Comets Newsletter - 5 Dec

Match Report

A different feeling last Saturday at Majors Bay with Anthony away and Dazzx detained at Byron Bay Domestic, a feeling best described as “unity”. After a narrow loss to Macquarie in the previous round the boys were keen to get back in the winners circle this week.

Comets were unable to generate any offence in the early stages and the game remained scoreless through 2 1/2. Old Man Eleven fron Nth Ryde proved that age is no barrier and was pitching well  early on but could not contain the power offence of Concord the second time through the lineup and the stale mate was broken.
Broken and then blown open as Max reached base and Alex blasted a captain’s no doubter sailing well over the outfield boundary. Base running (and coaching) left much to be desired giving away a few easy outs, Caley and Vincenzo were seen asking around for bus fare post match after constantly being robbed by the field umpire but Joel was a rock on the mound and along with Matt behind the dish, guided the lads through. Dylan’s web gem in a clutch spot also helped keep north at bay.
Offence picked up to eventually post 9 runs, only not achieving double digits due to Alex’s second crushing blast barely creeping foul despite easily clearing the roof of the batting tunnel landing in the Carpark.
All the boys contributed to a solid win but the real MVP hero today was Joel who controlled the game from the first pitch to the last to post a 7 inning CG shutout and a 9-0 win to Concord.

The Don
Nth Ryde's old Man Eleven who really did have a good game
The lads for sticking around for the post game analysis

Nick’s open wound
The poor 15 year old kid that came on and threw a lot like the pitching machine
Dan for missing a great game and his umpiring fees this weekend.

Our Lady of Assumption Super Sports Challenge

Last Friday 29 November the Concord Baseball Club participated in the Super Sports Challenge at Our Lady of Assumption primary school North Stratified where we were able to showcase Baseball along with 10 other sports. With 11 classes rotating though 11 different sports it was a busy day for the kids and the volunteers and a great day was had by all. Many thanks to our very own Sean and Marcel along with Gary Everson, Sydney Blue Sox Bullpen coach who were on hand to guide the 270+ kids through our batting and pitching stations. The School Pricipal, a former Baseball player with Macquarie Saints, said these kids have been looking forward to this event for many months and for many kids its a rare opportunity to sample a variety of sports.

Ground allocations for Majors Bay this week

Ground allocations for Majors Bay this week are below, as usual please check the latest RHBL / PCBL draws for any changes.

BBQ duty this week is StPats Bigs D2

Good luck to all teams.

Housekeeping Reminders

Over the last few weeks we have had a number of issues around housekeeping and the use of the batting cage. Fields have been left in very poor condition after games/training and there has been some abuse of the batting facility. This is a reminder that we need all teams to pitch in to look after our facilities to make sure that our fields are kept in the best possible conditions and that very team adheres to the rules surrounding the use of the batting facility. 

Like most junior sporting clubs we do not have paid ground keepers or cleaners so we need each team to assist by helping keep our ground and storage sheds tidy as follows:


At the end of the game, please make sure that the team clears the Dugout or Shelters as soon as possible to make way for the next team first team. Teams should make sure they remove all rubbish from the Dugouts/Shelters and surrounding areas and place all rubbish in the bins provided at the Diamond or near the canteen.

If there is a temporary shelter set up for scorers and./or spectators, the last team using that Diamond should pack it away and return it to the storage shed on the left hand side of the canteen along with any chairs (chairs and shelters should not be stored in the shipping container as this tends to get cluttered).

Playing Fields

Game Day and Training - The first team playing / training on the Diamond is responsible to set up the field, this includes setting up the bases, setting up the cones and /or foul poles (if required), marking lines (if required), setting up zooka machines,  and setting up benches (Diamonds 1 or 2) .

For those fields that have Dolorite (dirt) around the bases, home plate and pitching mound these areas need to be raked prior to the game and immediately after the game or training from the outside towards the center.  When setting up the field you should bring two or three rakes from the shed and keep them behind the diamond so that teams can use these during the day.

If you are the last team playing or training on the day, you need to rake any Dolorite areas and pack up all ground equipment (bases, cones, foul poles, benches, wheel barrows, rakes) and return them to their place in the correct storage sheds.

Please ask you players to take their rubbish from the dugouts and use the rubbish bins provided near the canteen.

