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TMS Regional Feedback Summits

October 9th - 26th

The TREC Measurement System (TMS) is a longitudinal observational study of front line staff in nursing homes that uses survey data and resident RAI-MDS 2.0 data to examine the connection between context (work environment), the use of best practices, and resident outcomes. TREC hosted six successful regional summits in Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba. The purpose of the summits was to share findings from Wave 1 of data collection with regional nursing home representatives, decision makers, and other key stakeholders. Over 200 participants attended the summits. Attendees were highly engaged in the round-table discussions, sharing their ideas and strategies to improve the quality of care for long-term care residents.    

Some love from our participants:
This was excellent! I have never received third-party feedback before. This is genuine and factual. Well detailed.

- Interior Health Attendee

What resonated most with me was evidence supporting improved quality [of] care with improved environment and organization culture.

- Fraser Health Attendee

This made me aware of areas I may not have otherwise realized were requiring attention. Also provided me with evidence of areas to celebrate with staff.

- Alberta North Attendee

This information allows me to go back to staff, share data and empower them to think of ways we can improve.

- Alberta South Attendee

The facility report will help focus discussion and action planning. Until now we just had an overall sense of how we were doing but didn't know where to start.

- Manitoba Attendee

Regional Leads

We are continuing to feature the TREC Regional Leads. In this issue, we focus on the two Alberta Leads.

Alberta North Regional Lead

Dr. Greta Cummings is TREC's Regional Lead Researcher for Alberta North. Dr. Cummings leads the CLEAR Outcomes (Connecting Leadership Education & Research) program, which focuses on the leadership practices of healthcare decision-maker and managers to achieve better outcomes for providers and patients. She received the Canadian Nurses Association Order of Merit for Research and was inaugurated into the Sigma Theta Tau International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame in 2015. 

Alberta South Regional Lead

Dr. Adrian Wagg is TREC's Regional Lead Researcher for Alberta South. Dr. Wagg holds the endowed research professorship in healthy aging at the University of Alberta. He's a Brit, having been in Edmonton for 5 years. His research interests are in quality improvement, knowledge translation and urinary incontinence, where he is an internationally known expert. He also likes fishing, and hopes to take up beekeeping again now that Edmonton has changed the bylaws. 
Check out the rest of the Alberta Team...

 Did you know? 

The TREC Measurement System (TMS) Project collected 4,065 health care aides surveys in Wave 1. Across all regions the majority (between 52% and 62%) of care aides were 35 to 54 years oldInterior Health had the highest percentage (29%) of care aides below 34 years of age.

Dr Baumbusch on CBC Radio

Dr. Jennifer Baumbusch, TREC's Fraser Health Regional Lead, was recently interviewed by Anna Maria Tremonti on CBC Radio's The Current addressing the concerning needs of senior care, she joined the program at 13:15.
Dr. Baumbusch also wrote a blog post about what she wanted to say on CBC but didn't get to.

Dr McGregor on CTV News

Dr. Margaret McGregor , TREC's co-investigator, was featured by CTV News discussing resident length of stay in privately-owned nursing homes.

Bringing the young and old together

Nursing homes are becoming the place for older adults and children to interact. In Edmonton and Seattle, nursing home residents and children come together in a variety of planned activities, creating positive and life-affirming interactions. Learn more about the intergenerational model in the short film, "Present Perfect" by Evan Briggs.

New Publication

Why (we think) facilitation works: insights from organizational learning theory.

Berta W, Cranley L, Dearing JW, Dogherty EJ, Squires JE, Estabrooks CA


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