May 12, 2022

Dear <<First Name>>,

We are hard-wired for belonging. Even those of us who are dyed-in-the-wool introverts yearn to be known, to find our people. Maybe it goes back to survival, safety in numbers and all that. Or maybe it’s psychological; we come to understand ourselves as we navigate our relationships, and when we find shared interests, shared passions, a shared approach to life, we feel included. 
So we gear up in our team colors – sometimes literally, decked out in jerseys and rally caps. Sometimes we do it virtually, with shared memes and clicks of the “like” button. Sometimes we do it socially, with inside jokes and select invitations, and sometimes we do it subtly, with club rosters and even with church rolls. There can be no mistaking: we are “us,” and they are “them.”
We see this “us/them” dynamic at work in this week’s New Testament text, Acts 11:1-18. Peter had returned to Jerusalem to verify the reports: Gentiles had indeed accepted the word of God. Suddenly the centuries of Jewish traditions, the Messianic theologies, the fulfilled prophecies that bound together the first Christian believers could no longer function as the fence between “us” and “them.” How can those who are unclean – who don’t keep kosher, who don’t observe the festivals, who don’t make the sacrifices or share the genealogy – how can they follow the risen Jewish King? And how can they belong to the Way of Jewish Christians?

This way:
…the Holy Spirit fell upon them just as it had upon us at the beginning. Acts 11:15
The Holy Spirit is pure gift. Every time. The Spirit is a gift that blows where God wills, not where we direct it, and not only where we observe it. It blows through fences and over walls, in traditions that seem unorthodox, in languages we can’t understand, and even (in Peter’s case) in menus we don’t approve of. Then the Spirit invites us to the picnic in all our variety, not requiring us to flatten our distinguishing characteristics, but asking us not to make distinctions.
No one can prevent God from providing this Spirit, this gift, this vast buffet, this party with the doors wide open, and unfamiliar music echoing, and the language of laughter spilling out into the streets. No one can prevent God from bringing us together in praise. See you in worship!

Pastor Brittany

Memorial Service for Keith Crockett

Heartfelt Christian love and sympathies are extended to Barbara Crockett and her family on the death of her husband, Keith Crockett, who died on April 28th. A Service of Witness to the Resurrection will be held for Keith this Saturday, May 14th at 10:00 am, followed by a reception. Masks will be required in the Sanctuary. Livestream of the service can be accessed here.

If you would like to attend in-person, but need help with transportation OR if you would like to help provide transportation for others, please contact Suzanne Wilsey at 650-995-3149 or

Siena Youth Center Summer Scholarship Drive

It's almost summer and that means summer camps. Siena Youth Center will once again offer a 7-8 week camp in June & July for its youth. In past years, Trinity's congregation has been very generous in providing scholarships for Siena students, so we are once again privileged to present this opportunity to you. In-person camp will take place in June and July, 5 days a week, 4 hours a day. There will be 120 openings for campers, at a cost of  $150 per student. 40 High schoolers and middle schoolers will help run the program. Camp will feature theme weeks, activities, hikes, park days and swimming. The summer scholarship drive will take place May 15 - 29. Please visit the Siena table on the patio after worship. Any contribution is welcome and can be made by writing a check to Trinity and noting "Siena Summer Scholarship", or through Trinity's website Please join us in worship on May 15 as we welcome Hugo Torres, Siena's Program Director, and kick off the Siena Summer Scholarship Drive.

Pentacost Choir

The choir will be singing for Pentecost on Sunday, June 5. We'll hold a rehearsal on Thursday, June 2nd at 7:30 for about an hour. Ages high school on up are welcome! The song is accessible and we have lots of folks ready to come alongside you as we make music together. Contact Kristan if you have questions or just to say you'll be there! 

Missing Eyeglasses

Please help Frank find his oval silver frame eyeglasses (pictured) that he left briefly on the sign in table to the right as you walk into the church this past Sunday during worship. If you have seen them or may have accidently picked them up as your own, please notify the church office at 650-593-8226 or 

Musical Performance

WHAT: We've Come This Far by Faith: Songs From the Black Experience
WHERE: St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 1755 Clay Street, San Francisco, CA 94109
WHEN: Sunday, May 22, at 3:00 pm

Old First Presbyterian Church is hosting a performance by Dr. Terence Elliott, EdD, and the ensemble Nymani Music that will take the audience on a journey through the history of the African-American experience in music; a vital American story! Contact or if you'd like to carpool with Trinity's Racial Justice Advocacy Group.

Church Center Directory 

Trinity members and attendees...forgot how to sign into our Church Center Directory or haven't signed up yet? Click here ( then select login and follow the security steps to gain access. Contact the office if you have any questions. 

Did You Know That Trinity's Supported Mission Partner...

World Vision is the United Nations World Food Program’s largest partner?  -GOMT

Join Us On Sunday...

In Person Worship at 10am

Please join us in our sanctuary Sunday at 10am. Trinity is committed to providing a safe environment and to ensure a welcoming and inclusive worship experience for all.

The following health and safety guidelines will remain in place until further notice.
  • Masks are to be worn on the Sanctuary level at all times.
  • All monetary gifts can be offered via the QR Code available in the Sanctuary and on the livestream OR online here.
  • Those gathered for worship will exit the building (this includes the Narthex) immediately following the Postlude to greet each other outside as weather allows.
If you are experiencing symptoms, are self-isolating due to travel, or have had close contact to a confirmed positive Covid-19 case, please refrain from attending in-person worship.

Livestream Worship at 10am

Follow this link directly to our Livestream on Facebook, no account is needed. Our technical team works diligently to resolve any issues prior to worship but from time to time there is bound to be issues. We appreciate your patience if this occurs. 
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