NHPS Update
Dec 3-4, 2016
San Francisco, CA

This memo will help organize your trip to the National HIV PrEP Summit (NHPS), to be held Dec 3-4, 2016 in San Francisco at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square.  Thank you for attending this inaugural meeting.  Like anything new, we are still figuring out our footing.  NHPS is about implementation science, it brings community together with researchers, healthcare providers, feds, industry partners and health departments.  Collectively our job is to bring the promise of the new science to those communities highly impacted by HIV.  

Just because it works in a lab, doesn’t mean it will work in the field. This is the start of the implementation phases for treatment as prevention (TasP) and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). Can this science bend the curve of new HIV infections when implemented on a national scale? Our new approach is very targeted, treatment focused and dependent on access to healthcare.

What seemed like a clear path in the fall has now moved. The election forces us to rethink strategies and policies for ending the epidemic. Part of the opening plenary will include an update on “Working with the Trump Administration”. The HIV community depends on government funding; we must successfully work with any new administration.

NMAC is sorry that the meeting sold-out.  We will do better next year.  This meeting is closed to press and completely off the record.  This is necessary so that we can have open discussions about the future and changes in strategies. 

Thank you lead sponsor Gilead, as well as, Levi Strauss Foundation, ViiV HealthcareTexas Health Action, Hope Clinic and Wellness Center, Walgreens, and Avita Pharmacy for their support of the Summit.

We chose San Francisco to hold the Summit because we believe SF will be one of the first cities in the US to change the nature of its epidemic and to significantly reduce the number of new infections.  Also, the contrast between San Francisco and Oakland illustrates some of the moral and ethical challenges to ending the epidemic.  What does it mean to end the epidemic in San Francisco while the virus continues to ravage Oakland? 
First Summit
This is the first Summit and we want to moderate expectations.  The election significantly changed the discussion.  The meeting is closed so that we can have meaningful discussions about difficult topics. That only works when people are willing to speak freely.  Sometimes that can be difficult to hear, so in addition to confidentiality, we are asking for respect.  This meeting is reflective of the diversity that impacts HIV; however, it is that same diversity that can sometimes mess-up communications. 
To end HIV, we cannot work in silos.  We must build bridges across communities that don’t always trust each other.  Even with the best of intentions, we can sometimes be misunderstood. Our leadership will be tested by our ability to work with people and communities that have different values and beliefs.  To be nonjudgmental and willing to consider options.  No one said ending an epidemic was going to be easy. 
Most attendees will fly into SFO or OAK airports.  BART is the cheapest way to get to the hotel, you will find instructions at the hyperlink.  When taking BART, please exit at the Powell St. station.  From there it’s a 6-minute walk to the hotel. A taxi will cost around $65.  Uber X will be about $35.

Hilton San Francisco Union Square
If this is your first time at this Hilton, be prepared for a large conference hotel that has over 1000 sleeping rooms.  The Summit is not the only large meeting at the hotel.  We are sharing the facility with a larger group.  Look for signage, our meeting happens only on the first floor by registration.  The hotel is in downtown San Francisco and close to everything you will need while in the city. 
600 Delegates
There are 600 delegates attending the Summit.  We are completely sold-out and space will be tight.  Expect some lines and when sitting in sessions, every seat will be filled so please do not leave a space between yourself and the next delegate. 
We are changing the way food will be served.  The conference will set-up “grab and go” stations.  Participants will be offered portal food, like wraps, that they can eat in the main plenary room or in special rooms that are set-up so that delegates can mingle and eat.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided on Dec 3 & 4.
The Summit tries to be greener.  We limit printed materials, give access to Wi-Fi, recycle, and don’t serve bottled water.  We’ve all been at meeting that use too much paper, promotional materials and/or conference bags that got left at the hotel.  NMAC tries to limit our footprint.  However, there will be printed copies of the Program Book and Part I of A Blueprint for Biomedical HIV Prevention.
International Delegates
There are 27 international delegates attending the Summit.  We have attendees from Europe, Africa, and India.  Please take the time to introduce yourself, for some of these attendees it is their first time in America.  On Saturday morning, there will be a special International Coffee at 7:30 AM

View the Program Book On-line

The full conference program book is now on the Summit website.  View the program book now to find the full agenda, session titles, descriptions, learning objectives and speakers. NMAC wants to thank the speakers and planning committee, they are core to this meeting. 
We will see you in San Francisco!

Download the NHPS Mobile App Now!
Not only will it have information on the Summit, but it will also be an online portal for discussions on the Summit, implementation science, and strategies for reaching the new administration. 

Yours in the struggle,

Paul Kawata
Executive Director


Our mailing address is:

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NMAC leads with race to urgently fight for health equity and racial justice to end the HIV epidemic in America. 

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