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Autumn's Bounty...

Wow. We've been away for a bit, but we were not resting! Several 2019 Top 10 candidates showed up over the past several weeks among the onslaught of excellent Folk, Rock, Hip-Hop, Blues, Electro-Pop, New-Age, and so-so much more. It's all below. Simply click, listen, enjoy, repeat!

-The Ark of Music Team
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Merrill Collins – Every Man, Woman and Child, Yoga Flow Suite

Born and raised in New Jersey, visionary-composer-musician, Merrill Collins dedicated her life to music at the tender age four. By young adulthood she'd achieved a Master's in music from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. “Music is [Click here to open...]

Linda McRae – Going to the Well

We are honored to be asked to review this next artist. Canadian & Nashville-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, teacher, mentor, and overall musical troubadour & living legend, Linda McRae, has worked for decades as a [Click here to open...]


Thomas Itty – Retrospective

Born and raised in Bangalore, India, singer-songwriter, Thomas Itty is now a New Yorker through-and-through, living in the Big Apple for the past twenty-five years. Armed with his own home studio, and a deep love for the iconic works of colleagues [Click here to open...]

John Paul Elliott – Cape Town Feeling (single)

"Tangibly hand-crafted. Beautifully simple. Delightfully honest." The words we used to describe Essex, England-based singer-songwriter, John Paul Elliott's last album, Saint Paul. Still gigging across London and Essex (most weeks), Elliott recently [Click here to open...]

Matt Rogers – Up From the Ashes (single)

Citing an excitingly duplicitous list of influences which include Bach-to-Hendrix, Beethoven-to-Van Halen, Vivaldi-to-Vai, the Burlington, VT-based composer, performer and recording artist, Matt Rogers, traded in his guitar for the Chapman Stick® in [Click here to open...]

Grifters & Shills – Pretty Little Secrets

"We had a chemistry that we couldn't ignore, and immediately started writing together." Houston, TX-based Rebecca and John Stoll, met and married as a result of performing together in the jam band Blue Funk ten years ago. Their chemistry, [Click here to open...]


Greg Hoy & the Boys – Brilliant Jerk (single)

At five years old, urged on by his big brother, Greg Hoy listened to Led Zeppelin’s, Whole Lotta Love, and---understandably---his musical fate was sealed. Fast-forward a few decades, now, the San Francisco CA-based singer-songwriter, [Click here to open...]


Dirty Snowman Society – Taste of Heaven (single)

Based in Copper Mountain, Colorado, the four-piece hard-rock outfit known as, Dirty Snowman Society, consists of Frank Costantini (vocals, drums, percussion), Jonnie Law (lead guitar), Patrick Linfante (bass), and Chris Todoroff (guitars, [Click here to open...]


Noah James Hittner – Willing (Press Release)

ARTIST:  Noah James Hittner   ALBUM:  Willing   GENRE:  Blues, Folk, Hip-Hop, R&B, Electronica   RELEASE DATE:  9/23/19   BOOKING & CONTACT:  Noah (at) NoahJamesHittner (dot) com   Follow, stream, [Click here to open...]

Katrina Stuart – Blue Roses (single)

Performing for crowds since the age of four, Los Angeles-based (by way of Toronto, Canada) singer-songwriter, musician, actor, dancer, and model, Katrina Stuart's intention is ultimately to inspire others to live freely and go after their [Click here to open...]



Van King – Hit The Floor (single)

Toronto-native and currently London-based pop, R&B, and hip-hop producer, Kevin Kozo, has decided to do some work on the other side of the mixing board. Taking on the stage moniker, Van King, the young talent first stretched his performance legs [Click here to open...]


Jay Elle – Ease Up

During a serendipitous interlude at a very young age with a musically inclined cousin, New York City-based singer-songwriter, guitarist, Jay Elle, learned just a handful of guitar chords. His life would never be the same. "...positive [Click here to open...]


Juan Sánchez – Rebirth

Beginning with piano lessons at the conservatoire at only 14 years old, by the end of the 80’s the Barcelona-based composer, Juan Sánchez was honing his sound by playing the keyboard with different bands for a decade. A five-year stint in [Click here to open...]

A Well of Quiet Voices – Something More (single)

Somewhere in the southeast corner of Texas, there's a town called Kirbyville where the ambient acoustic guitar trio known as, A Well Of Quiet Voices, calls home. Almost twenty years ago, founding members Jesse Arsement (vocals, percussion) and James [Click here to open...]

Paul Canning – Jiggery Pokery

"Paul Canning is a singer/songwriter from London. Amongst all of his accomplishments he has never supported Coldplay or written a song with Paul McCartney." The words from the artist's own Facebook Page offer an immediate humor from this veteran of [Click here to open...]


Steven Blane – First Christmas (single)

One of our favorite indie musicians has just popped back onto our radar. An artist whose music we've unabashedly described as, "...accessible and intriguing storytelling...", and, "...uncomplicated yet masterful musicianship...". These words have [Click here to open...]


Brandon Saxon – Star Star Child (single)

New Jersey-based acoustic-indie singer-songwriter, Brandon Saxon, embodies the neo-indie-musician completely, recording all of his own music onto his laptop in his bedroom. This simple little fact has profound implications:  Gatekeepers are becoming [Click here to open...]


Instant Music List #38

Below are a few songs & artists that recently caught our attention. Enjoy! This list includes: 1) The Gregg Woodard Band, 2) Traveling Broke and Out of Gas, 3) Doug Blair, 4) Ross Malcolm Boyd, and 5) Ben Lubeck (Explore all of our [Click here to open...]

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