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A belated Happy New Year to everyone! I know this is not how we were expecting to begin 2022 with more restrictions and depressing pandemic news but let’s hope this will be the last winter we are locked down. January is tough enough without being stuck inside and this month has been a particularly frosty one! 
How do you take care of yourself in these trying times? For me, I do little things like getting out for a run most days or buying another book online. And oh, do I have a stack of unread books! Another little ritual I have is a hot chocolate after the recording of every podcast. On my way home from the recording studio, I stop at my local Second Cup and I always say YES to the whipped cream! During these trying times, I think it’s really important to take a little “me time” and treat ourselves! 

And speaking of taking time out, I hope you’ve had the chance to listen to our latest podcasts. We’ve started the New Year with some heavy stories both involving Canadians who moved to Los Angeles where their California dreams turned into nightmares

Our first podcast of 2022 is Hollywood Horror Story: The Murder of Iana Kasian.
To say this was a disturbing story is an understatement and it’s always difficult to decide if we should re-tell something that is so graphic and upsetting but I always think of the victims and their families and feel that what they have endured should not be forgotten. And what happened to Iana Kasian at the hands of her fiancé, Blake Leibel should not be overlooked. In researching this murder, it was obvious that friends and family of Blake Leibel hope that it will be forgotten and few have ever spoken about what happened. 

Our latest podcast took us back to California – this time to sunny Santa Barbara in the late 1950’s. And while we’ve all heard a few good “mother-in-law” jokes, Elizabeth Duncan takes the prize for being the worst mother-in-law in history!  

Our second podcast for the season is Death of a Dream: The Dorothy Stratten Story. Dorothy was just eighteen years old in 1978 when she was discovered working behind the counter at a Dairy Queen in Vancouver. She was indeed a natural beauty, but she was also smart and talented. It didn’t take long for Hollywood to take notice. But sadly, her meteoric rise to fame was cut short by a man who only saw her as a possession and a commodity to be exploited. As for the other men in Dorothy’s life, her lover Peter Bogdanovich and her employer Hugh Hefner, her brutal murder unleashed a war of words between the former friends, each one accusing the other of serious misdeeds that would cause irreparable damage. Hope you get a chance to listen to the two-part podcast. 



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Stay well and stay warm! 
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