IGS News March 2016
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Guri Rørtveit

Dear all,

March came with an early Easter this year. I hope you all took some time off to recharge batteries skiing, city walking or just spending time with family and friends.

An important new initiative is a seminar series for all employees at IGS about grant application strategy, with meetings twice a year. We want to develop a flexible organization which supports grant writing administratively and academically, as well as increase the predictability of these processes. The first meeting will be held in Odontologi-bygget April 6 from 8:30 to 10 AM. A program for the meeting will be presented soon. Save the date!
The weeks before Easter were busy within both education and research:
  • Forskningsutvalget (the research committee) at IGS now comprises the following members: Professor Trond Riise (leader), post-doc Nils-Halvdan Morken, associate professor Tehmina Mustafa, associate professor Ingrid Miljeteig and PhD candidate Sverre Litleskare. A lot of thanks to previous members who now leave the committee; Kristine Bærøe and Kristine Heitmann. Good luck to the new committee!
  • The working group for a new research strategy at IGS had its first meeting right before Easter and is currently working on a first draft.
  • The research school at IGS will go through a small transformation over the next few months. Research leader Trond Riise, post-doc Siri Waage and PhD coordinator Tonje Sperrevik will team up to see how we can revitalize the school to become an important meeting place for our PhD candidates. Ideas and thoughts about this? Please give your input!
  • The master programmes at IGS will go through restructuring and development over the next two years. Professor Berit Rokne leads a newly established working group for this process. The mandate for the working group will be determined by the Faculty.
  • The Research Council of Norway has a call for Centres for Excellent Education with deadline in May. Centre for International Health at IGS leads a joint initiative to apply with support from all departments at our Faculty.
Lastly, it is safe to say that 2016 will be tough economically for the department. There are two ways to deal with the situation; cut costs and increase the income. Both have to be employed this year. However, increased focus on writing successful grant applications is an important strategy to turn the situation around – and more fun than cutting expenses! We are all together in this boat, and united we will work this out.

Guri Rørtveit
Head of Department

ADHD can be linked to mothers with inflammatory diseases 

Children of mothers with diseases like asthma or arthritis have up to eighty per cent higher risk of developing ADHD. Inflammatory and immune system diseases in mothers can have an effect on the embryo’s nervous system, and can be linked to the development of ADHD. This is the conclusion in a new study published in Biological Psychiatry. PhD candidate Johanne T. Instanes is the lead author of the study and Professor Kari Klungsøyr, who is supervising Instanes, is one of the co-authors.
Read more about the study here.
Overview of IGS publications Is your publication missing from the list?
Please notify Therese Istad

Online course with truly global outreach

Several thousand students worldwide have signed up for the University of Bergen’s (UiB) second Massive Open Online Course. For several of them, this is their first chance to study occupational health. Professor Bente Moen who is leading the course, has been supervising the students online even in from her cabin in the Easter holiday. Read more about the course here.                                                      Photo by: Erik Moen

Bente has also been interviewed about the course - read more at NRK Hordaland.(in Norwegian.                                                                                          
Seifu Hagos

Does  location matter? A study of malnutrition amongst Ethiopean children

The Nutrition Society's ‘Paper of the month’ is a monthly feature, and this month the paper selected is by PhD Candidate Seifu Hagos. Hagos' study has been published in Public Health Nutrition and is entitled: ‘Local spatial clustering of stunting and wasting among children under the age of 5 years: implications for intervention strategies’. Hagos was invited to write about his research on the Cambrigde Journals Blog. Read his entry here
Frokostseminar UiB

Seminar: Research that is Making a Difference

UiB’s Division of Communications hosted a breakfast seminar in February, where IGS researcher, Associate Professor Bettina Husebø, was one of 3 researchers featured. The point of the seminar was to highlight the consequences that UiB’s research can have for both society and politics. The 3 researchers were selected because of their highly profiled activity to promote their research theme. As Husebø pointed out “we all die someday”, but it is important to reflect on the quality of this experience, and the quality of our later years. It is a question of increasing relevance as societies grapple with the consequences of aging populations. Husebø is the Leader for the Centre for Elderly and Nursing Home Medicine.   Photo by: Gro Øvrebø

