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Here Comes Summer...

Gorgeous new country, EDM-Hip-Hop fusion, and so much more. It's all below. Simply click, listen, enjoy, repeat.

-The Ark of Music Team

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Buffalo Gospel – On the First Bell

Finally. This is a moment for which I've been waiting for some time now. And, though I do not want to be melodramatic, I am worried that I'm not ready. I am worried that I won't do this project the justice it deserves. I know---I know, you already...  [Click here to open...]


Ryan Necci (of Buffalo Gospel) – Interview

Below, you can listen to our interview with Ryan Necci of Milwaukee, WI's  country/Americana band, Buffalo Gospel, as well as music from their latest album, On The Last Bell. Check out our full music review of On The First Bell, HERE. Giddy and a...  [Click here to open...]


Round About – Coming Into Focus

Founded in 2010 in the Washington, DC area, the four-man pop-rock outfit known as Round About have been entertaining the locals in the nation's capital for some time now.  With a sound which bares a multitude of genre-threads, it's no surprise to...  [Click here to open...]


KEez – Come Hell or High Water

Born Michael Lee on May 27, 1984 in Brooklyn, NY, the future MC didn't wait long to fulfill his calling as he recorded his first track at just eight years old by using a tape recorder accompanied by the demo beats on his Casio keyboard. Now, based...  [Click here to open...]


Welsh Avenue – Disco Moon (single)

"...endearing quality that comes through, musically, lyrically, and in its production. ...delightfully minimalist, and generally good for your health." Back in July of last year, these were the words we used to describe Austin, Texas-based...  [Click here to open...]


Cat Dail – Wonder Love (single)

Chesterfield, New Hampshire's own, Cat Dail, has led a life dedicated to the craft of music---truly. In fact, over the course of many years, several albums (released on her own label, Lucky Magnet), and countless shows across the USA, she's been...  [Click here to open...]


Jeffrey Dallet – Blind Love In Vain (single)

SPOILER ALERT:  We've got a 2018 Top 10 Single candidate here... Self-labeling his music as, folk n' roll; Denver, Colorado's singer/songwriter, guitarist, Jeffrey Dallet, has been busy writing songs about personal passion, the creeping decay of the...  [Click here to open...]


Dirty-Dirt McGurt – Hard Work & DIRTermination

The debut of his first album, First March, in 2009, blew the doors open with a smorgasbord of opportunity, which included global performances, an invite to be a regular opener in Las Vegas, and sharing the stage with hip-hop icons like Joe, Lazy...  [Click here to open...]


Dirty-Dirt McGurt – Interview

Below, you can read our interview with Dirty-Dirt McGurt, and listen to his album, Hard Work & DIRTermination. Check out our full music review of Hard Work & DIRTermination...  [Click here to open...]


Rave Panda – Rave Panda

San Jose, California's EDM/Hip-hop scene just got a bit more interesting. Enter:  Rave Panda (a.k.a., Dimitri Vigil). Previously performing for a couple of years under the moniker, True Spirit, Vigil changed the name to Rave Panda after his...  [Click here to open...]


Rave Panda – Interview

Check out our full artist interview with Dimitri Vigil of Rave Panda, as well as their self-titled debut album. Check out our full music review of their album, HERE. In the age of the "single", Rave Panda decided to put out an 18-track banger of an...  [Click here to open...]


Instant Music List #32

Below are a few songs & artists that recently caught our attention. Enjoy! This list includes: 1) Chris Thomas, 2) The King Mooses, 3) Crystal Clayton, 4) Synnora, 5) B. Chaps, 6) Instant Bingo, and 7) Monoglitch...  [Click here to open...]

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