MONDAY, MAY 16, 2016

Everything Spot bakes is hand-made from scratch in Seattle, Washington so it shouldn’t surprise you that SPOT is Washington’s largest cannabis bakery and chocolatier. But what sets them apart is their precise potencies and that they bring out underlying cannabis experience (which is why you’re eating a pot product in the first place!)

Cannabis offers a myriad of experiences and, let’s be clear here, it’s impossible to know what a “generic pot cookie” will be like unless you eat it. With SPOT they let you pick the strength PLUS the type of effect you are looking for.

SPOT offers the widest range of options for you to enjoy; from mild to robust, they make Sativa, Indica and Hybrid formats and a even a range of CBD options.

So whether you want to walk on the beach, go out to a party, or just take some time to read a book, Spot has just the right products to put you in the space you want.

Visit for more information. 

This week for Phat Panda Saturday we are pleased to showcase a classic strain of the Netherlands, Jack Herer. This phenotype has enjoyed its tenure for more than two decades as a primary component in the Dutch medical cannabis community. Winner of countless awards and notoriety within the cannabis community, Jack Herer is a rare legitimate Sativa dominant strain, a triple genetic cross consisting of a Haze hybrid, Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk.

Jack Herer has a signature fragrance and taste, it is spicy with an unusually frosty tropical after bite, a cooling effect on the throat when inhaled is produced from the strain. Benefits of this strain are numerous including treating symptoms associated with anxiety, stress and depression, as well as relief from persistent headaches.
Phat Panda Bong Buddies are 2 gram jars of popcorn nugs, or buds to small for their more top shelf offerings.
Bong Buddies are an excellent way for the more budget minded shopper to sample and enjoy some of the best cannabis grown in the state of Washington. 
Every Phat Panda Saturday look for our Mix & Match deal on our entire Bong Buddies inventory. 
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