Monday, April 11, 2016
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by - Lizzie Maslen


Live resin uses fresh, frozen cannabis flowers cut from the grow before they’ve had a chance to dry or cure. These frozen flowers are then processed within hours of the harvest. What’s so great about that? The answer is, terpenes.

Terpenes give each individual strain its specific flavor and aroma profile. Do you prefer skunky, piney, citrus, earthy or floral smelling buds? You can thank terpenes for giving you that variety of choices. More and more we are finding that not only does each terpene have it’s own flavor and aroma profile, but that they also have different effects within the body. That being said, live resin manages to maintain a really beautiful terpene profile because it’s capturing the terpenes of a live plant as opposed to that of the dried and cured flowers used in most BHO concentrates.

Terpenes are incredibly temperamental, especially the lighter, aromatic ones, and can disintegrate in the drying and curing process. Live resin is a wonderful and tasty way to capture the layered flavors of the cannabis flower without losing too much in the process. Though slightly more challenging to work with, live resin is another fun new thing to try on a laundry list of awesome new products. Interested? Try Dab Labs Cinex Live Resin today!

Dab Labs Cinex and Yumberry Live Resin - $44 one gram


Rosin is a solventless concentrate that’s made just by heating and compressing hash, kief, or raw flowers from the cannabis plant. Rosin is relatively simple to make at home, requiring only some parchment paper and a hair straightener. This high potency concentrate is becoming increasingly popular because of the distinct lack of additives like butane or alcohol. It also maintains a higher level of terpenes for excellent tasting dabs.

We currently carry two tasty rosin products by Avitas: Strawberry Kush and Afghani.

Avitas Afghani and Strawberry Kush Rosin - $40 half-gram

Betsy is one of the original members of our team. An ankle injury this past winter has kept her out of the store, but she's been able to still assist us from home on some of our digital work. Get well soon Betsy, smoke the pain away!

"Tonight I'm going to review the Marionberry by Sasquatch. Great smoke, and I love the fact that the THC% has gone up in this latest batch. I got some buds with a lot of purple too! The Marionberry is smooth and relaxing, it helps me forget my ankle pain and stare off into the yard. I get an aftertaste of berry that reminds me of a blackberry fight I had when I was young. 9/10 yum yum!"

Sasquatch Cannabis Co 
Marionberry Kush
2g $31  
.5g Pre-Roll $7


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