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John, a long time budtender, has been a cannabis connoisseur for many years. He has deep understanding of the  medicinal benefits of cannabis, and he loves sharing that knowledge with other people.

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by Lizzie Maslen

Spiritual and Religious Uses of Marijuana-Shamanism

Shamanism is actually a wide range of traditional belief systems that are thought to have originated within the indigenous tribes of Northern Asia and are still widely practiced throughout the world today. Shamanism is based solidly in nature, rooted in the belief in the interconnectedness of all things and heavily influenced by the idea that the physical world is constantly pervaded by invisible forces or spirits that affect the lives of the living. Within
Shamanism there are powerful priests called Shamans who are known as spiritual healers and energy workers. They have the ability to communicate with the spiritual realm and are believed to be intermediaries between the physical and spiritual world, bringing back knowledge and healing to those suffering from unseen spiritual ailments. At times, in order to facilitate these alterations in consciousness or vision quests, Shamans use fasting, drum circles, sweat lodges, psychedelic mushrooms and can anyone guess what else? Weed. They smoke weed.

From what I’ve gathered, some Shamans are generous with their all-natural drug use, using it to aid in the wormhole journeys between realms, but more than just smoking the buds, Shamans communicate with the plant’s spirit, asking it attend to the needs of their body and aid in whatever the vision quest requires. The only reason Shamans consume drugs is to aid the living, never recreationally. Shamans take a hit for the team, using cannabis to gain insight and to channel the divine, helping to heal the living. Let it be understood that with any religious belief system, not every follower adheres to some practices. There are Shamans around the world that reach spiritual levels of enlightenment through meditation and fasting and don’t believe in the need for any mind-altering substances...but I bet smoking weed makes it way more fun. As I was in the middle of researching this article, a gentleman came into the store looking for a euphoric sativa strain that he could take to a Shamanistic retreat in the mountains. We ended up having a great conversation about his guru and their use of cannabis as a way to gather together and share an experience in nature with like-minded thinkers. I recommended OG Chem and Panda OG from Phat Panda for pre-rolls. In lieu of those options, I can confidently endorse a strain called Jesus which is a great sativa from Seattle grower, Dawg Star.

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