June 2019 Newsletter

"Many faces, one voice" above collage - was created by AJ Jakubowska to capture our June newsletter's theme of what is new, and what is happening at FDRIO.  


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Note From Our Chair

Neil Maisel

Our Board and volunteers have been very active in the last 6 months.  First, we welcome our new Director Mary Lee. Mary brings a wealth of experience, including as a former Director of Operations at the Ministry of the Attorney General Executive Director of Local Planning Appeal Support Centre. 
FDRIO representatives attended and exhibited at the AFCC Conference and at the ADRIO Conference, in May and June .  Both conferences were in Toronto this year, so many Toronto members were also in attendance. These events were great exchanges in collegiality and networking. We welcome suggestions from our membership for other conferences we may wish to participate in.
Plans for our own Conference on November 18, 2019 at the Novotel are well underway.  Registration is now open and more details will be coming soon!
Our Sections have been very active, particularly the Mediation, Arbitration, Parenting Coordination and Family Violence sections. Updates from sections can be found later in the newsletter.

We are excited by the launch of our new members portal features— section chats, members calendar of events and enhanced profile. We urge all members to check it out by logging into their profiles. Make sure to update your profile and add a photo ...before we do it for you  :)

We are working on establishing a relationship with the Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators (CBV). We are hoping to do a joint webinar to get that relationship rolling. And our partnership with Family Mediation Canada continues to generate opportunities for both organizations. We also are continuing to meet with other DR organizations in an effort to create more benefits for our members. 
We continue to support the development of the LIZ Portal — launching this month for Ontarians going through separation and divorce.  The portal is designed to offer consolidated access to services, and will have a strong focus on ADR. 
Our webinars continue to be top quality with steadily increasing attendance. If you have a great webinar idea, let us know.
In short—your Board of Directors is working hard to bring our members value.
Feel free to send me any suggestions you have at: neil.maisel@crowesoberman.com and thank you for supporting FDRIO!

What’s New?

Love is in the Air!

The long road to the NBA finals captivated our city, country and eventually, the world, and we were right there all the way. 

Those of us watching in public places witnessed hundreds of strangers, of all cultures and identities, singing together rousing and spontaneous rounds of “O Canada”. 

The warmth and kinship shared so freely was rare and beautiful.
FDR professionals believe in all things positive, hopeful, collaborative and welcoming.

We are inspired by these young men, our Raptors, and thank them for this moment.

  Our Members Report on the AFCC’s 56th Annual Conference in Toronto

Laura Bradford

Congratulations to AFCC for a great conference in Toronto in May. FDRIO had a blast as an exhibitor. The AFCC provided a fabulous 4-day program for conference - goers. We were excited to meet so many people, to make connections, talk about what our great organization has to offer, and to talk about our own Conference in November. We were very happy to see so many repeat visitors but we suspect that was the Jube Jubes!!

FDRIO donated a Raptors jersey to the live auction to help raise $210 for the AFCC Conference Scholarships and raffled off another one to a lucky conference attendee, Chris Jones from Boise, Idaho USA (pictured above holding her jersey!) All in all, what a great Conference experience!

Laura Bradford is the Secretary for FDRIO's Board of Directors.  Laura is a mediator and parenting coordinator at Summit Mediation Group in Newmarket, ON.

Paul Brown

The lights have gone dim. The crowds have dispersed. The participants have all gone back to their everyday lives. The annual Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) 2019 conference in Toronto, Ontario has wrapped. But instead of just slipping back into our pre-conference routines, it's time for reflection. It's time to look back on what we learned, and time to see if there are ways to improve the services we provide to families in need.

Since 2011, I have only missed two AFCC annual conferences. Why do I keep going? Well, because I'm always looking for a gem; something that I can instantly take away and implement into my own practice. The first gem I picked up was in 2011. It completely transformed my practice and started me on the path to a child-inclusive process. The two thousand and nineteen conference was no different because we were introduced to a rare jewel indeed: The Honourable Claire L'Heureux-Dubé.

Justice L'Heureux-Dubé showed us once again that to best serve our families, we need to think outside the box and be creative. Her creativity is demonstrated by the fact that over time, several of her dissent decisions have become law. Justice L'Heureux-Dubé also showed us that no matter our age or profession, we can remain humble, laugh at ourselves, and not take ourselves too seriously. If you got nothing else out of this year's AFCC conference, I hope you at least left with that gem.

