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Hello, fellow readers,

It's here! I am so excited to share the new cover for The Secret Stitch.

My cover designer, Cheri Lasota of Author's Assembler, did a fantastic job. I was thrilled to find an image for the front that matched my idea of how Ailee looked, and I am so impressed how Cheri integrated the stitching from Beacham's Cowl into the background. 

Why the new cover? Originally, the idea was to show the crochet project located in the back of each book, but as I've continued writing the series, the characters of the book have become more of my focus, and I wanted to show them along with the crochet. Also, it's a thumbnail thing. The cover image has to look appealing in thumbnail size to catch a potential new reader's eye, and the former cover wasn't working out. I'm hoping this cover will be as eye-catching as it is intriguing. 

I used the excuse of a new cover to make a few edits to the book, catching (as always) some grammatical errors. It is so difficult to have a 100% clean story, but I try to get it as close as I can. I also changed the new of the series to The Donaghue Histories to reflect where I'm going with the family saga.

I was also able to update the book blurb for the new edition for The Sojourn Stitch, which, along with a cover change, will also be undergoing a title change. For both the new title and new blurb, scroll down. I'm hoping to release the new edition by the end of March/first of April. 

The Secret Stitch is available in e-book and print through Amazon. If you've already purchased the e-book, you can update your version by going into the settings and clicking "automatic updates." 

I can't wait to show you the new cover for book two.

Let me know what you think of this new cover. You can email me or post on my Facebook page. The links are below. 

Happy Reading!
~ C. Jane Reid

The Sojourners
The Donaghue
Histories Book Two

That woman will bring shame down upon us . . .
The New World is no place for a penniless widow. Elsie MacClayne’s choices are few: remain with the other Scots-Irish immigrants to become a burden on her friends or search out her cousin, Connor, who has already made Pennsylvania Colony his home. Elsie longs to make a life for herself and her unborn child, but old prejudices are still alive amongst the colonists, and she is looked upon with either pity or distrust.
What I did was inexcusable . . .
Niall Donaghue had anticipated his brother’s arrival in the New World, but he hadn’t expected Grahame to arrive with a new wife. Anger and jealousy drive him to make an unforgivable mistake that costs him not only Grahame’s trust but the chance to pursue his own hopes for the future. He is forced to set aside his own ambitions for the sake of his aunt and their livelihood.
Can Elsie find the courage to withstand the threats around her and claim her place in a foreign land? Can Niall find the will to ask for the forgiveness he longs for?
The Sojourners is the second book in the saga of the Donaghue family. Each book follows the next generation of the family against the backdrop of the developing New World and features historical detail, the evolution of crochet, and a crochet pattern by designer Laurinda Reddig.
C. Jane Reid
C. Jane Reid
Copyright © 2018 C. Jane Reid, All rights reserved.

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