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August ~ Light-Hearted Practices                

August Online Practices, 'Live' or by Recording
 August 10, 12, 24, & 26

  • Chair Practice, Wednesdays, 10:30-11:45am Pacific Time
  • Centering Practice, Fridays, 9:00-10:15am Pacific Time.                   

We'll return to weekly online practices in September. I'm pleased that the online offerings hold value. I'm grateful for your ongoing presence and contributions to our online circle.

Summer practices will provide a space to inhabit your body with sensitivity, unlock tension, and restore efficient and supple movement patterns within a caring circle. This is the essence of practice - inner alignment - to refine your capacity to return to what is arising and subsiding in the present moment. In August we'll play with balancing asanas!

In-Person Practices on Whidbey 
Saturdays, September 17 & 24, 9:00-11:00am Pacific Time

FULL - Join the Waiting List:

Perhaps we can continue these in-person practices on occasional Saturday mornings. Are you interested? It's ideal for me (and our planet!) to combine the travel with house or pet-sitting. Are you or anyone you know in need of these services in October, November or December? Contact me here:


Save the Date! ~ In-Person Weekend Retreat on Whidbey  January 20-22, 2023

This post-holiday, new moon time weekend will include nourishing accommodations, meals, and practices. Details to follow in September.

Although many areas around the world are experiencing extreme heat, the sunlight and warmth of summer are intended as gifts for our bodies in preparation for the cooler and darker seasons. Even though your days are full, see if you can create a space to enjoy the longer days; absorb the warmth, fragrances, and colors; play and recover light-heartedness; or rekindle relationships. Feel the bounty and light-heartedness of the season. 

In July I was on Whidbey to teach the second of the four in-person series, see one-on-one clients, and pet-sit. I enjoyed a free exchange of questions, inquiry, and exploration - aspects of the creative process that foster growth, revelation, and non-attachment. 

"The non-dual teachings remind us that consciousness plays hide-and-seek with itself. Each of us lives in this adventure of taking form as a being that forgets where it came from! And yet, consciousness has the desire to know itself, so it engages in a fabulous game of peek-a-boo known as Lila or divine play.

Consciousness hides behind many masks and then pulls them off, giving us tastes of the realization that defines human experience. Along the way, we can get heartrendingly lost in identifications with our individual masks, with the experience of separateness, utterly forgetting that we too arise from the creative power of consciousness itself. Creative work puts us back in touch with our essential nature."      ~ Kelly Blaser

In this newsletter:

  • Recipe for refreshing and nourishing lemon or lime infused water. Includes basic information about the relationships between taste and constitution in Ayurveda. 
Abundant Summer Blessings,


Summer Centering or Chair Practices
'live' via Zoom or by recording:

  • Pay what you are able for a 2-4 practices  or drop-in.
  • Your payment is your registration.
  • You will receive a confirmation.
Centering & Chair Practices

Schedule a 
One-on-One Session
(Individual Mentoring),
online or in-person
and contact me:

One-on-One Sessions

Lemon or Lime Infused Water

  • Filtered water for single or multiple servings
  • Lemon or lime*


  • Wash and slice lemon or lime into rounds.*
  • Place in individual glasses or a pitcher with filtered water.
  • Let sit for a few hours or overnight in a cool place or refrigerator.
  • Serve cold NOT iced, as extreme cold can inhibit digestion.

*An important aspect of nutrition in Ayurveda are the elemental qualities of taste. Taste is energetic and different from flavor. And taste takes into consideration the action (virya)  and post-digestive effect (vipaka ) in the body. In Ayurveda wisdom we learn to use taste to nourish rather than aggravate the qualities or attributes of our particular constitution; the unique blueprint or combination of vata, pitta, kapha doshas. 

Sweet = Earth + Water 
Sour = Earth + Fire 
Salty = Water + Fire
Pungent = Air + Fire
Bitter = Air + Space
Astringent = Air + Earth


Vata dominate constitution tends toward dry and cold qualities and is balanced by sweet, sour, and salty tastes.
Pitta dominate constitution tends toward oily and hot qualities and is pacified by sweet, bitter, and astringent tastes. 
Kapha dominate constitution tends toward cold and sticky qualities and is pacified by pungent, bitter, and astringent.

Lemons are sour and heating and have a sour vipaka (post-digestive effect). They are sharp and stimulate salivation and digestive juices in the stomach. They calm vata dosha, detoxify pitta dosha but may aggravate pitta and kapha dosha. 

Limes are sour, slightly bitter and cooling but their vipaka (post-digestive effect) is sweet. Lime calms vata dosha, is fine for pitta dosha in moderation, and stimulates kapha dosha. Lime is useful with hot, spicy food to cool down its pitta provoking nature. Lime stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes and is useful for indigestion. Lime should not be used when one has a cold, congestion and/or a cough. 


* Resource - Ayurvedic Cooking for Self-Healing, Usha Lad & Dr. Vasant Lad

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