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Lessons Learned @ 2016 USCA 

Last month, NMAC hosted the 20th United States Conference on AIDS (USCA). As NMAC’s premier conference and the largest domestic HIV/AIDS skills building conference, USCA provides a platform for the workforce within the HIV movement to converge and discuss strategies to end the HIV epidemic in America. 

Through the support of NMAC’s donors, partner organizations, constituency, and participation of federal agencies, USCA provides a space for all to learn the latest science and renew their ability to continue the struggle against HIV in communities of color and disfranchised populations. This year’s conference was no exception.

Armed with a new strategic mission and vision to urgently fight for health equity and racial justice, the 2016 USCA conference featured several new conference tracks. This included workshops, roundtables, presentations, and seminars focused on: 

  • cis & Trans Women: with an emphasis on violence and the latest advances in services for this population
  • HIV & Aging: with an emphasis on stigma
  • Race: with an emphasis on disparities and access to services 

To mark the 20th Anniversary of USCA, NMAC sought to include workshops, plenaries, and other conference programs that gave voice to the experiences and struggles of all populations impacted by HIV including African American, Native American, Caribbean, Latino, Transgender, and Sex worker communities. This goal was exemplified during the “Convergence plenary that was sponsored by Gilead Sciences, Inc. Through a host of dynamic speakers, the HIV community was urged to forge a new path that unifies efforts to end HIV in our lifetime. 

To continue in the spirit of inclusion and synergy that was generated during this year’s meeting, NMAC, continues to support its commitment to building and strengthening communities to end this epidemic.  For this reason, NMAC provides capacity building assistance on a host of subject matters that were featured in the conference lineup. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Leadership Development
  • PrEP trainings and educational workshops 
  • Capacity Building Assistance
  • Race Workshops and Cultural Competency Trainings
  • Policy Work 
  • National HIV PrEP Summit

The services are provided by NMAC through three programmatic divisions. The divisions include Capacity Building, Treatment, and Leadership Pipeline. For more information regarding NMAC’s programs and services, please visit the new website at or contact us at or

    A Member of the CBA Provider Network     

*Indirectly-funded organizations receive funds from health departments directly funded by the CDC.


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NMAC leads with race to urgently fight for health equity and racial justice to end the HIV epidemic in America. 

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