already! And what a year it has been! We got our vaccines and started venturing out to enjoy restaurants, movies and sporting events once again. We even started travelling a bit. But just as we were looking forward to a more social holiday season, we’ve been hit again with a new variant. AHHHH! It is truly frustrating, but these are unprecedented times. Maybe one day we’ll all look back and say, “Remember that pandemic when we had to wear masks everywhere? Crazy times!”

And with all that we have going on these days, I want to thank you for taking the time to listen to Story Hunter Podcasts.  Although our stories aren’t necessarily uplifting, I hope you’ve enjoyed getting lost in some fascinating Canadian true crime.

Six of our most recent podcast series. Which one was your favorite this year?

This year we produced twenty-eight episodes of murder and mayhem and I hope you had a chance to listen to them all. I would love to hear what your favorites were? I’ve been thinking about this myself and it’s hard for me to pick one.  I know I was particularly moved by the stories of Laurie (Bambi) Bembenek and Ty Conn as I felt both had been dealt serious injustices throughout their lives and had paid the ultimate price. I was also deeply affected by retelling the story of the murder of twelve-year-old Emmanuel Jacques, but as a Torontonian I know it’s an important story to remember. 

Woman on the Run: The Laurie Bembenek Story

And while some of our podcasts have been heartbreaking, others have been almost too bizarre to believe! I’m thinking of the “mother-in-law from hell,” Elizabeth Ann Duncan who was so obsessed with her son Frank, she had her pregnant daughter-in-law murdered. Another strange story was Murder in the Morgue, about two work colleagues who worked in the morgue at the University of Toronto until one of them ended up dead in their place of work! 

Speaking of strange — we are ending our 2021 season with a two-part podcast on an unlikely friendship between two Vancouver women that ended in a brutal murder. Deadly Secrets is a story about secrets and lies and how fatal they can be once revealed. I hope you get a chance to listen!


I would like to thank the Story Hunter Podcasts team; Audio Producer, Daniel Borgers, @borgersmusic,  Social Media Strategist, Vicky Liu, Website Manager, Elana Nova Zatzman @e-zdesigns and Announcer, Oliver Borgers. I would also like to thank Tina Pitaway for her in-depth storytelling on Motherisk and the Charles Smith story. And thank you to Kate Yorga for her research and writing on Deadly Secrets.

Thank you again for listening and being part of this Canadian true-crime podcast network! I wish you a wonderful holiday season and much health and happiness in the New Year!
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