Pineapple Chunk (i)
by Sasquatch Gardens

Reviewed by Sean, Higher Leaf Buyer

The first time I met the owners of Sasquatch Cannabis Company I felt like I had found a secret. From the beautifully crafted branding and packaging to the small batch high-end flowers, I knew that Sasquatch was something special, and Pineapple Chunk is no exception. 

Upon opening the  silver topped mason jar the pleasant aromas of pepper and citrus waft up out of the container. The flower buds are covered in long copper colored pistils which won't provide increased potency or effect but do provide a nice visual coloration to the excellent trim of the bud. The flowers themselves are a selection of green hues from emerald to lime and somewhere in between. 

I found the cure to be a tad on the dry side for my taste but not outside of acceptable in effect. The eighth I had procured contained 3 impressive nugs each over a 1 gram in size. After grinding the flowers the citrus aromas were much more pronounced, and I smelt hints of a cheesy sourness. On my first inhale the smoke felt light and easy to exhale without a cough, and a creamy aftertaste remained. 

The effect I felt first in my eyes where a pleasant pressure steadily built. A total body high followed with stress relief in my back and shoulders. The deeper indica properties of the flower soon became apparent as an overall calmness took over. However, I found that I did not lose much in the way of alertness nor did I become drowsy. I did suffer a bit in concentration as I didn't find this strain to be a good mix for work or writing reviews in particular. I'd recommend this strain for evening use as it is well suited to provide a relaxed mental outlook and pressure relieving body high without the drowsiness associated with a heavier indica.
Salish Sativas was one of the first licensed grows in the state with operations out of Bellingham, Washington. This hustling grow has increased production over the last year to remain one of the best selling brands at Higher Leaf. Their commitment to consistency and reliability mean that you can always come to Higher Leaf and find the Salish Strains you love. 
Salish Sativas' Blue Dream has been a stand out strain on the Higher Leaf menu for a very long time. Blue Dream is considered to be one of the quintessential cannabis strains providing a perfect mix of effects and properties with the help of its forebearer strains Blueberry (i) and Haze (s). The citrus notes and blueberry pairing of flavors lead into a balanced and energetic high perfect for hiking a moutain trail or melting into your couch to watch The Golden Girls. 

OG Chem enjoys a special place in the heart of the American cannabis family history, its genetic breakdown consists of a cross between two classics, Chemdawg and OG Kush. Characteristically, OG Chem is a Sativa dominant hybrid. It’s qualities include a pervasively sharp aroma, a taste consisting of a citrus like tang, with hints of an earthy pine to complete the palette. Common effects inspired by OG Chem include an added sense of physical exhilaration paired with a steady mental calm that smoothly balances both the mind and body.

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