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Another senseless mass murder.

A statement from Dr. Kimberly Allen, our CEO

We in Jacksonville stand with our sisters and brothers in Buffalo as we mourn with victims of the racially-motivated shooting on May 14, both living and deceased. This is yet another example of radical racial violence/terror that has persisted throughout our history and is too common today in our society. If we want to move forward into a society where liberty and justice for all truly guides us, then we cannot allow the zero-sum rhetoric that one loses when another gains what is supposed to be inalienable to all of us. When racism is given an inch of room in our policies, minds, and hearts, it has enough power to consume us.

We must teach our children, our friends, and our neighbors that justice is like air - there is more than enough to go around. When the air of justice is polluted with hatred, fear, selfishness, and devaluing the lives of others, we all suffer. But when that air is filled with acceptance, love, belonging, and a sense of community, we all breathe easier.

Let’s create the conditions that push our country to end racism so that everyone thrives. Contact people running for office to ask how their platforms explicitly address racial equity and justice. Flood your current elected officials with letters on the role they can play in addressing policies that perpetuate racism. Ask your faith leaders to create spaces for honest discussions about race. Follow up with your employer on their post-George Floyd commitments to racial equity and justice. Then ask yourself, “What have I done to be a deliberate part of the solution?”

Hybrid Race Cards - Virtual or In-Person

Whether you would rather stay home in comfy PJs or mix and mingle with new people, we’ve got you covered! Join us for our first hybrid Race Cards event where we provide you with both options! Be sure to register today!

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Calling All Students!

Facing Racism

Two of our volunteers, Kiki Karpen and Bob Morris, decided to delve deeper into the work of racial reconciliation. After a successful book club event morphed into more conversations and interest in the work, they helped organize and start a new racial equity and healing ministry at Christ Episcopal Church in Ponte Vedra. The ministry is called “Facing Racism.”

The ministry is called Facing Racism because their desire to discover and share truth about racism in America as well as to advocate for racial equity and healing. The ministry is working to create safe spaces for honest dialogue, abundant grace and generous love.

“Movie Night,” featuring the documentary, Dare Not Walk Alone, is Facing Racism’s inaugural event. This evening of food, film and facilitated small group discussion will take place on Thursday, May 19th at 5:45 pm. All are welcome! The church is located at 400 San Juan Drive, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082.

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Upcoming Events

Book Club Date Change for The Sum Of Us

We have moved our book club date one week later to Wednesday, June 29! Our midday book club will be discussing the book, The Sum of Us by Heather McGhee. This fascinating book looks at how racism impacts all of us. So start reading so you can share in this insightful discussion!

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