IGS News February 2016
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Dear all,

This month some structural changes have been introduced at IGS. One of our largest academic groups “Faggruppe for samfunnsmedisin og epidemiologi" has been transformed into three different academic groups through a very smooth process. The aim is to secure efficient leadership and engagement for the education and subjects that the new groups are responsible for. Welcome and good luck to:
Additionally, an academic group within ‘leadership in the health care sector’ is in the process of being established, led by associate professor Inger Lise Teig.

We are currently starting up a new research strategy process at IGS. The strategy will consist of an overarching IGS strategy underpinned by the individual research group strategies. A working group will move the IGS strategy forward, and comprises the following members: professor Trond Riise (leader), professor Ole Frithjof Norheim, professor Berit Rokne, professor Bente Moen and head of department Guri Rørtveit. The leaders of the research groups will initiate and lead the local processes in the groups. Mutual information between the working group and the research group leaders will be crucial to secure agreement and coherence between the two levels. Any suggestions to the working group from individuals at IGS are welcome. The strategy is supposed to be finished in June.
The master programs at IGS are under evaluation. The recruitment of students changes over time, and so do the needs in the society at large. A report from a working group established by the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry suggests major changes in the structure for our master programs. A meeting about the report was held this month at IGS, open for all employees and students. The meeting was well attended, and the discussion engaged and informative. A group of relevant representatives will meet with the Faculty next month to decide how to constructively proceed with the development of our master programs. 
Guri Rørtveit

Losing weight can bring challenges!

Recent results from work by researcher and physiotherapist, Eli Natvik, during her PhD studies at the Phenomenological Studies in Health Sciences research group show that bariatric surgery patients need more than just physical follow-up after this life-changing event. The results are highly relevant for clinical practice and will impact how health professionals understand, meet and take care of such patients. Learn more.

Circumcision as method for HIV prevention

PhD Candidate Simon P. Kibira has recently published the first article from his PhD project, concerning sexual risk and willingness to be circumcised in Uganda. There are now several interventions available to reduce the impact of the HIV epidemics in sub Saharan Africa. Voluntary medical male circumcision, also known as safe male circumcision (SMC), is one of the most recent. The foreskin is one of the prime sites for HIV entry and male circumcision reduces the risk of heterosexually acquired HIV infection by about 60%. Read more here.
10 million men stepped up for HIV prevention through voluntary medical male circumcision services

Male cancer survivors less likely to reproduce

A study of all Norwegian men born between 1965 and 1985 shows that men who have survived cancer often have difficulties having children. ”These finds are important for male cancer survivors, seeing as we can identify groups at risk of having reproduction problems,” says Maria Winther Gunnes (picture), PhD candidate at IGS and lead author of a recently published article in the British Journal of Cancer. The researchers hope this new knowledge may contribute to changing future treatment of male cancer patients. Read more here 
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IGS in the media, February:

- a few of our staff who has been active in the media:

International coverage:
Professor Cecilie Svanes (picture1) was interviewed about her lung research, resulting in this article at the UIB website: Children born in winter have vulnerable lungs – Her research has sparked a great interest, and by now this article has been reported on in about 70 news sites woldwide –  among them The Daily Mail (UK), Bangla Mirror, Times of India, Oman Observer, Biermann Medizin, North Korea Times, Science Newsline and Yahoo! France.

PhD Candidate Maria Winther Gunnes recently published her work on male cancer survivors in the British Journal of Cancer. Her research was reported on at UiB; Male cancer survivors less likely to reproduce. This article has also been distributed widely, resulting in about 40 news stories - at websites such as Medical News Today, Ravalli Republic, La Crosse Trinune, Lincoln Journal Star and Foreign Affairs NZ.

National coverage:
Trygt for kreftbarna å få barn selv
(Bergens Tidende, Ph.d.-kand Maria W. Gunnes)

Flere hundre tusen har diabetes, men halvparten vet det ikke
(Bergensavisen, Ph.d.-kand Aslaug J. Risøy (picture 2)

Sover kun fire timer per natt
(DN-magasinet, Professor Bjørn Bjorvatn)

Ryggraden i pleiesektoren
(Bergens Tidende, Gudmund Ågotnes:  Ph.d.-kand UiB, forsker  Senter for omsorgsforskning Vest, HIB)

Norske malariaprosjekter bidrar til utviklingsmål 
(Bistandsaktuelt, Professor Bernt Lindtjørn)

Hva er ideell BMI
(, Ph.d.-kand Gro Beate Samdal)

Alle trenger en liten dytt
Dagens Medisin, Professor Ole Frithjof Norheim

Teori og praksis er to ulike logikkar
(Sykepleien, Førsteamanuensis Jeanne Boge og Professor Karin Anna Petersen

Nordmenn planlegger sin egen gravferd
(Dagsavisen, Førsteamanuensis Espen Gamlund)

