MONDAY MAY 30, 2016
Sasquatch Cannabis Company is a boutique grow from Bellingham, WA, and they specialize in connoisseur small batch flowers. The husband and wife team behind Sasquatch Cannabis Co. split their efforts with him overseeing the grow side while she designs and creates by hand all of their beautiful packaging. 
Sasquatch Cannabis Co. utilizes all organic cultivation methods while nurturing their buds in mixed lighting green houses. This means they use both electric lighting as well as the sun to help provide a wide range of healthy lighting year round while also lowering their carbon footprint. Their small team of 5 employees continues to grow as they expand into the market.

Sasquatch Cannabis Company - 8 .5g Pre-Roll Discovery Pack  - 4g $45
Sasquatch Cannabis Company's distinctive packaging provides some proof to an unexpected result of the Washington State Cannabis market. As the state of Washington has a requirement for total accountability of all flower grams from seed to sale producers and processors have taken it upon themselves to design ever improving packaging which catches the eye and looks good in your hands. 
In Colorado, many cannabis purchases are supplied from a bulk inventory sometimes grown by the store itself. Sales for cannabis products sometimes occur with tongs from a jar into a bag or container. While there are pros and cons for each style of market, Washington growers and processors have to work within the laws and regulations laid out during the creation of this industry. Within those confines creativity shines in the quality and presentability of the product we can provide. At Higher Leaf we think that is a healthy side effect to a constantly evolving industry. 
Ask your budtender about Sasquatch Cannabis Company to see what's so special about one of our favorite growers. 

Embracing Diversity

100 days. That's how long it takes to grow Cannabis. Some cannabis grows in less than that time while some strains take longer, but generally, that’s how long it takes to grow the smokable flower you know and love. Sadly, your favorite strain won’t always be there. The market isn’t always growing or harvesting the same flowers. There will only be so much of your favorite strain at any given time. At Higher Leaf we work with our vendors closely to ensure reliable sourcing of all of our strains, but cannabis strains differ in characteristics from harvest to harvest and phenotypes can change over time. Mother plants, which provide the cuts growers use to clone their precious flowers, can only provide so much in a life cycle. Growers are constantly honing their harvests and plants to provide consistent and reliable products, but there will always be some variance from harvest to harvest. That’s just the nature of of a cannabis market. To truly enjoy all that there is we must embrace diversity.

Feminized seeds of multiple strains

Like any natural life cycle, cannabis plants respond differently to changing environments, growing mediums, the seasons, and storage methods. Almost every batch of Blue Dream, Dutch Treat, or any other strain will differ in some way, beginning with genetics a grower chooses to use and ending with curing and packaging. Not all seeds or cuts are created equal just as not all packaging and storage methods will yield the perfect bud.
Who’s Blue Dream is more blue and dreamy? It’s relative and a bit subjective. Lucky for you, you have extensive resources at your fingertips. Here at Higher Leaf, we have a great team of budtenders with a wealth of knowledge. Our goal is to help you find products you’ll enjoy and hopefully come back for again and again. You may never get back the exact same feeling you loved from that perfect strain at the perfect time with just the right people, but hopefully together we can find something close, or even something you’ll love more. We want to help you create experiences you'll remember long after your last nug of that perfect strain goes into the bowl. 

— Josh Sepulveda - Budtender

Dutch Treat is a long time favorite of the Amsterdam coffee shop scene, and a worthy contender for one of most recognizable strains ever. As an indica dominant hybrid the smoker may find a warm relaxation without the drowsiness of a deeper indica. A proper Dutch Treat should make itself apparent with its aroma as soon as you open up your stash. A flavorful cross of citrus and fruits mixed with pine that some classify as unforgettable. The heady high lends itself to creativity or conversation. Check out this classic strain for yourself with 10% off all jars sizes.
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