Race Cards + Screams Echo

Tonight, we will host a Race Cards event, surrounded by the inspiring and thought-provoking exhibit, Screams Echo: The Legacy of Lynching. We are also building Little Free Diverse Libraries to install across the city, so bring a book by a BIPOC author or tells a BIPOC story to donate as your entry fee! Expose our communities to more diversity while discussing meaningful experiences about race - now that’s an impactful evening!

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FSCJ Invites Community to Participate in Local Needs Assessment Survey

A community stakeholder survey is being conducted to assess the ongoing need and demands for Career and Technical Education (CTE) programming. This is part of a broader Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment (CLNA) process that will help determine the gaps between the way things are and the way things ought to be. Feedback is will be used to assist in aligning funding and resources with high priority needs.

The online survey will be used to learn about:

  • Obstacles that may keep community members from benefitting from Career and Technical Education programs offered by FSCJ.

  • Fields where educational programming may be needed, but not yet offered.

  • Opportunities to collaborate with businesses to ensure that FSCJ graduates have the current technical knowledge along with the soft-skills needed to succeed in their careers.

  • Desired career pathways between high school and FSCJ parents would like to see as viable options for their children to pursue.

  • Opportunities to collaborate with community organizations for bi-directional referrals.

  • Needs of career changers or those returning to the workforce after caring for family members.

  • And more

To access the survey, visit 2022 Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment (CLNA) Stakeholder Survey.

Survey results will begin to be tabulated April 9th. Additional comments may be emailed to to support continuous improvement efforts.

* Please note that under Florida’s very broad public records law, electronic mail and recorded voicemail messages to and from College employees may be subject to public disclosure.