Helm v0.5.0 Release

Here's a new release of Helm - v0.5.0, and it come with a new patch browser :D
You can grab the newest version at

I'd love some community developed patches to include with Helm so if you'd like to submit a patch bank, zip up your "User Patches" folder and send it to me at

The "User Patches" folder is located:
"~/.helm/patches/User Patches" on GNU/Linux
"~/Library/Audio/Presets/helm/User Patches" on Mac OSX
"C:\Program Files\Helm\patches\User Patches" on Windows
List of 0.5.0 changes:
  • New patch browser!
  • Added a bunch of patches submitted by Cris Owl Alvarez
  • Finally fixed AAX plugin on OSX ( Windows AAX still broken :( )
  • Fixed latency when playing monophonically with legato off
  • Portamento now always uses the last note pressed to slide from
  • Saving dialog shows up over synth now
  • Saving now allows to specify author
  • Fixed freeze when quickly loading patches
  • Fixed audio breaking bug when first note is played with formant filter on
  • JACK inputs are now labeled "Helm"
  • Tooltip shows better names for controls
  • Fixed setting new parameters with old patches
  • Added configuration file where users can customize the keyboard layout
  • Added --version [-v] flag for GNU/Linux
  • Fixed clipped text on GNU/Linux
If you run into any issues with this build please let me know by responding to this email or sending a bug report to

Matt Tytel
Helm Screenshot
Copyright © 2015 Matt Tytel, All rights reserved.

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