Have you found The Lost Soldier yet? Book three of the Donaghue Histories is now available in print and ebook and is also up on Kindle Unlimited.

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C. Jane

Deirdre, what have you done?  

Deirdre Donaghue has led a sheltered life on Donaghue Island, surrounded by family who has no care about what happens on the mainland, even during a time of war. When three soldiers invade her isolated village, she is drawn to their leader by his quiet ways and stormy eyes. Yet their sudden appearance brings dangers to the peaceful village. 

Shawn McClaren has a secret he's unwilling to reveal, no matter how drawn he is to the spirited Deirdre. He's come too far to lose his resolve, but what he's hiding could be the beginning of uncovering a long-held mystery hiding in the village's past. 

The Lost Soldier, set in 1782 Virginia, is the third book in the saga of the Donaghue family. Each book follows the next generation of the family against the backdrop of the developing New World and features historical detail, strong women and their craftiness, and a crochet pattern by designer Laurinda Reddig. It is available on Amazon in print and ebook.
The Lola Rose Mysteries
A 1920s Cozy Mystery Series

At the end of this month, the first book in my new mystery series debuts.

Mystery at the Regal Rose Hotel

When Lola Rose checked into the Regal Rose Hotel, three events caught her quite unprepared: her widowed mother's surprise engagement to a famous London barrister, her desire to form a friendship with the cantankerous elderly woman living in the hotel's penthouse, and a dead body at the foot of the elegant sweeping staircase on the hotel's first floor. 

When a new acquaintance is charged with murder, Lola calls upon her trio of friends to clear his name. It will mean setting aside cocktail parties, night clubs, and late lie-ins, but Lola is willing to sacrifice much more to save an innocent man. Calling on her sophisticated upbringing as an Englishwoman's daughter and the Get It Done attitude taught by her Texan father, Lola will charm self-righteous hotel clerks, square off with cranky Detective Inspectors, and even tolerate a pompous German ex-officer to do what she knows is right. 


Read the prelude to the first Lola Rose Mystery,
Lola and the Secret at the Regal Rose Hotel,
in the short story collection, New Year's Madness.
Coming in April!

Book Four of the Donaghue Histories

I was twelve when I first heard the name Guthrie . . .

Hollis Donaghue has been on the long hunt all his life, and he’s thinking maybe he should settle down. Before he can, he’s accused of killing a man. He turns to a person he trusts, widow Bea Confer, but will he bring danger to her doorstep? No matter how readily she can bring that pistol of hers to bear, Hollis doesn’t want to put the woman he’s come to care for at risk.

Wanted for murder and pursued by an unknown foe, Hollis Donaghue sets off on his own along the traces of Kentucky in an attempt to draw out his enemies. He is confident in his skills as a woodsman and in the crafts his parents taught him, but is it enough? Or has he put the people he loves in more danger by setting off alone? 

The Kentuckian is set in 1836 Kentucky and follows the son of Deirdre and Shawn. As with all the Donaghue Histories, it features historical details, strong characters, and a crochet pattern by designer Laurinda Reddig.
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