Comets Newsletter - 21 Nov

Concord B2 - Round 8 Vs Carlingford Match Report

Round 8, the Comets made the drive up to Murray Farm to play Carlingford. They were coming off a loss to North Ryde and a draw to Macquarie, so Carlingford were eager to get a win and with the same umpire combination that caused us controversy last week, it was sure to be an interesting game.

Carlingford came out strong in the 1st, getting 3 outs in 4 batters, then getting lucky with a safe call at home putting them on the board early. The blown call set the tone for the rest of the game as tempers started to boil. 

Anthony proved strong on the mound, channeling his frustration to throw strikes. The pitching was backed up in the field, with Caley ‘I get searched at airports’ Yarnold, making a number of classic 6 - 3 plays  4 of which came in a row. Big Danny made some good catches and would’ve certainly demolished that pole in rightfield had he run into it. Dylan drugged up, pushing through the pain of his crippled knee to make a couple of nice plays at 2nd and even stole a base. Nick and Max showed their dominance in the outfield with a number of catches and continued defence, as well as great hole-finding batting. Our Canadian import Vincenzo did the same with the bat and stood his ground at 1st to help the boys out.

Alex ‘the mad dog circ’ Solano, got a line drive past leftfield which gave him time to round the bases adding to his homerun total for the season... Daniel B is still not sure whether he touched second but we suspect Daniel B is still annoyed over last week's call trhat robbed him of a home run. Alex;s batting performance earned him a number of RBI’s and gave us the edge going into the last couple of innings.
Matt argued with the ump over a ‘non-attempt to move out of the way’ when he got hit by pitch, giving the Carlingford lads something to cheer about. It didn’t last long when one of their own got drilled in the back through the middle of the batters box and was told to stay there because he made ‘no attempt’. A really bewildering call that left everybody including the field umpire scratching their heads and the Carlingford coach made sure the plate umpire heard about it... surprisingly managing to keep himself in the game after a prolonged verbal exchange with the plate umpire. 

Joel closed out the game giving up a couple of runs in the last to well placed hits unfortunately, but it wasn’t enough to get Carlingford over the line. Sealing the victory for Concord and making sure we maintained that 1st place position with a 10-6 win.

- Us
- Prime time Tony Solano
- Nick, this week’s MVP Hero
- Our runs for stats
- The pole Big Dan decided to not bend in half

- Carlingford’s regular starting pitcher who has been battling fires in Port Macq for several weeks (jokes aside, we really appreciate his fantastic work)
- The 3rd base Alex destroyed
- Matt’s belt
- Joel’s ERA
- Daniel B's batting avg

Defibrillator Training

A demonstration on the use of the Defibrillator this coming Saturday at Majors Bay at 9:30am.  All coaches managers, team officials and anyone else interested can attend the training.

Ground Allocations - Round 9

Ground allocations for Majors Bay this week are below,

Please note, there have been draw changes this week so please check the draws for changes that might affect your teams.

Blue Sox Barter Buddies Day

Our Club is attending the Sydney Blue Sox game on Sunday 1st December 2019 @ 1:00PM
Blue Sox Stadium
Blacktown International Sportspark (Gate A) 81-131 Eastern Road, Rooty Hill

Players should wear their full club uniform. They should wear sneakers (no cleats).
There is free parking onsite. If you arrive late, your child's tickets will be left at the VIP window of the box office for collection.

Junior players (and coaches) get free entry to the game.
The rest of the group gets $12 entry.

We will need to book tickets for the players and any others joining us too (the more the merrier). Please advise your manager as soon as possible how many tickets your family needs and to arrange payment for those tickets as we are making one booking for the entire group.

Contact Marcel Andrieux if you need more information.

Summer Baseball Registrations are now closed

Junior player registrations for the 2019-20 Summer season have now closed for all teams except for Under 7 T-ball. Please contact our Junior Coordinator Alison on 0412 438 114 for any late registrations.

Adult player registrations for the 2019-20 Summer season are now closed. For all inquiries regarding late registrations please contact Tony on 0402 892 280.

Uniform Shop Opening Times

Looking to purchase items of uniform?

The Uniform shop has closed for the current season. For late purchases and special requests please contact Gabbie direct on Our uniform shop is located in the shipping container at our home fields.

