IGS News December 2016
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Guri Rørtveit
Dear all,
There have been two processes particularly pressing processes this last month:
  • The Health Campus Årstadvollen project: we have needed to produce detailed data about our current activity as well as extrapolating such data to the future. This is both difficult and important. Our local working group have been most helpful – thanks so much!
  • The transfer of UiB Global to the Centre for International Health: administrative resources are being allocated to CIH to strengthen the Centre’s new responsibility to spearhead UiB’s strategy for global challenges.
You will hear more about both processes later.
Please mark your calendars: There will be a General Assembly (allmøte) 11th January, 12.30-13.30. I will speak about my impressions after one year as the Head of Department, including a summary of IGS’ economic situation. There will be room for questions and discussion.
I hope to see you all at the Christmas Lunch next Wednesday, 21.12.16. As part of the IGS Christmas tradition, we will sing “O helga natt” / O Holy Night together.
We are rapidly approaching the Christmas holidays and a well-deserved break. I encourage all of you to take this opportunity to rest and enjoy life with family and friends!

Guri Rørtveit
Head of Department
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New course: Migrant Health

This course is a late addition to the Spring Semester - please share the information with any potentially interested students. It is suitable for both master and PhD students. Learn more.

Recent highlights from the IGS web pages:

Færre dør av hjerteinfarkt

Færre rammes, og behandlingen er mer effektiv. Les grunnene i Aftenposten.

Prevention can be cost-effective

Frida Ngalesoni defended her highly impressive and important dissertation which shows that prevention of cardiovascular disease in Tanzania is cost-effective. Read more.

Norwegian student introductory week

who takes part, and is participation associated with better social integration and satisfaction among students? We found that more than 70% of students were satisfied with the introductory week and the opportunity it provided for getting to know other students. Read more.

Cross-disciplinary workshop

For the first time the potential of small fish to reach the sustainable development goals was discussed across disciplines, with a case focus on Ghana. Read more.

More news:

Globalisation at the Crossroads

EADI General Conference 2017: Globalisation at the Crossroads - Rethinking Inequalities and Boundaries
The conference will be held in August 2017. It is a joint partnership between EADI (European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes), NFU (Norwegian Association of Development Research) and UiB Global at the the University of Bergen. Learn more.

Internasjonaliserings-konferansen 2017

Internasjonaliseringskonferansen 2017 arrangeres i Oslo 15.-16. mars 2017, i samarbeid med Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus og Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet.
Påmelding: Program og lenke til påmelding

Graduate stipend:

Stipend for master og PhD studenter
Norge-Amerika Foreningen tilbyr stipend til norske statsborgere for graduate studier (master og PhD) i USA.
Opp til 35 stipend deles ut hvert år. Stipendbeløpene er fra ca. USD 2.000 til USD 20.000. Programmet består av stipend fra flere forskjellige organisasjoner og stipendfond. Søkere blir automatisk vurdert for alle stipend de kvalifiserer for. Les mer.
  • Studieperiode: høst 2017 og/eller vår 2018
  • Må ha fullført bachelor innen utgangen av 2016.

Violent Reverberations. Global Modalities of Trauma


Associate Professor Inger Lise Teig is the author of a chapter in a new book. Her chapter is entitled: Organizing Norwegian Psychiatry: Security as a Colonizing Regime. Learn more.

Fond og legater

Det er anledning til å søke en rekke fond og legater om støtte til medisinsk og odontologisk forskning ved Det medisinsk-odontologiske fakultet. Alle ansatte i hel- eller delstillinger og PhD ved UiB kan søke. Les mer.
*En av fondene, Astri og Edvard Riisøens legat til fremme av vitenskapelig forskning, har en lengre søknadsfrist enn de andre (21. desember). Derfor har det sitt eget søknadsskjema.
Letter from the UiB Brussel office

Dear colleagues,
In case you are interested in bringing your research to a European level, some interesting times are ahead of us. First of all, new calls for proposals have been published for thematic area ‘Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing’. Secondly, the European Commission is currently working on the work programme 2018-2020. If you want to have your saying for the content of the topics, January will be the time to do so.
Contrary to common belief, it is a process in which a dialogue between the European Commission and the several stakeholders plays an important role. The starting point are general ideas, based on the ‘Horizon 2020 Advisory group for Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing’. After a round of feedback, the European Commission elaborates their general ideas to come to a more mature document. This process is repeated several times until the moment the final work programme is published.
In January there will be a new round of feedback and we are asking your help to formulate the UiB’s opinion on the document. The timeframe to do so will be very short (several days). So to be prepared once the opportunity is there, we are already collecting intention of interests so we can contact the interested people directly as soon as we receive the documents.
Why is it interesting to give feedback ?
If you can shape the topic description more in line with your own research, it will be easier to fit in the topic description and submit a good proposal.
What are the chances that your feedback is taken into account by the European Commission ?
We won’t lie, competition is high and there are plenty of stakeholders who want to have their saying. But if you have a good idea and other stakeholders in Europe are sharing your opinion, it is certainly possible to influence the work programme. We did the same process for thematic area ‘SC5’ and we managed to adapt the text. So it certainly is possible.
You are interested, but what do you need to do ?
Inform Corina Guder ( and Kristof Vlaeminck ( by sending a mail that you are interested and we will send you the documents as soon as we get them. In case things are not clear or you still have doubts, feel free to contact them as well !”


