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Greetings from Toronto! I hope your summer is going well! It’s been a hot and humid one so far, particularly for our fellow Canadians on the west coast! I’ve never heard of a “heat dome” before and certainly not in Canada!

With COVID vaccination rates steadily increasing, it looks like life may be slowly getting back to normal. Hopefully for many of you, this includes some summer travel. And if you’ve got a road trip planned, I hope you will tune into some more Story Hunter Podcasts along the way. I personally love listening to podcasts in the car. I find it makes the trip go by so much faster!

I hope you had a chance to listen to Unforgotten: Jane Doe #59. Reet Jurvetson was a young woman chasing adventure and love all the way to California, like so many others did during the 1960’s. But tragically, she was brutally murdered and dumped over the side of a canyon. Was she another victim of Charles Manson and his followers? I personally believe that her murderer was someone closer. Who was “Jean” the mystery man she went to meet in Los Angeles and where did he go? I think the mystery of what happened to Reet lies with him – whoever he is/was. 

I was perplexed as to why Reet’s family never filed a missing person’s report when she went missing, but thankfully with the dogged determination of one cold case detective, they were finally able to bring her home 47 years later.  


Next up on Story Hunter Podcasts, we have the story of another young woman who was also looking for love and tragically encountered danger.

Fatal Attraction: The Murder of Jasmine Fiore is a story of obsession and jealousy, set against the backdrop of the make-believe world of reality dating television shows that were very popular in the early 2000’s. 

When one contestant didn’t win the affections of the girl on the TV show, he became determined to capture the love of another beautiful woman, no matter what it took. The warning signs were all there, but too many people ignored them, and the outcome was deadly. 

Also, coming up in July is a bizarre murder story from Toronto. It involves three mysterious church fires and a dead body hidden in the most unlikely place – the morgue! One man is dead and another is missing. It’s a strange mystery that ultimately leaves many questions unanswered.  
 We will also be launching a new series from award-winning investigative journalist and podcast producer Tina Pittaway who revisits some of Canada’s most shocking medical stories, where experts committed heinous crimes against those they swore an oath to protect.

Thank you again for being part of Story Hunter Podcasts!

Happy summer and happy listening! 
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