If not beforehand, see you in May 2020 in New Orleans!

Paul Brown, HonBSc, AccFM, CP Med. is an author and has been a private practice Family Mediator since 2009. He also has designations as a Family Professional in Collaborative Practice, Child Protection Mediator (including Specialist in Openness Adoption Mediation), and a Family Group Decision-Making Coordinator. Paul is a former Child Protection Worker, and has extensive experience working with families engaged in high conflict.


Cut to Legal Aid Ontario Budget

Anne Marie Predko

On April 11th, as part of the provincial government’s budget announcement, about 30% of Legal Aid Ontario’s budget was cut and the impact of this cut will be felt across the justice system. To put the amount in perspective, the government cut $133M from a provincial contribution of $456M.  In particular, the provincial government directed LAO to stop spending provincial funds on refugee and immigration legal services. 
Some of the most vulnerable clients found themselves caught in a federal/provincial dispute about who should provide them with legal assistance. And the Ford government was clear that these cuts were just the beginning: the Attorney General, Caroline Mulroney has signalled clearly that they anticipate further “efficiencies” from LAO  in future fiscal years.  Community legal clinics, and specialty clinics who provide advocacy and test case support across the province, say they are vulnerable because their mandate is to support those in poverty, like social assistance recipients, often to challenge government and business interests. 
As we approach summer, the depth and breadth of these cuts are being felt across the justice system.  In early June LAO’s Board  announced their proposed plans to implement the cuts. The agency plans to find efficiencies in the independent community clinic system of about $16M. On June 11, several press outlets reported that lawyers will no longer be able to get a certificate to represent clients in bail hearings. In addition, and in particular interest to family dispute professionals, clients can no longer get a certificate to support mediation, or enter into a separation agreement.  The number of hours for many other services where cut in half or decreased substantially.
In addition, the government has announced an internal government review which is to be completed before the next provincial budget.  It seems unlikely we have heard the end of the story on LAO cuts.

Anne Marie Predko is a Toronto Mediator at Round Table Mediation (https://roundtablemediation.ca). Anne Marie has started a new mediation practice after an executive career in government.


The Mentor Hotline!

Q- If You Have Problem, Who You Gonna Call?
A- The Mentor Hotline

Have you ever needed to call a senior practitioner for advice on a procedural, substantive, tactical or ethical issue? FDRIO members will now have the opportunity to obtain free, timely and confidential answers to these questioners from leading practitioners in mediation, arbitration and parenting co-ordination. You can email your questions to our Mentor Hotline and expect a reply within 48 hours.

For further details email info@fdrio.ca.


FDRIO Wishes You a Happy Pride Month!!


Don’t Miss our Conference Monday, November 18!


Novotel Toronto Centre Hotel

45 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON 
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Cocktail Reception 4:45 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

This year is FDRIO’s 5th anniversary. To celebrate, we have put together another outstanding conference, and we expect another sold-out day of learning, networking and fun.
As another decade closes, we reflect on the changes that have shaped our new, exciting FDR landscape and prepare for further change ahead. Join us as we explore advancements in technology that support FDR; innovations that bridge access to justice and evolving research that demonstrates the impact of mental health issues on our clients and their families. 
Learn about the proposed changes to the Divorce Act and how they will impact you as an FDR professional, among many other outstanding topics. Click here for full conference details.

This year’s conference will be extra special - it's our 5th birthday!

Please celebrate with us!



November 18-22, 2019


FDR Week has events and activities addressing all aspects of separation. The public can find about available process options, together with the emotional, financial and legal impacts of separation on parents and on children.
FDR professionals can learn more about important developments, including the views of the child, changes and trends in family law, process option updates, effects of high conflict on children, navigating through the family court system, domestic violence, access to justice, and more.
During FDR Week family service providers can either attend or sponsor, organize and host a local event or activity in the form of information sessions, round table discussions, workshops and educational forums. If you are a professional involved in some capacity with separating couples, you do not want to miss out on FDR week.
For more information contact Marie Nickle at info@marienickle.com.
Disclaimer: All information provided at ADR Week events is general information only and not specific to any individual’s circumstances. The attending professionals are able to provide information only and are not able to provide ‘legal advice’ to anyone attending an FDR Week event.

