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TREC Awarded CIHR Grant

We are happy to share the good news that our application for the INFORM project was successful at the CIHR Transitional Open Operating Grant competition. INFORM stands for Improving Nursing Home Care through Feedback on PerfoRMance Data. It will evaluate strategies to feed research findings back to care home managers in a timely and effective way. We will be testing various feedback packages to determine the strategy that fosters the best improvements and is cost-effective. The project will be carried out in nursing homes in Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba. The information developed will contribute to better care for Canadian seniors who spend their final years in nursing homes. Project details and updates will come in future newsletters.

TREC Trainee Highlights

Stephanie Chamberlain

Stephanie is a PhD student at the University of Alberta supervised by Dr Carole Estabrooks. For her PhD she is studying older adults without a family/friend legal guardian in long term care homes. Stephanie’s goal is to assess the prevalence of residents under public guardianship in Alberta long term care homes, and understand the health impact of being under public guardianship. She hopes to identify barriers and facilitators to providing care to this potentially vulnerable group of residents.

Julie Erickson

Julie is a PhD student at the University of Manitoba supervised by Dr Malcolm Doupe. For her dissertation she is studying psychosocial needs of residents with and without dementia in nursing homes. Her study will provide a comprehensive summary of the psychosocial needs that are most important to nursing home residents and the role staff play in meeting those needs. Her research will inform practices that better situate residents to meet their psychosocial needs. Julie hopes her research will prompt additional psychosocial intervention research in nursing home settings.

Nadia Reider

Nadia is a PhD student at the University of Manitoba supervised by Dr Malcolm Doupe. She is studying the prevalence of potentially avoidable emergency department visits made by nursing home residents. Her research found that the prevalence of avoidable visits ranges widely depending on the definition used. Her findings suggest that the prevalence of potentially avoidable ED visits may be lower than previously reported, highlighting the need for standard definitions. She suggests the new definition to include those residents who were: triaged as less/non urgent, had no diagnostic imaging or blood work performed, and subsequently discharged back to the nursing home.

Farewell to our Summer Students

It has been a pleasure to host these bright young scholars. They brought energy and enthusiasm to TREC. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

Huimin Hu, Leo Akioyamen, Tianyuan (April) Xiong, Sol Baik (absent Angelle Kent)

New Publications

Reliability and validity of the Alberta Context Tool (ACT) with professional nurses: Findings from a multi-study analysis

Janet Squires, Leslie Hayduk, Alison Hutchinson, Ranjeeta Mallick, Peter Norton, Greta Cummings, Carole Estabrooks

PLoS One
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Factors associated with rushed and missed resident care in western Canadian nursing homes: A cross-sectional survey of health care aides

Jennifer Knopp-Sihota, Linda Niehaus, Janet Squires, Peter Norton, Carole Estabrooks

Journal of Clinical Nursing
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Postdoctoral fellowships with TREC

View postdoctoral positions available...

TREC is looking for three postdoctoral fellows interested in working in long term care research. We invite applicants with research interests in health services research, epidemiology, nursing or a related field. We are interested in individuals with experience in quantitative analysis and working with large databases in the long term care sector. Please share the postings on your networks!

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