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News 09/16

A note from the Deputy Coordinator

This Autumn is a very busy time for the BigDataEurope project - all seven societal workshops are being organised in the space of 3 months, between the end of September and the start of December. The highlight of the workshops is the showcasing of the first pilot prototypes, through which the audience can get a realistic feel of the open-source technological stack's capabilities. The participants are therefore also given an opportunity to further influence the design of the underlying Big Data Platform, whose first public release has been announced over the Summer.
For those that are not able to join the physical workshops, we continue offering regular online hangouts and webinars providing


insights into our big data platform and previews of the latest pilot prototypes.Please find out more about all our planned events in our website. 

Meanwhile the project activities and efforts carried out so far have been validated at the mid-term project review, which took place in September. The project is on track to reach the stipulated objectives, the main one being that of reducing the entry level to the deployment and use of big data technology for various needs in various domains. The project consortium looks forward to achieving more success, for which your continued interest and participation as a stakeholder is key! 

Release 1.0
Big Data Europe Platform released!

We are pleased to announce the first public release of the open source BigDataEurope Platform. This platform is designed to help communities to solve societal challenges and problems by accelerating the process of getting started with the big data technology-zoo.The BDE platform released today, is an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use and adaptable (cluster-based and standalone) platform for running big […]

BDE vs. other Hadoop Distributions

A question, frequently asked in Big Data meetups is, How does BDE differ from other Hadoop distributions. Well, the most succinct answer the to question is that BDE is flexible and easy to use. This could be a nice explanation but it does not really satisfy the interrogator. I take this opportunity to explain the […]

SC4 Transport
Crowdsourced public transport works and we need more of it

Crowdsourcing is one of the best things that happened to humanity in the past years. Because two heads are better than one, hearing more voices triggers new perspectives, and taking ownership is a good thing. It’s no wonder Airbnb, Waze, Wikipedia or Kickstarter are such a hit that even countries are tapping in with crowdsourced […]

SC1 Health
Installing and Running the First BDE Health Pilot

This blog post is written by Ronald Siebes and Victor de BoerAs previously announced, the pilot implementation for the Big-Data-Europe platform for Societal Challenge 1 (the Health domain) facilitates the Open PHACTS discovery Platform functionality.  The Open PHACTS platform is built for researchers in Drug Discovery. It uses databases of physicochemical and pharmacological properties stored […]

Tech Insight
Benchmarking Semantic Query Processing from Real-World Pharmacological Workflows

In the Big-Data-Europe project, the technical infrastructure is based on requirements and insights from the seven societal domains. A nice example in which domain-specific insights can be used to test generic infrastructures is found in the Health domain. For measuring the performance of Semantic Web query processing platforms, query benchmarksare needed. Current benchmarks [...]

Meet our team!
Events, Workshops and Conferences

2nd Workshop: Big Data for Food and Agriculture 
Brussels, September 30

Taking the opportunity of the DG AGRI “Digitising the Agri-food Sector” workshop that takes place on September 28th-29th in Brussels, we are organizing on the following day a meeting that will bring together representatives of key agri-food data-related initiatives worldwide with representatives of relevant and interested EC Units.

2nd Workshop: Societal Challenge Secure, Clean and Efficient energy
Brussels, October 4, 10:00-15:00 CET

Big Data Europe consortium schedules the second workshop on big data in the energy sector on the 4th of October, 2016 in Brussels. This workshop will provide a key opportunity for stakeholders in the energy sector to be updated on the latest developments related to BigDataEurope’s platform and pilot cases, influence its design and propose […]
2nd Workshop: Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency
Brussels, October 11, 09:00 CET

The aims of this workshop are to present the 1st use-case pilot and to introduce the outline and planning for the 2nd pilot, while encouraging active participation by EC officials, scientists and stakeholders. The workshop is independently co-located with a conference organised by the EC project Melodies on “Exploiting Open Data”. [...]

2nd Workshop: Big Data in Secure Societies
Brussels, October 18, 09:30 - 16:30 CET

The workshop will address a wide audience comprising key stakeholders, data users and service providers from a variety of domains in Secure Societies such as Space & Security and Cybersecurity. By dedicated interactive sessions on specific topics, the workshop aims to [...]

2nd Workshop: Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing
Brussels, October 19

Our aim for this workshop is to highlight progress from the BigDataEurope project in building the foundations of a generically applicable big data platform which can be applied across all Horizon2020 societal sectors. This workshop will focus on health, and showcase our first pilot applied to early bioscience research data.Health is a large domain with […]
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