National HIV PrEP Summit Update
Dec 3-4, 2016
San Francisco, CA


The National HIV PrEP Summit (NHPS), like the logo, is a collaboration between NMAC and community-based organizations, health departments, researchers,  activists and federal agencies.  We come together to talk implementation; how to bring the promise of biomedical HIV prevention to all communities highly impacted by HIV.  Many believe/hope this could lead to pathways that end the HIV epidemic in America. 

NMAC is very sorry, NHPS is sold-out.  Since this is the first year for the meeting, it was difficult to know if folks would be interested in attending.  The community’s response has way exceeded expectations.  Since there is no All Titles Meeting or National HIV Prevention Summit scheduled in 2017, we will hold a 2017 Summit.  Next year we hope to closely collaborate with CDC and HRSA, expanding the 2017 Summit to be about biomedical HIV prevention.  Obviously, we will make sure to have a larger space.  Thank you for understanding.

NMAC wants to thank lead sponsor Gilead, and the Levi Strauss Foundation and ViiV Healthcare for their support of the 2016 Summit.  Their willingness to take a risk on a new meeting is greatly appreciated.  In fact, we want to thank everyone who decided to be part of this inaugural summit.  Joining the Summit are representatives from the White House, HHS, CDC, HRSA, SAMHSA, VA, and NIH.  The meeting would not be possible without the planning committee and NMAC staff who curated all the workshops and plenaries.  

The 2016 Summit is divided into 7 tracks: Research, Public Policy, Priority Populations, Training Programs, Educational Campaigns, Healthcare Providers, and Program Implementation. Most of the workshops are interactive training sessions; however, some are designed to elicit conversations that will form a foundation for policy recommendations for the new administration. Download the NHPS Mobile App Now!
Not only will it have information on the Summit, but it will also be an online portal for discussions on the Summit, implementation science, and strategies for reaching the new administration. 

NMAC is concerned about the racial inequity of who is on PrEP (75% of the people on PrEP are White).  Our challenge is to move beyond blame to figure out real solutions.  Right now we don’t have science on the best next steps, as a result, NMAC supports innovation that takes risks.  Staying on the current path will keep a large number of individuals and communities from benefiting from the new science.

NMAC has hired the O’Neill Institute at Georgetown Law to put together a two (2) part report, Blueprint for Biomedical HIV Prevention.  Part 1 will be released at the Summit’s opening plenary.  It is an overview of the current state of biomedical HIV prevention programs in America.  While not comprehensive, the report will look at case studies of health departments and how they are working with the community to implement the new science.  Part 2 will be a series of policy recommendations for the new administration.  Discussions about these issues will happen during the Summit.  We encourage your input and feedback.  Part 2 is not a document from the Summit.  NMAC will look for input and sign-on partners, but this document will be policy recommendations on biomedical HIV prevention that align with NMAC’s mission to lead with race to urgently fight for health equity and racial justice to end the HIV epidemic in America.
This is the first Summit and it was pulled together in 10 months.  Given that reality, please be kind and understand the limitations of a new meeting. If you are coming expecting USCA, you will be sorely disappointed.  Press are not welcome at the Summit.  The meeting is strictly off the record.  We want to have closed discussions that at times may get difficult.  The Summit will focus on implementation science for the community. Workshops and plenaries will speak primarily to community-based organizations, health departments, treatment/prevention activists and federal agencies. 
Collectively our job is to bring the promise of the new science to those communities highly impacted by HIV.  If history is any guide, we are not here to be the saviors; we are here to be the collaborators. We need to sit at the table without judgments and open to opinions that are different.  We may not all be the same, but we sure have similar goals.  All of us just want our diverse communities to live long healthy lives. 

This meeting was a collaboration between two divisions at NMAC:  Treatment & Conference
I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to these leaders who are here to help:
Tara Barnes-Darby, CMP
Director of Conferences
Phone: 202-870-0460

Alison McKeithen
Conferences Manager
Phone: 202-930-2567

Cydney Brown
Registrar & Database Coordinator
Phone: 202-302-9720

Moises Agosto
Director of Treatment
Phone:  202.836.3669

Danielle Houston
Senior Program Manager
Phone 202.853.0021

Matthew Rose
Policy & Advocacy
Phone: 202.834.1472
At this time, we don’t have all the answers.  Just a hope that maybe this time we can begin planning the final phases of the epidemic.  If we truly are closer to the end than the beginning, then our next steps will determine how long it will take.  Will we work collaboratively to create solutions that work for all highly impacted communities or will we fall back into old habits that keep us separate?  This is our test and the reason NMAC is so committed to PrEP and biomedical HIV prevention. 
Yours in the struggle,

Paul Kawata
Executive Director

Our mailing address is:

1000 Vermont Avenue, NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20005


NMAC leads with race to urgently fight for health equity and racial justice to end the HIV epidemic in America. 

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