Evaluation of the GLOBVAC programme:
Top-notch global health research

The Research Council's Programme for Global Health and Vaccination Research (GLOBVAC) represents a major and beneficial component of Norway’s efforts to promote global health, according to the findings of a mid-term evaluation of the programme. Read more and see the full evaluation here.


Fire Safety is important for us all – especially in a city with so many wooden buildings!
All UiB employees are required to take a Fire Safety course every 5 years (graduate students are also invited to take the course). IGS offers a course every year.
In March 2016, IGS organised Fire Safety courses in both Norwegian and English.
While it is indispensable for each employee to take the course, there were some important, “common sense” highlights for us all:
  • Know the location of the nearest fire exit and fire extinguishing equipment
  • To use a fire extinguisher: remove the pin, squeeze the trigger while pointing the nozzle at the base of the fire (BUT the pin is hard, if not impossible to remove when you squeeze the trigger, so hands OFF the trigger until you remove the pin!)
  • Chargers can overheat; especially old chargers. Try to avoid charging over-night (especially phones in bedrooms). Check chargers from time to time to see if they are becoming hot when charging. Cheaper to replace a charger than a house!
  • Count the steps to the nearest exit – could save your life. 
Course holder web site       Bergen Fire Department      UiB’s Fire Safety information

Photo by Sverre Litleskare
Silje Kristine Aldal

Staff and personnel news

We congratulate Teresa Risan Haugsgjerd on her research fellow employment for four years. She is a member of the research group Lifestyle Epidemiology.

We welcome Silje Kristine Aldal Hjelmervik (picture) to our administration. She will be a substitute in our reception in Kalfarveien 31, which will now be open every day.  Welcome, Silje!

Holiday registration in Pagaweb
As requested by e-mail from the Head of Administration, we remind UiB employees to register all earned holiday for the whole year in Pagaweb. Please see how to register here

Upcoming disputations April

April 15 Hildur Skuladottir (Picture) – Thesis: Epidemiological and clinical aspects of oral clefts. Are corticosteroids and stress risk factors and do patients suffer long-term hearing problems?
April 19 Sudha Basnet - Thesis: Severe pneumonia in hospitalized young Nepalese children. Studies on the efficacy of oral zinc, respiratory viruses and prognostic determinants.

IGS in the media

Mange gravide tør ikke ta medisin mot kvalme (Stipendiat Kristine Heitmann)

Women shy away from morning-sickness drug
(ScienceNordic, Stipendiat Kristine Heitmann)

Underviser over 5000 studenter fra påskehytta
NRK Hordaland (Professor Bente Moen)
Fjernundervisning fra Finse til Afrika
NRK Hordaland i dag, radio (Professor Bente Moen)
Bruken av smertestillende er mangedoblet
Bergens Tidende(phd.kand Reidun Sandvik)

Nidobling i bruk av opiater på sykehjem
Dagens Medisin (Stipendiat Reidun Sandvik)
MS-pasienter får sykdomstegn tidligere enn antatt
ABC Nyheter (Stipendiat Marianna Cortese (Forskn.gruppe i Livsstilsepidemiologi, Professor Kjell-Morten Myhr (K1)
Skal vi la tobakksindustrien vinne?
Bergens Tidende (Stipendiat Liv G. Kvalvik, debattinnlegg)
Nyrebekkenbetennelse kan være veldig smertefullt
ABC Nyheter (Professor Anders Bærheim)
Rådene mot urinveisinfeksjon
ABC Nyheter (Professor Anders Bærheim)
Sykdomsbyrderapport: Usunn livsstil tar flest liv
Sykepleien (Professor Stein Emil Vollset, Camilla Stoltenberg)
Hvorfor sliter ungdom med å stå opp om morgenen?
Aftenposten (debattinnlegg, Prof. Bjørn Bjorvatn)
Vi blir friskere av et sunt klima
Vårt Land (ph.d.-kand. Hilde M. Engjom og Prof. em.  Gunnar Kvåle)