Important Note -Raking the Diamonds - It is essential that the Dolorite areas on the baseball Diamonds get raked before and after every game and after every training session, If you have two or three rakes available at the field you should ask your players or parents to help and it only takes five minutes to do.

Raking the diamonds ensures the Diamonds remain safe for our players and that pitching mounds and home plate areas retain their shape. When raking the Dolorite you must always rake towards the centre of the base areas, home plate or pitchers mound and never rake towards the grass as this form lips where the Dolorite meets the grass which becomes a hazard for players to trip or causes balls to have uneven bounces or hops.

Always fill in the holes, especially on the pitchers mound, batting box and catcher's area, When raked properly the overnight sprinklers on the field or rain helps settle the field in an even firm surface that is safe for our players. Please refer to the following  short video

Storage Sheds

The storage sheds on either side of the canteen, contain umpire gear, tables, chairs, zooka machines and some team kit bags.  When using equipment from these sheds, please return the equipment to its correct place. Zooka machines need to be returned to their correct shed and placed on "charge" after use (including after training).

Umpire gear and other equipment should be returned to the shelves and not left on the shed floor.  Plastic tables and chairs should be returned to the shed on the right hand side of the canteen. Please do not remove any equipment from another team' skit bag left in the shed. If you need additional equipment please contact me.                                      

Storage Container (Shipping Container)

The storage container contains our ground equipment (bases, cones, rakes, shovels, temporary nets, L Screen, benches and  wheelbarrows) and our uniform shop is located at the back. of the shed. When returning equipment, please make sure that you return it to its correct place. The nets used for the temporary Diamonds are to be stored in their buckets along with the pegs and hammers and the poles to be stored in their canvas bags.

Wheelbarrows need to be emptied and left upright against the side of the container, benches and buckets containing nets are to be tucked under the shelves and bases placed on shelves or on the dedicated racks.

NOTE: Please make sure that the passageway to the uniform shop at the rear is left clear. 

Locking Up

If you are the last team to leave the ground on game days or training days, make sure that all equipment, chairs, shelters, and field equipment is packed away and that the storage sheds, shipping container, canteen and toilets are securely locked.

Use of the Batting Shed

We are fortunate to have one of the best batting facilities of its type in the country and its important that we look after the facility to ensure its kept in the best possible condition for many years to come. The facility also brings risks of injury and we need to make sure that we minimise the risk of injury and comply with our legal obligations relating to use of the facility.  Over the past few weeks we have noticed some abuse of the facility and failure to observe to observe the rules around using the facility. We need all teams coaches, managers and players help look after the facility. The batting cage rules and Authorised member agreement can be found on our website and the following are the rules that must be observed when using the facility:
An authorised member of the Concord Baseball Club must be present when the cage is in use.
Batters MUST wear helmets at all times. No exceptions.
Only ONE person per lane in batting cages at a time during play when using machines.
A maximum of TWO persons allowed in the lane when using a live pitcher and batter.
A maximum of THREE persons allowed in the lane when using a live pitcher and catcher with batter.
Any other training drills must be under the direct supervision of a qualified Concord coach.
Live pitcher must throw from behind a “L” screen and wear a helmet or skull cap no exceptions.
Catchers may only catch when using a live pitcher and must wear full protective equipment (no catching when using a pitching machine)
Anyone entering the cages must wear enclosed shoes.
No baseball-softball cleats or studs of any kind on any area of synthetic turf.
No Smoking
No Food, drink or gum to be brought or consumed inside the cages or on synthetic turf.
No person under the influence of drugs or alcohol is permitted to use the batting cages.
Children under the age of 14 must be under the supervision of a responsible adult.
Switch off the IRON MIKE” machine before reloading or changing batters.
Players must be 14 years or older to reload machine. No one  should remain in the vicinity of the IRON MIKE while its in use.
Only adults (18 years or older) may feed or remain in the vicinity of the “JUGS” pitching machine while it’s in operation.
No switch hitting during play.
Roller doors should be open while shed is in use.

Summer Baseball Registrations are now closed

Junior player registrations for the 2019-20 Summer season have now closed for all teams except for Under 7 T-ball. Please contact our Junior Coordinator Alison on 0412 438 114 for any late registrations.

Adult player registrations for the 2019-20 Summer season are now closed. For all inquiries regarding late registrations please contact Tony on 0402 892 280.