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Divorce Act Amendment Pass Out of the Senate

Anne Marie Predko

Many of us in the negotiation and collaboration areas of practice have known for a long time that the terms “custody” and “access” can sound like winner and loser to some separating parents.  In May 2018, the federal government decided to propose changes to the Divorce Act that would eliminate these terms and embrace the concepts of parenting time and decision making responsibility.

On June 18, Bill C-78, that sets out these changes, passed out of the Senate without major amendments. This passage sets the stage for the Bill to become law in Canada. But the changes will not come into force until a future date.  Of course family courts administrators need time to revise court forms and rules, and educate the judiciary, lawyers and the public about these changes.

Read the full commentary on FDRIO's website here

Anne Marie Predko is a Toronto Mediator at Round Table Mediation (www.roundtablemediation.ca). Anne Marie has started a new mediation practice after an executive career in government.

Compare and Contrast: The Conference System vs. Mediation

Shmuel Stern

I have a ‘thought exercise’ for you. It arises from a recent judicial comment made at a trial management conference reported at Diamond v. Berman, 2019 ONSC 2915~10 (CanLII):
The husband has conflated the conference process with mediation and while the former is purposed, as FLR 17(8) mandates, to explore, help settle and to streamline the litigation process, it is not mediation, a critical distinction.
So, here’s the question: How is the conference system different from mediation?
Read the full commentary on FDRIO's website here

Shmuel Stern practices family law at Boulby Weinberg LLP in Toronto. You can follow his feed of curated Ontario case law at www.twitter.com/corollaryrelief   


Nathalie Bertin

June’s featured art and artist are a tribute to National Indigenous History Month.
The piece is by Nathalie Bertin and it is called “Rise.Love.Heal.Celebrate!”

FDRIO thanks Nathalie, sincerely, for the opportunity to feature her work.
Read more about Natalie on her website www.NathalieBertin.com


After 19 years on the Bench (with the Superior Court of Justice), the now-retired Cliff Nelson provides us with commentary on developments in law relevant to FDR.  Thank you, Cliff!  


Choose Your ADR Process Wisely

The case of Lobranova v. Grynyshyn 2019 ONSC 3064 may well be authority for the principle that you cannot have your cake and eat it at the same time. This recent decision by Justice F. Myers prevents a party from abandoning arbitration for a court process after arbitration has been the process chosen by the parties.
This is not a family law case , but family law lawyers, mediators and arbitrators will be all too familiar with its factual scenario. One side sues the other over the proceeds of the sale of a property of about 2.4 million dollars. During the court process the property is sold and, on consent, the proceeds are paid into court. Both parties then decide to submit the case to arbitration with respect to all issues including the matter of ownership (both legal and equitable) an accounting for construction expenses, and the question of HST and HST filings.
Read the full commentary on FDRIO's website here

Voice of the Child Report for Very Young Children


It is generally thought that a Voice of the Child Report should only be ordered for older children. In ascertaining the views and wishes of a child, the older the child is, the more weight is given to this evidence.
In Canepa v. Canepa, 2018 ONSC 5154,  Justice F. Kiteley ordered a Voice of the Child Report for two children, one aged 8 years, and the other five months shy of 7 years. Kiteley, J. found that she had jurisdiction to do so under the Family Law Rules (Rule 20.1 (3) )which gives the Court authority to appoint an expert to enquire into and report on a question of fact relevant to an issue in the case. The Court points out that the Office of the Children’s Lawyer provides Voice of the Child Reports in appropriate cases for children over 7 years of age. The expert proposed worked for the OCL and had experience preparing such reports.
Read the full commentary on FDRIO's website here

Summer Break

The work you do is, at times. very difficult. You need some time off to recharge the batteries. Summer is here: I wish you all a happy, healthy, safe and relaxing time. Enjoy!
...The next edition of “Cliff's Notes” will appear in September

Our FDRIO Sections are ACTIVE and looking for you!

Consider joining soon and take the opportunity to learn, share and cross-pollinate ideas with professionals in your field!

Login to your member profile page and chat with other members about news and case law. Ask your colleagues questions. Find out how to join the next “Zoom” section meeting. Search for a mentor— all in our member section.