Results Coordinator

Scorers are responsible for sending photos of completed Results Sheet for each Home Game played.
For Away Games, simply text your score (keep it simple - for example: Concord 10, Boomers 4)
All Results sheets and scores need to be submitted by 2pm Saturdays - the sooner the better - to the Results Coordinator at or SMS to 0413 728 860
If you are unsure on how to complete Results Sheets - contact Agathe the Results Coordinator or ask a more experienced scorer to help you.
Please do not leave your result sheet in the Canteen without sending a photo of it first.
Thank you.

Have you got your Active Kids Sports Voucher yet?

The NSW Government is helping kids get active with the new Active Kids program.

Parents, guardians and carers can apply for two vouchers valued up to $100 per calendar year for each student enrolled in school.
The voucher may be used with a registered activity provider for registration, participation and membership costs for sport, fitness and active recreation activities.

The voucher can be used at any time during the calendar year it was issued.

To apply for a voucher go to

Our club is a registered provider, search for "Concord Baseball Club Inc." 

Please be advised that the online registration system is not able to automatically apply the active kids voucher. The club has a manual process in place. Once you have your active kids voucher you will need to supply the club with the 16-digit code. The club will then submit the code through NSW Service and reinburse the $100 back to our members. Please send through details to

Lastly, the discount code section on the payment page of our online registration is not for Active Kids Vouchers. Please follow the manual process above.

BBQ Duty

The committee appreciates the work done on the BBQ and thanks all those that help, whether they are rostered on or asked to assist. Without this method of raising funds, the committee would need to resort to higher fees, selling raffle tickets and asking for a significant amount of financial support. Please note that this helps the club keep fees low and helps fund equipment. At the end of the day this will affect your pocket, so keep up the good work!
Round BBQ Duty
Rd 9 – 23 Nov Concord Rosebank Bigs D3
Rd 10  -  30 Nov Concord LL T Ball
Rd 11 -  07 Dec Concord St Pats Bigs D2
Rd 12 -  14 Dec Concord LL Majors
Rd 13 -  01 Feb Concord LL SD1
Rd 14 – 08 Feb Concord LL JD1
Rd 15 – 15 Feb Concord LL Zooka 2
Rd 16 – 22 Feb Committee
Rd 17 – 01 Mar Committee
Rd 18 – 08 Mar TBA
Rd 19 – 15 Mar TBA If Reqd
Rd 20 – 22 Mar TBA If Reqd
Starts at 8.30am and finished at 12.30pm each Saturday. Please organise helpers from the team to cover all time slots.
  • It is recommended that there are at least two working the BBQ at all times, one to cook and one to serve.
  • Canteen Manager will answer and questions or resolve any issues during Saturday.
  • All equipment and food will be organised by the Canteen Manager and made available by the start of Saturday.
  • Where games are washed-out, then teams may be allocated to another day; however this will be confirmed.
Coaching Courses
All coaches this season need to be qualified (even Level 1 would do). If a coach attends a course for coaching accreditation and passes the receipt onto RHBL they will be reimbursed to the full amount. Coaches are advised to check the BNSW Website for available Level 2 & Level 3 Courses. RHBL will run another Level 1 Course if required so a minimum certification can be obtained.

BATS that are permitted to be used in RHBL games are detailed below. 
  1. Wooden bats
  2. Bats carrying the USA Bat LOGO
  3. Bats with ALLOY Barrels
  4. Composite Barrel Bats MUST be Certified BBCOR or carry the USA Bat logo

Draws, Standings and other information
The season draws have been uploaded on
A reminder that the is only V1 of the draw. There will be gradings and redraws in some divisions so please only concentrate on the first 5 rounds for now. And please check the draw regularly as there are changes from time to time.

Lastly, the RHBL Website contains information on all league policies, codes of behaviour, rules and other documentations..
  • Blue Sox Barter Buddies Day
    Sunday 1st December at 1pm 
  • Uniform Shop Open
    By appointment only, please email
  • Season Dates
    Restart: 11/12 Oct 2019
    Last games before Xmas: 13/14 Dec 2019
    Restart: 31 Jan/1 Feb 2020
    Grand Finals: 13/14 Mar 2020
    Spare Grand Final 20/21 Mar

Need more information?

For more information on player registrations please contact

Alison Massey (Junior Coordinator): 0412 438 114
Tony Solano (President):0402 892 280
Daniel Arregui (Coaching Coordinator): 0414 216 326
Club e-mail:
Club Website:
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