Uniform Shop Opening Times

Looking to purchase items of uniform?

The Uniform shop has closed for the current season. For late purchases and special requests please contact Gabbie direct on Our uniform shop is located in the shipping container at our home fields.

Results Coordinator

Scorers are responsible for sending photos of completed Results Sheet for each Home Game played.
For Away Games, simply text your score (keep it simple - for example: Concord 10, Boomers 4)
All Results sheets and scores need to be submitted by 2pm Saturdays - the sooner the better - to the Results Coordinator at or SMS to 0413 728 860
If you are unsure on how to complete Results Sheets - contact Agathe the Results Coordinator or ask a more experienced scorer to help you.
Please do not leave your result sheet in the Canteen without sending a photo of it first.
Thank you.

Have you got your Active Kids Sports Voucher yet?

The NSW Government is helping kids get active with the new Active Kids program.

Parents, guardians and carers can apply for two vouchers valued up to $100 per calendar year for each student enrolled in school.
The voucher may be used with a registered activity provider for registration, participation and membership costs for sport, fitness and active recreation activities.

The voucher can be used at any time during the calendar year it was issued.

To apply for a voucher go to

Our club is a registered provider, search for "Concord Baseball Club Inc." 

Please be advised that the online registration system is not able to automatically apply the active kids voucher. The club has a manual process in place. Once you have your active kids voucher you will need to supply the club with the 16-digit code. The club will then submit the code through NSW Service and reinburse the $100 back to our members. Please send through details to

Lastly, the discount code section on the payment page of our online registration is not for Active Kids Vouchers. Please follow the manual process above.

BBQ Duty

The committee appreciates the work done on the BBQ and thanks all those that help, whether they are rostered on or asked to assist. Without this method of raising funds, the committee would need to resort to higher fees, selling raffle tickets and asking for a significant amount of financial support. Please note that this helps the club keep fees low and helps fund equipment. At the end of the day this will affect your pocket, so keep up the good work!
Round BBQ Duty
Rd 10  -  30 Nov Concord LL T Ball
Rd 11 -  07 Dec Concord St Pats Bigs D2
Rd 12 -  14 Dec Concord LL Majors
Rd 13 -  01 Feb Concord LL SD1
Rd 14 – 08 Feb Concord LL JD1
Rd 15 – 15 Feb Concord LL Zooka 2
Rd 16 – 22 Feb Committee
Rd 17 – 01 Mar Committee
Rd 18 – 08 Mar TBA
Rd 19 – 15 Mar TBA If Reqd
Rd 20 – 22 Mar TBA If Reqd
Starts at 8.30am and finished at 12.30pm each Saturday. Please organise helpers from the team to cover all time slots.
  • It is recommended that there are at least two working the BBQ at all times, one to cook and one to serve.
  • Canteen Manager will answer and questions or resolve any issues during Saturday.
  • All equipment and food will be organised by the Canteen Manager and made available by the start of Saturday.
  • Where games are washed-out, then teams may be allocated to another day; however this will be confirmed.
BATS that are permitted to be used in RHBL games are detailed below. 
  1. Wooden bats
  2. Bats carrying the USA Bat LOGO
  3. Bats with ALLOY Barrels
  4. Composite Barrel Bats MUST be Certified BBCOR or carry the USA Bat logo

Draws, Standings and other information
The season draws have been uploaded on
A reminder that the is only V1 of the draw. There will be gradings and redraws in some divisions so please only concentrate on the first 5 rounds for now. And please check the draw regularly as there are changes from time to time.

Lastly, the RHBL Website contains information on all league policies, codes of behaviour, rules and other documentations..
  • Blue Sox Barter Buddies Day
    Sunday 1st December at 1pm 
  • Uniform Shop Open
    By appointment only, please email
  • Season Dates
    Restart: 11/12 Oct 2019
    Last games before Xmas: 13/14 Dec 2019
    Restart: 31 Jan/1 Feb 2020
    Grand Finals: 13/14 Mar 2020
    Spare Grand Final 20/21 Mar

Need more information?

For more information on player registrations please contact

Alison Massey (Junior Coordinator): 0412 438 114
Tony Solano (President):0402 892 280
Daniel Arregui (Coaching Coordinator): 0414 216 326
Club e-mail:
Club Website:
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