As the new chairs of the Arbitration section of FDRIO, we invite you to a web meeting scheduled for July 9th, 2019 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
For this first meeting, we would like to discuss whether as a section we want to produce a standardized form of arbitration agreement for use by our members.  We believe this could be a helpful tool, especially for those who have only recently decided to arbitrate and also to attempt to keep pace with any new issues that arise in the jurisprudence.  In advance of the meeting, we ask that interested parties consider sending us their own form of agreements.  We will circulate our own drafts for your consideration and discussion.
In addition, we welcome any other ideas for suggested topics at this meeting or future meetings.
Please join us in our inaugural call, by getting in contact with Judith at jnicoll@mcinnisandnicoll.com.  We look forward to working with you. 



Next date TBA


Family Violence

This section meets the first Friday of each month at 10:00 am.

The Department of Justice is piloting a screening tool: we'd like to pilot it too! Register to give us your feedback!
The Department of Justice will be piloting a screening tool for family law lawyers. FDRIO is inviting its lawyer members to use the screening tool and provide feedback to the FVS. The feedback received informs our advocacy initiatives and helps shape the services we provide to our members. If you are interested in providing feedback please email raheena@dahyalaw.com to receive further information. If you simply wish to review or use the tool without providing feedback, it can be accessed here at Appendix B, pg. 89. 
The MASIC 4 is Out!
The MASIC 4 was published in March 2019. If you have questions, or would like a copy, please e-mail raheena@dahyalaw.com for further information and to provide feedback on the new MASIC tool.  ...it is also posted in our section chat.
Explaining Mediation in the Context of Family Violence
Wondering how to explain the pros and cons of mediation where family violence is present? Check out Pamela Cross's blog post on mediating family law matters when family violence is an issue.


The Finance Section is continuing to evolve. In view of the nature of the varied participants of the section (Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFA), Chartered Business Valuators (CBV), Actuaries, Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA’s), etc.) an effort is being made to ensure that the section will meet the needs of all of its members.
We are working towards a Financial Family Law Designation to match the FDRP designation we have created for Mediators, Arbitrators, and Parenting Co-ordinators.
We are working with the CBV Institute and hoping to work with the IDFA Institute to determine criteria for a designation.
There will be a first meeting/call set up in the near future to discuss the various wants and needs of the members.


The mediation section meets regularly as noted below. Please check the chat feature on your member profile page and post your questions and comments that you would like addressed in meetings.
Meeting dates: 3rd Wednesday of the month, 5 pm, by Zoom.

The mediation section is focusing its energies on improving marketing and mentoring for students and new mediators. We welcome suggestions from members about what they would find helpful. Planning for our mentoring program is underway and experienced mediators are invited to offer their support to new colleagues.
The other key issue raised was access to meaningful, affordable, quality and effective experience and supervision. We invite suggestions from the membership as to how we can improve the current 100 hours of supervised experience requirement. Please join our next call.


Parenting Coordination

Co-chairs Jared Norton and Elizabeth Hyde met via zoom call on June 4 with a small group of section members.
Prior to the call, survey results indicated the membership of this section is comprised of both lawyers and mental health professionals and an equal number of members are experienced or have no experience. The survey also indicated the topics members wished to cover were spread on a wide continuum from developing a PC practice to dealing with the significant challenges of this practice. Based on the above, the 1-hour long meeting focused on the new professionals for the first half of the call and the challenges aspect for the second half.
One of the issues concerning those who have not started practicing was a way to gain experience with a more experienced PC. Although there are a few practices that allow observers, it was suggested that a list be developed of those experienced PCs who would provide some informal mentorship.
The next meeting date will be in September but look for the call for mentors' on the member portal.


Conflict Management in Family Businesses

with Phil Kriszenfeld, BA, Q.Med, FEA

Thursday, June 27, 2019
12:00 to 1:00 p.m.

Description: Family Business represents over 80% of all businesses in Canada.  The cross over between effective operations of the business when combined with the always present family dynamics can create multiple layers of complexity that are often not well managed. The reasons are varied and unique.  Certain challenges surround the next generation and whether or not they are truly entrepreneurial or perhaps suffer from an extreme sense of entitlement.  This webinar will explore the intersection of Family and Business and the potential conflicts that will need to be managed.

This month's webinar is FREE to FDRIO Members, $25 for non-members;  non-members, attend only 6 of our 12+ webinars and your membership is PAID for! 
Members Register for June Webinar for FREE
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Save theses Dates for Upcoming FDRIO Noon-Hour Webinars

Developing Your Mediator Survival Kit

with Marc Bhalla 

July 29, 2019

Bill C78: Implications for the Practice of Family Law

with Desmond Ellis

August, 2019

Separate registration links will be provided closer to theses webinar dates. 

