March 31, 2022

Dear <<First Name>>,

A few years ago I attended a worship conference with some friends. As we entered for the initial service I noticed above the sanctuary entrance a sign that read “Enter to Worship.” That simple sign spoke volumes to me about the attitude and seriousness in which the church approached worship. First, it said that beyond those doors worship would be taking place. Secondly, it projected the idea that you were expected to worship if you came inside. Third, and maybe the most important, it conveyed to me that what was happening in that place of worship was holy and should be approached with reverence.

This week’s Gospel Lesson offers us a rare glimpse into a tender and holy moment; one in which Mary publicly expresses her devotion to her Lord, Jesus. Mary worships Jesus with reverence and adoration.

Mary took a pound of costly perfume made of pure nard, anointed Jesus’ feet, and wiped them with her hair. The house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume.” (John 12:3)

Does entering God’s s sanctuary invoke a sense of reverence for the holy within you? If so, how is that reverence expressed? Join us this week as we gather at Jesus’ feet, worshiping our Lord with all that we are and all that we have – until our lives become infused with the fragrance of God’s extravagant love.

See you in worship!

Pastor Brittany

Warning: Beware of Fraudulent Emails

As more of our church interactions have moved online, it is more important than ever to be on the lookout for possible scams and online phishing schemes. All Trinity emails come from the domain
Here are several steps you can take if you think you have received a scam email:
  • Double-check the sender’s email address. 
  • Look for clues. Is the email comprised of just sentence fragments? Does the sender usually send short emails or odd requests? These are telltale signs that the email is not legitimate.
  • “Forward,” don’t “reply” to business emails. By forwarding the email, the correct email address has to be manually typed in or selected from the address book, ensuring the intended recipient’s correct e-mail address.
  • Always verify in person/telephone before sending money or sensitive data. Be suspicious! Make it standard operating procedure to confirm email requests face-to-face, or through a phone call using previously known numbers, not phone numbers provided in the email.

Trinity Partners with Local Tongan Church for Relief

With the recent emergency needs resulting from the volcanic eruptions and tsunami that have affected the Tongan people, our church donated funds to the local Falehufanga Tongan United Methodist church to support their sending supplies in a shipping container, which left the church this week. The church's pastor, the Rev. Dr. Siliveinusi Tuieti, wrote his thanks for this support, " [W]e are grateful for your kindness.....We look forward to our continued collaboration as brothers and sisters in Christ."  We are thankful for the ways we can partner with others to help those far away!

Change A Life Ministry (CALM)

Change a Life Ministry (CALM) provides one-time financial assistance to individuals in our community to change the trajectory of their lives. Recently we were able to partner with Street Life Ministries to assist “Gregory” (name changed to protect his privacy), who had experienced a series of life challenges, including no longer being able to pay the rent on the car he was using to deliver food for DoorDash. CALM provided him with funds to purchase a motor scooter so he can continue to work as much as possible to pay off his debt in order to eventually buy a car and move into his own place. This grant was made possible due to your donations to Trinity.

Get Ready for your Great Getaway
April 29 - May 1

The last day to sign up will be April 10 - we hope you will join us!  Your GGA team and Redwood Glen have been excitedly planning for a fun, safe and spectacular retreat! All housing accommodations are still available - your choice - camping or glamping, rustic cabins or hotel-like living in Siden Lodge. All your meals are provided - come hike, sing, pray, play or just sit in the glory of God that is Redwood Glen!  Sign up at our table after worship or online here.

SF Presbytery Presents Podcast Study Group

You're invited to explore and discuss critical issues of life and faith as we attempt to continue our Matthew 25 work in the SF Presbytery. The series is about a wealthy town in Texas where issues of structural racism, diversity, local politics, and educational reform converged to foreshadow the national struggles that are being fought today, and how they affect our hopes for faith-based liberation. The study group, led by Rev. Kamal Hassan from Sojourner Truth Presbyterian Church, will take place on 8 consecutive Wednesdays starting on April 6th from 5:00-6:30 pm. Register in Advance on Zoom:

Did you know that Trinity's supported mission partner...

VEF (Village Enterprise Fund) seeks to meet a need when over 400 million people in Africa live in extreme poverty —over half of the world’s poorest? And more Africans are being pushed into poverty because of the global pandemic, climate change, and lack of skills and opportunities?

Street Church

A few more available April Street Life sign ups here

Join Us On Sunday...

In Person Worship at 10am

Please join us in our sanctuary Sunday at 10am. Trinity is committed to providing a safe environment and to ensure a welcoming and inclusive worship experience for all.

The following health and safety guidelines will remain in place until further notice.
  • Masks (preferably disposable surgical) are to be worn indoors at all times - this goes for those who frequent the church building during the week as well.
  • All monetary gifts can be offered via the QR Code available in the Sanctuary and on the livestream OR online here.
  • Those gathered for worship will exit the building (this includes the Narthex) immediately following the Postlude to greet each other outside as weather allows.
If you are experiencing symptoms, are self-isolating due to travel, or have had close contact to a confirmed positive Covid-19 case, please refrain from attending in-person worship.

Centering Ourselves for Worship

Each week, throughout the season of Lent, there will be reflection stations set up in the Narthex with materials intended to help you and your family prepare to worship God. All are encouraged to arrive early and make use of these stations. May this practice aid in centering your spirit, that you might enter the sanctuary and walk through this season in a worshipful manner.

Livestream Worship at 10am

Follow this link directly to our Livestream on Facebook, no account is needed. Our technical team works diligently to resolve any issues prior to worship but from time to time there is bound to be issues. We appreciate your patience if this occurs. 
Trinity's YouTube Channel
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