Hello everyone, it's your friendly independent author! There were a fistful of Cons from June-July.  Here's the news and the drawing results from all of them.  No animals were harmed in the production of this e-mail. Ask your reader's group if James Young is right for you.  If you suffer a nightmare from James Young lasting more than 4 hours, please let your bartender know right really need to lay off the hard stuff.
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Greetings Everyone!

I can't get a Con AAR or sequel done to save my life...

...but by God I'm going to let you gamblers know how the raffle turned out!  Whether in St. Louis, Hutchinson, or Chattanooga, it was great seeing everyone again.  Without further ado...

Libertycon—The winner of the Libertycon drawing was Mr. Jacob Holowach.  As indicated on his drawing sheet, Mr. Holowach will now be the namesake of the C.S.S. Jacob Holowach, a Rescorla-class destroyer that will be featured in the upcoming novel Though Our Hulls Burn.  The background for the C.S.S. Jacob Holowach is as follows:

C.S.S. Jacob Holowach (3051)—Named for Confederation mecha pioneer Jacob Holowach.  Employed by Kawamori Industries, Holowach was the chief test pilot for the Kaiju-class mecha.  Credited with many of the design suggestions which made the Kaiju Mark I successful during the Titanic Incident (3050), Holowach was again designated the primary test pilot for the Kaiju Mark II upgrades.  During weapons testing on 31 December 3050, Holowach’s Kaiju suffered a catastrophic thruster failure due to a meteor impact, leading to the misdirection of thrust into the mecha’s forward weapons bay.  Hollowach did not survive the subsequent explosion.

Fear the Boot Con—The winner of the Fear the Boot Con drawing was Jennifer Smith-Zempel.  After some initial indecision, Ms. Smith-Zempel asked to be surprised…and decided that she’ll be a character in the upcoming novel Collisions of the Damned.  Really appreciate her coming all the way over from the Northwest for Fear the Boot Con and snagging a book.

Smallville Con—Holy smokes a lot of people entered the Smallville Con drawing.  You’d have thought I was giving away free swigs from Fountain of Youth bottled water or something.  Thanks everyone for the awesome turnout and support.  If every Con was like this, I’d…well, I was about to say “quit work and Con full time,” but that’s crazy talk.  J  Josh Keeling was the winner and, as he seemed a bit indecisive, the fates (okay, fine, the randomizer) determined that he was going to get a free T-shirt.  So, Josh, don’t be like the last guy who won a free T-shirt—respond back to this e-mail with your size, and I’ll have a cotton T on its way to you shortly.

Future Events—After June-July I’m going to be focusing on finishing Collisions of the Damned.  Something about Amazon taking my lunch money if I don’t have it done by the release date.  Still, if anyone wants to come catch up, I’ll be at the following events:

Book Signing, Boom Comics, Topeka—19 July, 1-5 PM (21st and Gage)

KC Comic Con, Bartle Hall, Kansas City—7-9 August

TOPCON, Downtown Ramada, Topeka, KS--18-20 September

SWAGWant to tell your friends about my books yet getting sick of having to write things down?  Just respond to this message and ask for bookmarks, as I recently received a new shipment.  I also have business cards for most of my books available if people want to hand them out to family and friends.

Collisions of the Damned—Speaking of the next book, Collisions of the Damned (Usurper’s War #3) has just passed Acts of War’s total pre-orders after only one month of being available.  Thanks so much for everyone who passed word of mouth, rated Acts, or otherwise supported me developing this series.

Will of Tyr—A reminder that Anita C. Young (the better half’s) urban fantasy sequel, Will of Tyr, is now also available in both E-book and hard copy on Amazon.
With that, it’s getting late and I’ve blabbed long enough.  Hope everyone is enjoying the summer and hopefully it will stop raining for a couple of days. 

Copyright © 2015 James Young, Slinger of Tales, All rights reserved.

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