FDRIO Members Catch-Up on What You Might Have Missed!

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March 2018 - Trina McGuirk, Emotional Harm to Children and Youth in Custody/Access Cases

April 2018 - Neil Maisel, Tips and Traps in Preparing Form 13.1

May 2018 - Lorne Wolfson, Family Trusts in Family Law

September 2018 - Natalie Armstrong-Motin, Strategic Marketing for Mediators

October 2018 - Gene Colman, Equal Shared Parenting

November 2018 - Atrisha Lewis, Eliminating Bias in the Family Practice Context

January 2019 - Neil Maisel and Matthew Krofchick, Pre-tax Corporate Income

February 2019 - Lorne Wolfson,Family Law Planning for the Modern Family

April 2019 - Ian M. Hull and Nick Esterbauer, Capacity Considerations in Family Law

April 2019 - Marianne Cuhaci, Unique Challenges Faced by PCs

May 2019 - John-Paul Boyd, Family Lawyers' Views of FDR Processes


Upcoming Fall Courses
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FDRP Certification – Change to Application Requirements!


FDRIO continues to provide the highest standard for professional certification in Ontario. Effective June 1st, FDRIO no longer requires applicants to provide redacted Mediation Summary Reports (MSR) as part of their application. This change ensures the privacy of our clients! We have provided a NEW guidance document for supervisors to inform the letter that they will provide to the applicant. Additionally, at the time of submitting the application, the applicant will receive a factum assignment. These measure will ensure that the Certification Committee can make good decisions about certification.


Newly Approved Courses


Dr. Barbara Fidler’s Parenting Coordination: Advanced Applications course has now been approved as counting towards 10 hours of required practical experience for an FDRP PC.  This course is next offered on May 7 & 8th, 2020


FDRIO to offer a 21 Hour Simulated Practical Experience/Intensive Course

Only FDRIO offers students 21 hours of experiential learning that counts towards your FDRP Med. * Designation.  Experienced trainers and coaches!
Approved by Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General for Court-Connected Mediation Services
Dates: November 19, 20 & 22 2019
Times: 9 am-5 pm 
Cost: $450 plus HST per person, lunch included
Place: Law Society of Ontario, 130 Queen St. West, Toronto. 
Upper & Lower Barristers Lounges

Spaces are Limited - Registration details to be provided soon



  • Don’t forget to check your calendar, in the portal, for a full schedule of upcoming events. 

  • Want to have your course approved or listed on our calendar? Contact training@fdrio.ca

  • Have a question for our trainers? Visit the chat feature on your member page. 

Family Relations

Family Mediation Training Ontario
September 16-18, 2020


Dr. Linda Ennis
September 18-20, 2019

Basic Family Mediation Theory & Skills

Humber College
The Alternative Dispute Resolution Graduate Certificate Program
September 2019 start

Family Mediation Training Ontario
September 23-24, October 15-17, 2019

Riverdale Mediation
November 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 2019


Advanced Family Mediation Skills

Family Mediation Training Ontario
October 28-30, 2019


Family Law

Cooperative Solutions
Online Only
30 hours required for accreditation



Riverdale Mediation

September 19, 20, 23, 24, 2019


Family Mediation Training Ontario
October 21-22, & 24-25, 2019


Screening for Power Imbalances & Family Violence

Family Mediation Training Ontario
October 2-4, 2019

Riverdale Mediation
October 21, 22, 23

Basic PC Skills

Riverdale Mediation
September 12, 13, 2019

Arbitration Law and Skills

Family Mediation Training Ontario
September 4-6, 9-10

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AP Valuations Limited

AP Valuations Limited is a boutique firm specializing in business valuations, litigation support, financial consulting and mediation.  ap Valuations was founded by Vivian Alterman and Martin Pont in 2003.  Since then our firm has grown and all our partners have extensive experience in assisting clients and lawyers in a wide range of financial engagements that include matters relating to family law, estate planning, shareholder disputes, shareholder buyouts, corporate reorganizations, restricted stock valuations and income determinations.

For more information: www.apval.ca


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In our day-to-day lives, we learn so much as FDR practitioners. Your experiences, thoughts and comments are of interest to other members of the FDRIO community. If you have an interesting story to share, or an article/case that you would like to comment on, please submit them to members@fdrio.ca. We look forward to receiving your stories, case comments and case studies!

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