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COVID-19 continues to expose the broader health problems of people who are most poor and marginalized. Healthcare professionals want to help but are often ill-equipped. 
This fall, INMED is offering comprehensive Professional Certificate Courses in International MedicineInternational NursingInternational Public Health, and Epidemiology beginning on Aug 3, Sep 7, Oct 5, and Nov 3. Each is 10 weeks long, entirely online, and CME accredited. And, they qualify for credit in the Master’s Degree in International Health (MIH)
Increase your hands-on skills! Join the Professional Certificate Course in Ultrasound for Primary Care in Pittsburgh PA on Oct 14 or 15, or in Glendale CA on Dec 3. Take advantage of Helping Babies Breathe newborn resuscitation in Pittsburgh PA on Oct 14 or in Glendale CA on Dec 4. Or, register for Advanced Mother Newborn Outcomes in Glendale CA on Dec 4. All are CME accredited. 
Need a fast and up-to-date global health primer? Select an INMED Elective Online Course
Turn COVID-19 social distancing into the best learning experience of your life with a selection from the INMED Fall Course Catalog!
Nicholas Comninellis, MD MPH DIMPH
Dean & President of INMED, the Institute for International Medicine
"Equipping healthcare pros & students to serve the forgotten”
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 Institute for International Medicine is a Missouri registered, 501c(3) recognized, non-profit corporation that exists to equip healthcare professionals and students to serve the forgotten.

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