Reidun Karin Sandvik

Upcoming disputations:

January 12 Reidun Karin Sandvik (picture) Thesis:“Management of Pain and Burdensome Symptoms in Nursing Home Patients”
January 14 Kristin Gärtner Askeland Thesis: “Mental health problems in internationally adopted adolescents” 

New Doctor:

December 2 Frida Ngalesoni – Thesis: “Economics of non-communicable diseases prevention. Cost-effectiveness and equity impact of primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in Tanzania

Congratulations from IGS!

Filiz Ipek Lunde

Staff and Personnel News

Therese Istad will be leaving IGS to take up a new position in Ålesund. She has been a wonderful colleague as well as a highly competent one. She will be sorely missed. We wish her all the best!
Please send news information to Gunhild Koldal and Elinor Bartle.


IGS in the media

Navnebytte på Det medisinsk-odontologiske fakultet
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Helsecampus Årstadvollen / Helseklyngen
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Helsecampus Årstadvollen – for og med studentene!
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Høgskulen på Vestlandet
Leiarkabal og fakultetinndeling neste på HVL
På Høyden (Professor emeritus Rune Nilsen)
- Vi skal ikkje lage ein Kardemommeby
På Høyden
Forventningar til ny rektor på Vestlandet
Forventningar til ny rektor på Vestlandet
Så mye skal du drikke når du er syk (Professor Gunnar Tschudi Bondevik)
Hva mener egentlig legen? (Professor Gunnar Tschudi Bondevik)
Helseangst gir dårligere hjertehelse
Fysioterapeuten (Researcher Line Iden Berge)
Hypochondriacs more likely to have health problems, study says
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Folk som er redde for å bli syke har større sjanse for å bli det.
NRK1 Vestlandsrevyen (Researcher Line Iden Berge)
Angst for sykdom øker faren for å bli syk
NRK Hordaland (Researcher Line Iden Berge)
Sykdomsfrykt øker faren for å bli syk
Agderposten (Researcher Line Iden Berge)
Health Anxiety Takes Toll on Cardiovascular Health
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Hypochondriacs May Worry Themselves Into Heart Trouble
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'Worried well' really do make themselves ill, study suggests
The Telegraph (Researcher Line Iden Berge)
Anxious about your health? You might be at greater risk for heart disease (Researcher Line Iden Berge)
How Worrying Can Actually Make You Sick
Time  (Researcher Line Iden Berge)
Worrying about your health actually increases your risk of getting heart disease
International Business Times UK (Researcher Line Iden Berge)
Disse tallene viser en positiv forandring blant tromsøværinger
Nordlys (Professor Grethe Seppola Tell)
Færre får infarkt
Nordlys (Professor Grethe Seppola Tell)
Solid nedgang i antall hjerteinfarkt
i Tromsø (Professor Grethe Seppola Tell)
Antall hjerteinfarkt er redusert med over 60 prosent
i Tromsø Pluss  (Professor Grethe Seppola Tell)
Forstørra bryst hos menn er nesten aldri kreft
Strilen (Professor Steinar Hunskår)
Biodrivstoff og klimaeffekter
Energi og Klima (Professor emeritus Gunnar Kvåle)
Biodrivstoff: Den største kamelen for Høyre?
Stavanger Aftenblad  (Professor emeritus Gunnar Kvåle)

Frykter nedleggelse av kjeveavdeling i Arendal
NRK Sørlandet (Cecilie Gjerde)
Høyere priser, svekket legetillit og økt korrupsjonsfare
Dagens Medisin (direktør ved Folkehelseinstituttet Camilla Stoltenberg)
Skremmande med sjølvskading hos unge jenter
Stilen  (Professor Steinar Hunskår)
Bruk av sovemedisin blant barn doblet på ti år
Bergens Tidende (Professor Bjørn Bjorvatn)
Virussjekk fører til sjeldnare underlivsprøver
Strilen (Professor Steinar Hunskår)
Det er ikke nødvendig å nedlegge Sykepleievitenskap for å imøtekomme fakultetets mandat
På Høyden (Professors Karin Anna Petersen & Gerd Karin Natvig)
Gjør politikerne nok?
Dagens Medisin (Professor Grethe S. Tell)
- Fleire eldre bør få døy heime
NRK Hordaland (Associate Professor Bettina Husebø)
Forsker på hjemmedød for eldre.
NRK P1 Her of nå (Associate Professor Bettina Husebø)
- Flere eldre bør få dø hjemme.
NRK P2 Nyhetslunsj (Associate Professor Bettina Husebø)
Flere eldre bør få dø hjemme.
NRK P1 Hordaland (Associate Professor Bettina Husebø)
Prestisjepris til Steinar
Nordhordland  (Professor Steinar Hunskår)
Steinar Hunskår fekk pris for eineståande arbeid
Strilen (Professor Steinar Hunskår)

Vi mangler et ord for det lege-essensielle: Det legete ved en lege
Dagens Medisin (Professor Edvin Schei)
Dagens Medisin (Researcher Trygve Ottersen)


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