Smittespredning av zikavirus
(Tidsskrift for Den norske legeforening, Ph.d.-kand Kristoffer Brodwall)

Education project 2016 at IGS / CIH

The annual education projects have become an important part of the enhanced emphasis on continued strengthening of education at the department and centre. Pedagogical research has long since established the importance of actively engaging the students to enhance effective learning. The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry has introduced ‘team based learning’, a recognized approach to student active learning. In this context we wanted to focus on student active elements in learning in this years’ education project at IGS. The project particularly emphasizes pre-class preparatory elements and elements that engage students in the classroom. As ‘Mitt UiB’ (‘My UiB’) was introduced at the Faculty in December 2015, this new electronic learning platform is actively employed in the project.
The education project for 2016 consists of the following key elements:
  • A pre-seminar electronic introduction
  • Learning seminars
  • Colleague-based feedback
  • Reflection notes
Two learning seminars were arranged in February, and more than 40 academic staff members took part in the first seminar, and 20 took part in the second seminar. Study leader Astrid Blystad opened the seminars while Thomas Mildestvedt led the participants through introductions to principles of student active learning, quizzes / tests, and practical application of ‘Mitt UiB’. The bulk of the seminars were spent in groups of two-four teachers who initiated the process of developing student preparatory- and student engaging elements in concrete courses. Each group member will during the course of the year visit one of the group members’ class to provide active feedback. At the end of the year every participant will submit a brief reflection note in ‘Mitt UiB’ sketching what was learnt in the project. Importantly the project will be made visible through 15 points in the ‘undervisnings-regnskap’ (the ‘teaching account’).  Staff who has participated in the project will moreover receive a certificate at the end of the year.

View pictures from the first seminar here.
Knut Erik Emberland

Staff and personnel news

We have the pleasure of welcoming Amani Thomas Mori back to CIH where he is employed as a Postdoctoral Fellow for four years. The position is connected to CISMAC and to the Globvac project Malaria Chemoprevention for the post-discharge management of severe anaemia in children in Malawi, Uganda and Kenya: Moving towards policy.
We also want to welcome two new Research Fellows in Knut Erik Emberland (picture 1) and Sverre Litleskare (picture 2). They are employed for six years and are part of the research group for General Practice.
Sonja Ljostveit is employed as a Staff Engineer for two years connected to the project «Improving diagnosis of extrapulmonary tuberculosis”. She has been employed at the K2 department and we now welcome her to IGS.
Bjørg Eli Hollund has also worked at K2 and she is now employed at IGS as researcher on the project «Formation and behaviour of thin oil films and evaluation of response methods including HSE”.

The Centre for Elderly and Nursing Home Medicine (SEFAS) has a new research assistant in Audun Engebrethsen, connected to the project DEP.PAIN.DEM.
Ragnhild B. Strandberg

 New Doctors

Feb 9 Phyllis Awor  – Thesis: Drug shops in integrated community case management of malaria, pneumonia and diarrhoea in Uganda. Appropriateness of care and adherence to treatment guidelines
Feb 12 Merete Røthing - Thesis: Towards improved partnerships between health professionals and family caregivers in Huntington’s disease: a qualitative study
Feb 26 Ragnhild Bjarkøy Strandberg (picture) – Thesis: Psychological well-being, diabetes’ impact on daily life, and glycaemic control in adults with type 1 diabetes

Congratulations from IGS!

Calendar March and Spring 2016

2.3.16 19:00–21:00
Lecture in Norwegian: Filosofisk poliklinikk: Er mannlig graviditet greit?  (Litteraturhuset)
2.3.16 12:00–13:00
Lecture in Norwegian: Hvordan kan kapabilitetstilnærmingen bidra til å utvikle bedre helse- og omsorgstjenester for skrøpelige eldre? Sydnesplassen 12/13, seminar-/møterom 1. etasje
5.3.16 15:00–17:00
Lecture in Norwegian: Helse og innvandring Universitetsaulaen i Bergen, Muséplass 3
9.3.16 08:30–15:00
Open House at UiB / Åpen dag: Tusen takk til alle påmeldte
Special events in health studies: 10.3.16 18:00–20:00
For UiB ansatt / for UiB Employees: Vin & Viten: "Innvandring fra øst i eldre steinalder?" (Christie Café, Naturhistorisk museum sørfløy , Museplassen 3)
6.4.16 19:00–21:00
Lecture in Norwegian: Filosofisk poliklinikk: Elefanten i rommet. Hvorfor er det så vanskelig å snakke om fedme? Litteraturhuset
7.4.16 11:30-15:30
Information meeting in Norwegian: Partnerskapsprogrammet og søknadsskriving , Arrangør: SIU. Sted blir annonsert senere. Påmelding innen 31 mars

28.4.16 10:00–14:00
Junior Scientist Symposium April 28th Auditorium 4, BB-Building, Jonas Lies vei 91, Bergen

See the full calendar here. 

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