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MOVE & MEDITATE Fridays 8:30 am at Akasha Yoga
Join teachers Kirsten Corbett & Margaret Thompson as you align your body, mind, spirit in this practice of Hatha yoga, mindfulness meditation and Oneness Deeksha. Gentle yoga poses prepare your body and mind for meditation instruction and practice in the second half of the class. Learn progressive meditation techniques designed to encourage mindfulness in everyday life. Concludes with Oneness Deeksha to facilitate expanded awareness
and a shift in consciousness.
No prior meditation experience necessary! 307.690.9907
Have a Ritual done in your name at the Temple of Supreme Light

A note from Edie:

"Years before I came across Oneness University, I was at a yoga retreat in the US where it was recommended that I purchase a ritual, done in a Temple in India, to help me with some long standing personal issues. This was a completely out of the box idea for me; I had never heard of such a thing. Upon researching it, I found that this is a very powerful option that the Indian people regularly take advantage of to help them shift stuck patterns for themselves and their loved ones. Because of this introduction, it didn't seem so foreign to me when I saw that the Oneness University offers rituals to the worldwide Oneness community. 

I now regularly purchase rituals and homas (fire ceremonies) for myself and my loved ones. It is so amazing to watch the dissolving of obstacles, and opening up of opportunities that unfold when a ritual has been done for us."

If you want to try it out, sign up now, before the Deadline on June 6. Infomation below.

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DATE 9TH JUNE 2016, (India Standard Time)
(Deadline: June 6, 9pm Pacific/Midnight Eastern)

Namaste Everyone,
   In this gamut of life we connect to several relationships like our relationship with our parents, with our spouse, with our children, with our friends, with our colleagues at work, and many others. It is relationships that gives us either maximum pain or maximum pleasure because that is the place where the totality of our emotions come to the forefront, be they positive or negative, pleasant or unpleasant. They serve as a reflection and help us to be aware of ourselves.
     Emotions that we otherwise choose to ignore, emotions that we otherwise choose to suppress or emotions that we have not recognized but are definitely dominant within us tend to come to surface in these relationships. That is why; they could prove to be a very effective tool in knowing ourselves. Discovering greater connectivity and Oneness in these relationships, life could be a much more fulfilling experience.
That is why, every year, Oneness celebrates this auspicious day of June 9th as THE DAY OF RELATIONSHIP by performing special rituals at the Temple of the Supreme Light.
    For the first time ever, this year we are going to offer you all a very special ritual which you can participate in absence.

   Participants can participate in the ritual being present and/or also in absence by sending your details .
These are the special benefits of participating in the ritual:
  •         To set right family relationships, relationship with oneself and discovering love in relationship.
  •        To find a right life partner
  •        Setting right of marital relationship
  •        To beget children
  •        Wealth
  •        Acquiring all auspicious energies
  •        Awakening
  •        World peace and prosperity
FOR FAMILY OF 4 PEOPLE – $321 USD ( For Every additional person in the family $121 USD)

Details to register:
Deadline: June 6, 9pm Pacific/Midnight Eastern)

Date of Birth
Email *
Phone Number *
* Optional – if you are interested in receiving information about our various programmes by becoming part of our online community
 Ritual Registration:
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