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Michael Avolio

Today begins the 13th installment of Flesh Machine,
and the story's second act is upon us!

I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for reading so far
it means a lot to me.
I enjoy making the comic in and of itself,
but it's especially gratifying to know people are reading
(and to hear back from you about it).

I'd also like to ask you to share Flesh Machine
with any friends you think might also like to read it.

Do your friends like science fiction, war stories, or romance?
Word of mouth is better than any marketing,
and you have a good idea of what your friends like reading.

To share it with them, you can either forward them this email
(there's a clickable button near the bottom of this email)
or send them straight to

You can tell them to start from the beginning
and that the entire story thus far is available to be read online there,
with more pages coming every Tuesday
until we reach the eventual climax and conclusion!
(But we still have a ways to go before then.)

I'm excited to share the rest of Flesh Machine with you.
Thanks again for your support!

Michael Avolio

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