MONDAY MAY 2, 2016
Cannabis was first used thousands of years ago as a medicine by the ancient Egyptians, who believed their gods came from the brightest star in the sky. They called this The Dog Star. Today we know that its actually two stars, Sirius A and B. According to the legend, a magical plant was brought down from these stars as a gift to mankind. It is believed this is the story of how cannabis got its name. Canna meaning “dog” and bis meaning “two”, the two Dawg Stars. Now thousands of years later Dawg Star will once again share cannabis with world.

The cultivation of cannabis is an art form much like brewing the perfect beer or cup of coffee. When it comes to cannabis a few things stand out above the rest, environment, nutrients, genetics and processing. The Dawg Star facility was designed to have complete control over its internal environment. This allows the Dawg Star master growers to create perfect cultivation conditions. Dawg Star went through a 12 month painstaking process to bring you one of the best grow facilities in the state. Dawg Star has incorporated vertical growing techniques to lower our carbon footprint and use organic nutrients to provide you cleaner greener cannabis.

Lizzie, who has returned to the PNW after some years away, works tirelessly to keep the staff up to date with bad puns and lots of laughter. She likes the ukulele, being on stage, and frosty buds. Lizzie contributes many articles to our newsletter as well as decorates all of our in store displays.  

"This is a review for Island Lavender from Western Cultured. This bud has a very typical lavender smell to it. It's sweet and spicy and a little something else...Maybe citrus? Perhaps a little pineapple or mango? It smokes hard and gets you high to the tips of your toes almost immediately. The calm, cool and relaxed head high couples really nicely with the warm buzzy body feeling. I haven't smoked anything from Western Cultured before that I wasn't really pleased with. They've got a good thing going."

Island Lavender - Western Cultured
1g - $16, 3.5g $50, 7g $99 
1g Pre-Rolls - $15

This week for Higher Leaf's Phat Panda Saturday, 5/7/2016, we're pleased to showcase the sativa dominant strain Space Queen from the Phat Panda farms of the Spokane Valley.

Space Queen is an impressive Sativa dominant hybrid, a result of a cross between C-99 (Cinderella 99) and Romulan, both sativa dominant strains. Originated in the lab of Vic High based out of BC, Canada, Space Queen is a heavy contender in the world of superior hybrid genetics and cannabis technology mainly due to its use as a regular by the British Colombia Grower’s Association in its many breeding projects. Its aroma like its flavor are very fruity, closest to tropical fruits. Its main uses are for sparking creativity and during the active times of the day.

Look for a 10% off all purchases of Space Queen flower jars on Saturday 5/7/2016 as well as Mix & Match specials on our vast selection of Bong Buddies (2 for $45) and Pre-Rolls (3 for $24) all day long!

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