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The Muslim Vote

On 7 May 2015 British voters will participate in one of the most keenly contested General Elections in a generation. Like their fellow citizens, British Muslims – many of whom will be voting for the first time – have the opportunity to make a real difference in their country’s future.   

The Muslim Council of Britain strongly encourages British Muslims to register to vote by 20th April 2015. If you haven't registered, you will not be able to vote on May 7th. This is about your future, and a chance for change . No one likes to be ignored, register to vote now, so you can have your say.

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Register to Vote

Why should I vote?

Fairness, Not Favours: British Muslim Perspectives at the 2015 General Election

Based on consultations amongst its affiliate network and with focus groups conducted in various UK regions, the Muslim Council of Britain has produced a document entitled 'Fairness, Not Favours' which gives voice to the whole range of principles, ideas and concerns that British Muslims will have, not merely for their own interests, but for the common good of our shared future. You can download the publication here.

See below the consensus view of the top ten key pledges British Muslims seek from their prospective parliamentary candidates:

British Muslims in Numbers - New Report
New Report by the MCB - The Most Definitive Data Analysis yet of Muslims in the UK

On 11th February 2015, the Muslim Council of Britain launched its new report that offers the most definitive data analysis yet of Muslims in the United Kingdom. Entitled ‘British Muslims in Numbers: A Demographic, Socio-economic and Health profile of Muslims in Britain’, the study is a frank snapshot of the state of British Muslim life based on numbers taken from the 2011 Census.

While the report charts how Muslims have increased in number from 1.55 million in 2001 to 2.71 million in 2011, Muslims still comprise less than 1 in 20 of the overall population.

The report reveals that the overwhelming majority of Muslims (73%) see their foremost national identity as British. 33% of the Muslim age profile were under 15, conveying a youthful population which is a strategic asset at a time when the general proportion of senior citizens is increasing.

You can find out more and download the full report here.
Letters to Editors

  • Following an incendiary front page article by The Times on the topic of Grooming, the MCB wrote to The Times stating that 'the crass choice of headline associating the Muslim faith with such vulgar crime and abuse is unsupported by evidence and is insulting to their victims and people of faith'. The Times did publish the letter, though not the full version. See the original, unedited letter here.
  • The Muslim Council of Britain also wrote to the Daily Telegraph to set the record straight following criticism made of the organisation by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. The Telegraph has since, published an apology in their paper and have added a correction to the original article. You can see the MCB's original letter here.
Upcoming Programme
Apply for the Leadership Development Programme 2015!

The Muslim Council of Britain is pleased to present the 13th Leadership Development Programme which will take place this year between 2nd - 4th October and 6th-8th November 2015.

The programme aims to develop leadership capacity across the Muslim communities in Britain.

You can find out more here. If you would like to apply, please fill in this form by 10am Monday, 31st July 2015.
2015 - Some of Our Work so Far

* Visit My Mosque Day

The Muslim Council of Britain facilitated the launch of a national #VisitMyMosque initiative on Sunday 1st February 2015, encouraging  mosques and Islamic centres to reach out to fellow Britons to ease tensions following the attacks in Paris. You can read more about it here.  

* Counter Terrorism and Security Act

The MCB believes that the CTS Act, as it currently stands, runs the risk of, at best being ineffective in its aim of keeping our nation safe, and at worst counter-productive. As a result, the MCB has done significant work to change key parts of the Bill by responding to the Home Office's consultation, engaging with MPs to raise our concern with the Home Office, and had meetings and phone calls with the lead Peers on this Bill across all three main parties, as well as a number of other key Lords. Many areas of concern do remain. Where possible, do engage with your local MP and let them know your views on the Bill. Click here for more details. You can view MCB's work on this on the run up to the CTS Act.

* Responding to the Paris Attacks

The attacks on French journalists and French Jews in Paris in January shocked everybody, not least Muslims around the world. The Muslim Council of Britain condemned the atrocities in the strongest possible terms; spoke out in solidarity with the Jewish community who felt their loss; and organised interfaith unity events in London and Manchester.  

In addition, the MCB spoke out against the publication of further cartoons depicting our beloved Prophet, and published an unprecedented joint statement by British imams stating that the best way to defend his honour was to exemplify his ideals. At the same time, the MCB lobbied and was in touch with authorities to monitor and challenge the subsequent rise of attacks against Muslims . 

These horrific attacks heightened tensions against Muslims and the MCB ensured that the mainstream Muslim opposition to such atrocities were heard loud and clear.

This is why the MCB also challenged a letter issued by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles. As per the headline from a Sunday Telegraph report, the letter seemed to suggest that extremism took place at British mosques. The Secretary General of the MCB responded by saying the letter could have been worded differently at such a critical time.

See more

*Religious Slaughter - The Debate
*Chapel Hill Murders - Our Response
*MCB's Pledge for the 'Stop, Look and Listen' campaign by NCVYS

Welcome to New Affiliates

Somali Bravanese Welfare Association

Muslim Women’s Council

British Islamic Medical Association

MCB invites you to affiliate your organisation!

If your organisation is not already affiliated to the MCB and you can confirm that it is a Muslim organisation which has been in existence for at least a year, has a governing document, affirms faith in the Oneness of Allah and belief that Muhammad (saw) is the final messenger, please download the Affiliation Form, fill in and send back to us.

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*Muslim Vote
*British Muslims in Numbers Report
*Register for MCB's LDP Programme
*MCB AGM Notice
*MOU on safeguarding
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Introducing the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB)

Video: About MCB

The Muslim Leadership Dinner 2015

18th March 2015, London Marriot Hotel, Grosvenor Square

'Looking Forward to a Better Britain'

18th March 2015, London Marriot Hotel, Grosvenor Square

"We must move from an overly negative portrayal of the Muslim community and celebrate the massive contribution to making this country what it is - in finance, in law, in sport and in business, because that contribution is immense in all of those fields." 

RT Hon. Andy Burnham MP Secretary of State for Health

"I think we in the media have plenty to think about in regard to our reporting of events...the Trojan Horse allegations...had much more to do with administrative confusion than it had anything to do about radicalisation, and yet the media gave the original story very much more coverage than of course the findings of the report. I think we have to be more even handed in the way in which we approach these things."

Jon Snow
Channel 4 News
Listen to the speeches and view more pictures here

AGM 2015

Eighteenth Annual General Meeting & Convention

A note for your diary! The MCB's AGM will be held on Sunday 7th June in Birmingham. The MCB office has despatched venue details, delegate forms and affiliation fee requests to all affiliates. The programme includes reports from office bearers, review of activities, workshops and a guest lecture. For details contact


Memorandum of Understanding on Safeguarding

On 27th March 2015, the MCB and the National Council of Voluntary Youth Services (NCVYS) officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to formalise a unique new partnership where Muslim Communities across England are supported to better engage with Safeguarding issues for children and young people. Muslim communities will now have better access to resources and networks to lead development of their own best practice in Safeguarding. Read more here.

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