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"Ein Geniestreich"
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Overwhelming reviews for new album

In Case of Fire is out on label enja/yellowbird. Since the release great reviews from Germany and Scandinavia a.o have been dropping in.

What is indie-jazz?
"Offpiste Gurus pull together the pop sensibilities of the indie world with the slow soulful lilt of the jazz ensemble” (Quote: American blog Nordic Spotlight)

In Offpiste Gurus’ music the singer-songwriters predilection for personal storytelling meets the unique blue toned cool which Scandinavian Jazz is so famous for. It is grooving, hand played and primarily acoustic music, played by an unorthodox line-up of voice, saxophone, bass, drums, mens choir and banjo with glimpses of brass, vibraphone og piano. It is sophisticated, it’s rough, it’s full of contrasts, and above all a perfect offset for Værings beautifully unvarnished voice, which generously shares stories and observations from the adult life arena.

Saxophonist and composer Fredrik Lundin is one of the major Scandinavian jazz and beyond profiles of his generation. Trinelise Væring is a highly respected singer and songwriter.
Together they have created a catchy uncompromising album.

"Mal klingt es bei den Gurus wie in einer verräucherten Blues-Kneipe, dann Wähnt man sich atmosphärisch in einer Quentin-Terantino-Scene. Überhaupt haben die Songs manchmal einen cineastischen Charme. Faszinierend schräg und doch eingängig." Jazz Thetik (DE)

"Mit "In Case of Fire" ist den beiden Jazz-erfahrenden Spitzenkräften ein Geniestreich gelungen."..."eigentlich alle Songs sind herausragend - diese CD kann man auch zwanzig Mal hintereinander hören!" Nordische Musik (DE)

Watch/listen to live-videos

For this this album Offpiste Gurus have chosen to make 4 live-in-the-studio videos. Trinelise: "We decided to play live, rather than playbacking to the album tracks, because we want to give our audiences something new, something they don't already have. And so we decided to to go back to the studio, dress up nicely and record sound and film at the same time"
Click on image to watch video

Live In Germany

After a show on last years Jazz Ahead in Bremen and a show case concert in November in Hamburg Offpiste Gurus are coming back to Germany for concerts.

28/2 - DB Museum, Nürnberg
29/2 - Der Schallplattenmann, Erlangen
1/3 - Kukuun, Hamburg
2/3 - TBA 3/3 - Speicher Kulturbarnhoff, Bad Homburg

Are you Club or festival: Book Offpiste Gurus

Offpiste Gurus will becoming back in the late summer and again in November. (dates between that can be possible also)
Would you like  to book Offpiste Gurus or have more information you are welcome to write to, or contact  our booking Reinhold Horn at

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From the album reviews:

"Ein Geniestreich" Nordische musik (DE)

"Faszinierend Schräg und doch eingängig
Jazzthetik (DE)

"Truly original"
Jazzspecial (DK)

"Brave and uncompromising artistic riot against rigid genres"
Gaffa (DK)

"Sehr persönlichen Musik-Cocktails “In Case of Fire  -  Just taste it…" 
Concerto (AT)

"Mit Sinn und Verstand" "Spitzen-Hauben innerhalb dieses sehr netten Anders-Sein"
Sonic Soul (DE)

"Voll im skandinavischen Americana-Trend Tom Waits, 60ties Rock oder Coco Rosie angelehnten Musikstil"
Jazzthing (DE)

" As cool as a Danish Rickie Lee Jones" 
Politiken (DK)

"Female extraordinaire songwriter meets Scandinavian jazz saxophonist…fantastic!"

"Überaus empfehlenswert" Virgin Jazz Face blog (DE)

"In Case of Fire is some of the hippest genre-eliminating music that has come out in a long time"
Tor de Jazz (NO)

"Groovy arrangements along with Vaerings strong and districtive vocal"
Dagsavisen (NO)


Released Oct. 22nd on German label:


In Case of Fire is producered by Danish Indie producer par exellence Nikolaj Nørlund and released on German label


Offpiste Gurus are:

Trinelise Væring - vocal and banjo. 
Fredrik Lundin - tenor- and baritone-saxofones, bassflute, piano, Fender Rhodes and backing vocals
Thomas Vang - Höfner bas, bass-Fender Rhodes and violin
Jeppe Gram  - drums and percussion, vibraphone and backing vocals.

Guest: trumpet - Maj Berit Guassora, trombone - Mia Engsager, tuba og bass trombone - Jakob Munck

In Case of Fire goes out via digital platforms as well as CDs.


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