Monday, March 14, 2016
We're continuing the celebration!

We aren't done with our Grand Opening celebration this week so look for even more specials, discounts, and mix and match deals from our family of growers and processors. 

Jackpot Seaweed - $8 grams - All Week
Zoots Edibles - 20% off all products - All Week
Methow Valley Growers - $7 Grams - Available Everyday
Monday 3/14/2016
Mt Baker Gardens - 20% off all Bubba Kush flower and 10% off their award winning Baked Cookies strain. People choice award at the 2014 Dope Cup Awards. 

Tuesday 3/15/2016 - Big Deal Tuesday
Suspended Brands - $10 grams of God Bud (Indica)
Dawg Star - Yeti OG 1g Pre-Rolls $10
Dab Lab - Mix and Match Special - Any 3 for $125
                 Regular Price - $45 each - $135
Spot Edibles - $5 Cookies 10mg

Wednesday 3/16/2016
Ionic Concentrates - 20% off all of their cartridges and concentrates. 
I was going to make these terms part of the Dope Dictionary but I have a valuable anecdote wherein an opportunity to educate resulted from a friend not knowing the difference between these 3 things:

A blunt is a hollowed out cigar that’s been refilled with ganja. Although blunt wrappers can come in a wide variety of sizes and flavors, the recommended method is to remove tobacco from a proper cigar and refill it with ground bud. The benefit of using actual cigar papers is that they burn for a long time, sometimes a half an hour or more; great for a party or to pass around with the gang. Keep in mind that blunt wrappers and cigar papers contain tobacco so if you’re especially sensitive to nicotine, you may want to stick with a joint. 

A joint is a marijuana cigarette rolled using non-tobacco papers. Also called a doobie, roach or bone, a joint can be rolled using rice papers, hemp papers or, if you’re feeling especially fancy, we carry 24 carat gold papers. If you’re new to rolling we have a simple joint roller from Zig-Zag to help get you started or, next time you get burnt by the nub of your joint, consider one of our beautiful Mystic Timber roach clips to save those fingers.

Commonly misused to refer to a joint, a spliff is actually a mix of both tobacco and bud in cigar or non-tobacco papers. Though exactly the opposite in Europe, a spliff there is a marijuana cigarette while a joint is the combo of tobacco and ganja. Everywhere it seems agreed upon though: a spliff and a joint are not the same thing.

With these terms properly distinguished, I can proceed with my story. Living in NYC at the time, I was invited to a friend’s Punch and Blunts birthday celebration which was made complete with great conversation, very strong adult fruit punch and a hot-boxed room of his apartment in Harlem. I started the party chitchatting with old friends while I enjoyed a sensible goblet (or 3) of punch before I turned my attention to toking in the bedroom. We started passing an expertly rolled blunt, which I don’t usually have a problem with, but as I took a couple pulls, I felt it immediately; that floaty, head rushy, pukey feeling that led me to ask,

“Is this a spliff?"
"A what?"
"A spliff." (Blank stares) "Is there tobacco in this?"
"Oh. Uh, yeah.”

I quickly explained the difference between a blunt and a spliff, gave my regards to the birthday boy and left the party a barfy, crossed-faded mess. I barely made it the 45 train train ride back to my apartment in Queens and attribute it to deep breathing, sincere prayer and greasy 2am french fries. That night I educated some people about proper stoner terminology and with great effort, saved the subway cleaners a spot of vomit to clean up. I even left myself a half-smoked bowl to wake up to. All in all, not a bad night.

Higher Leaf Budtender / Display Designer
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Christopher is one of our newer budtenders, but what he lacks in seniority he makes up for with happiness, Beyoncé sing-a-longs, and dank buds.

Hindu Kush by Emerald Twist produced an amazing candy flavor with hints of grape Kool-Aid or purple Pixie Stix from the first hit to the last. At 21% THC I expect people will take notice soon. The high is best described as "Floating on your own clouds through Candy Land, unable to move." I've been couch locked for about an hour. I can't remember what originally brought me down here to the living room, but it's cozy so it's Gucci."

Emerald Twist was the first Clean Green Certified grower in the state. They produce beautiful outdoor flowers of top quality and cut for a competetive price. 

Coloration - 9/10
Flavor Profile - 9/10
Effects - 9/10

Hindu Kush - Emerald Twist
$12 / 1g, $20 / 2g, $34 / 3.5g

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