Lite søvn svekker hjernen (abonnement)
(Dagbladet, Professor Bjørn Bjorvatn)

Derfor er du trøtt om morgenen
(Klikk no & Professor Bjørn Bjorvatn

Mot en nasjonal delprøve i medisinstudiet
Tidsskrift for Den norske legeforening (Medisin- og forskerlinjestudent Eivind A. Valestrand, Professor Anders Bærheim)

Kurs Universitetspedagogikk: Forskningsveiledning 2016

(veiledning for ph.d.-kandidatar) Kurset går over tre dager: 24.-25. mai og 15. juni Les mer og meld deg på her.

March Newsletter from
Global Health Priorities Group

Read about priority setting in a changing world here:

Digital Tools in the Research World

Digital tools are becoming increasingly important to how researchers work day-to-day, and how they conduct research. What tools are actually the most used today? UiB researchers are studying the matter: Digital Presence of Norwegian Scholars on Academic Network Sites—Where and Who Are They? (PLOS One)
The University of Bergen Library invites UiB researchers to participate in an International Survey investigating the digital habits of researchers.  The article is published in both English and Norwegian, but the link to participate is in the Norwegian part. Click on "internasjonale undersøkelsen" to participate. Read more.

Personal pages at UiB / Researcher profile

In this Digital Age, your UiB personal web page is effectively your business card! Would you hire yourself?
The UiB Communication Division held an excellent workshop in December highlighting the importance of being cognisant of one’s digital profile. A number of the speakers strongly underlined the importance of one’s personal web page. Did you know that your UiB personal pages is a top hit in the major web search engines, such as Google?
Click here for more information and tips.


6.4.16 19:00–21:00
Lecture in Norwegian: Filosofisk poliklinikk: Elefanten i rommet. Hvorfor er det så vanskelig å snakke om fedme? Litteraturhuset
28.4.16 10:00–14:00
Junior Scientist Symposium April 28th Auditorium 4, BB-Building, Jonas Lies vei 91, Bergen
5.4.16 8:30-9:30 Bergen Resource Centre for International Development, Jekteviksbakken 31
The History of Terrorism
Lessons from 150 years of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism. Nick Sitter, Department of Law, BI Norwegian Business School.
6.4.16 or 7.4.16 Museplass 1, møterom A+B, inngang fra Professor Keysers gate
Førstehjelpskurs for UiB-ansatte (Registration necessary)
14.4.16 18:00-20:00 Christie Cafe
Vin & Viten: Opp fra gjemsel, frem fra glemsel!
Førstebibliotekar ved Spesialsamlingen ved Universitetsbiblioteket Bjørn Bagge forteller om arkivskattenes mangfoldighet og betydning for moderne forskning. Han suppleres av førstebibliotekar Runar Jordåen, og sammen tar de oss med på reiser i fortidens landskap
19.4.16 all day Grieghallen, Peer Gynt-salen
Christie Conference  Ingvild F. Sandøy (CISMAC) and Bettina Husebø (SEFAS) are both speakers at the conference.
April 20.-21. 2016:
Conference: Norwegian Global Health Networks with Impact, Bergen, Norway

8 - 10 June 2016 - Amsterdam, the Netherlands: eHealth Week 2016
Registration is open!
The sessions of eHealth Week 2016 in Amsterdam will focus on Empowering People, Trust & Standards and Social Innovation & Transition. You can also attend the EU eHealth competition for SMEs, the interoperability IHE summit and matchmaking events. Read more and register here.


See the full calendar here. 
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